Best Bed Frames in Canada

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Bed frames have proven to be integral to the well-being of the mattress and its user. In addition, bed frames, which take up a chunk of the bedroom, also contribute to the room's overall appeal. Considering these impacts, choosing a bed frame should be as important as other factors that contribute to one's comfort. 
Choosing the best bed frame in Canada is easier said than done, and this article has listed the best ones available alongside a comprehensive guide for picking out the best. Happy reading. 

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Our Review of the Top 3 Bed Frames in Canada

Best Overall - Editor's Choice - Ghostbed All-in-one Foundation

Ghostbed All-in-one Foundation

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  • Personalized height setting for customized comfort.
  • It is sturdy, durable, and can hold comparatively massive weight. 
  • Easily compatible with standardized headboards.

As the name implies, this bed frame is versatile, serving as a foundation and box spring. In addition to the versatility, this bed frame comes with adjustable height options for personalized settings. 

This bed frame from Ghostbed is a perfect example of a sturdy bed frame, particularly because it is made from metal, guaranteeing users a lengthy life span with its ability to hold close to 2000 pounds. The all-metal construction also makes for a durable bed frame, ensuring users enjoy their money’s worth. Other perks of this bed frame include aesthetics and compatibility with standard headboard sizes.

Based on our Tests

My favorite feature from testing the Ghostbed All-in-one Foundation was the adjustable height option. It gave me so much comfort as I could adjust to a height that was convenient for me.

Best Budget Pick - Puffy Mattress Foundation

Puffy Mattress Foundation

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  • A lightweight bed frame that makes it easy to assemble.
  • Improved aeration for maximum comfort. 
  • It comes with a non-slip pad to help tighten its grip on the mattress.

The Puffy foundation, a minimalist bed frame, is not only notable for its simple design but also the competitive pricing. Like its Ghostbed counterpart, it also uses an all-metal construction, although it can only hold half the weight. 

Being one of the best bed frames in Canada, this bed frame provides impressive support for the mattress while aiding maximum aeration. While the height is not adjustable, users have enough room to keep their belongings. To cater to mattress slips, the Puffy foundation comes with a non-slip pad necessary for a stress-free sleep. 

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While assembling the Puffy Mattress foundation for my review, I found the bed frame quite easy to assemble, as it didn’t require any technical know-how. I also love that it comes with a non-slip pad to prevent my mattress from slipping off.

Best Platform Bed Frame - Endy Platform Bed Frame

Endy Platform Bed Frame

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  • It is made from birch and plywood, guaranteeing less weight and better user support. 
  • It can be used either with slats or box spring for a customized set-up
  • This frame comes in a stylish finish that can add to the room’s appeal.

The Endy platform bed frame is an entirely different type of sturdy bed frame and is also one of the best platform beds in Canada. Unsurprisingly, it uses a wooden construction, making it easy to assemble, although a bit weightier compared to the Puffy foundation.  

The Endy platform frame is sturdy, even more than the others listed here, and it can hold considerable weight. The low preset height of this bed makes it a good option for adults and kids alike. Finally, the upholstery is aesthetically pleasing, simply fitting in most rooms.

Based on our Tests

This is a lovely bed frame and quite physically appealing too. Unlike other bed frames I have used, the Endy Platform bed frame offered a lot of support for my mattress during my test.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Bed Frame

Choosing a suitable bed frame requires individuals to choose based on features such as bed frame type, size, sturdiness, durability, construction material, height, and aesthetics. Here are some reasons why these features should be prioritized.    

  • Types of Bed Frames. There are several types of bed frames(1). They are usually made of either metal or wood, while the support options are usually between slats or springs. The different types also come in different styles, e.g., bunk or adjustable beds.
    Choosing a bed frame type is important because every other feature of the bed frame is hinged on a type’s peculiarity. For example, bed frames made of metal are generally stronger than those made with wood. In addition, some bed frame types can work with different attachments while others can’t.
  • Bed Frame Size. The size of a bed frame is important concerning the room size and mattress size. This means individuals must consider the size of their mattress and the size of their room before picking a suitable bed frame. These two criteria are rarely the same except for minimalist bed frames.
    Apart from the type of bed frame, bed frame sizes are influenced by accessories and attachments like headboards, drawers, mirrors, e.t.c. It is possible for a bed frame only to be able to hold the queen size mattress while the bed frame itself occupies a space larger than the Texas king size. So, always ensure that all parameters for the right frame size are correct.

"The sturdiness and durability of a bed frame are similar features, but they are not the same. A frame can be sturdy and not be durable, although a durable frame is likely to be sturdy."

  • Sturdiness. While the sturdiness of a bed frame can’t be guaranteed from pictures or descriptions, there are some indicators of how sturdy a bed frame will be. For example, the number of joints a frame has or the type of joint connections can indicate how sturdy a bed frame will be.
  • Durability. While sturdiness and durability are used interchangeably, they are not identical for bed frames. Sturdiness indicates how well the frame performs under pressure. In contrast, durability refers to the lifespan of the bed frame with constant use. This means a frame can be sturdy and still have a short life span. Durability usually comes down to the construction materials.
  • Construction Material. Another criterion for choosing the best bed frame in Canada is the material used for construction. This material usually determines the weight, longevity, ease of assembly, e.t.c. The most common materials are wood and metal. The type of wood or metal is another thing entirely. Metal bed frames will likely give longevity,  while wood frames are usually more stylish. 
  • Height. A bed frame’s height(2) is an underrated feature of bed frames, and it is usually too late when individuals take note of it. The height influences the ease of getting on and off the bed and sometimes influences the amount of storage space available beneath it. A bed frame can be high and still have little space beneath it. Therefore, individuals should prioritize a bed frame’s height as important as its other features.


What type of bed frame is the best?

The best bed frame type is sturdy, durable, the right size, and aesthetically pleasing. Any bed frame type that performs excellently in these four criteria is the best. 

Can I add different headboards to my bed frame? 

Yes, you can add headboards to your bed frame, although there is a caveat. Like bed frames, headboards also have sizes, and it is only proper to match the correct ones. Also, it is not every bed frame that can use a headboard.

How much do bed frames cost?  

Bed frames cost between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The price of a frame is dependent on quality and luxury. 


Choosing the best bed frames in Canada can be strenuous if there is no guideline to follow. But with the right guidelines, like those shared here, the task becomes significantly easier. 

Although we have narrowed the best frames in Canada to three, our ultimate pick is the Ghostbed all-in-one foundation. While this frame is noticeably versatile, the support for different types of sleepers, regardless of their weight, makes it the best option for virtually everybody. 

What do you think about our list? What do you consider the most important in a bed frame? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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