Best Bed Sheets in Canada

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Written by: Alex Savy
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After carefully selecting the best mattress or topper for your sleep needs, the next step is choosing the best bed sheets. Bed sheets are often overlooked; however, they make a lot of difference when it comes to getting optimal sleep needed by the body to rejuvenate. 
Choosing the best bed sheets in Canada may be overwhelming as many available options exist. Don't sweat it!
Here's a compiled review of the three best-rated bed sheets to help you sleep comfortably through the night. I also discuss the factors to consider before investing your cash in a bed sheet.

A Quick Overview

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Our Review of the 3 Best-rated Bed Sheets in Canada

Overall Best - Editor’s Pick - Novosbed Sateen Cotton Sheets   

Novosbed Sateen Cotton Sheets

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  • It uses a sateen weave, providing a soft surface for a cozy sleep.
  • The added pillowcases come with pleated flaps that keep pillows in place.
  • The seams can stretch around to keep your mattress firm and comfortable.

Opening the floor of our best bed sheets in Canada is the Novosbed Sateen Cotton sheet. This bed sheet provides the right amount of luxury, comfort, and warmth. And it does well with temperature regulation; it keeps warm during the winter and cools during summer.

The Novosbed sheet is made from cotton. And I felt the impact when I slept with it. It feels smooth and snuggly on the skin. Then, the high thread count of 400 was handy to keep me cozied up in bed. Also, the bed sheet and pillow case gave my room a clean and tidy look, and I liked it.

Based on our Tests

While testing the Novosbed Sateen Cotton sheets, I noticed that I didn't find any trace of the sheets printed on my cheeks as my former bed sheet did after waking up. Cotton sateen bed sheets like this is renowned for not wrinkling the skin and not tangling the hair.

Best Soft Sheets - Puffy Bamboo Sheets

Puffy Bamboo Sheets

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  • The sheet is made from bamboo viscose which is cool to the touch; excellent for hot sleepers.
  • It has a low thread count, which means it’s soft and breathable.
  • It comes with firm elastic bands to make the sheet fit various mattress shapes.

Next on my list is one of the best soft sheets in Canada. This bed sheet set by Puffy is made from bamboo viscose and is known for its super soft quality. As well, the sheet allows easy airflow, which helps cool sleepers.

What I liked most about this bed sheet was how it fitted my mattress. Often, I'd wake up and notice my bed sheet almost off the mattress, not with Puffy sheets. The sheet has deep pockets that firmly grip mattresses, allowing me to toss and turn on the bed without the sheets coming off.

Based on our Tests

The Puffy bamboo sheet resisted wrinkles well during use, and I was able to easily maintain it without ironing it. To ensure its optimal performance for my review, I also machine-washed the sheet a couple of times and was glad to see the colors not fading.

Best Cotton Sheets - Ghostbed GhostSheets

Ghostbed GhostSheets

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  • It comes with an elastic band to keep the sheet in place on a mattress.
  • The Supima cotton is gentle on the skin and plush on the feel.
  • It is machine washable for easy maintenance.

The GhostSheets is our final feature on this list of best beddings in Canada. It’s a smooth blend of Supima cotton and Tencel fiber, which feels plush and comfortable for sleepers. And the Tencel fiber has a moisture-wicking ability, which helps to keep cool through the night.

I liked that the GhostSheets kept me cozy while I slept, but it was a little cooler than I was used to. But it quickly made up for that with the supple cotton feel. Also, the sheet in this set is large enough to cover both your mattress and your bed frame, which I appreciate in concealing the storage space under my bed frame.

Based on our Tests

The first thing I noticed during my test was that the GhostSheets have cooling properties that regulate body temperature. They feel soft on the body and keep the bed cool, and preventing night sweats.

"When choosing a bed sheet, you should consider what makes you comfortable in bed; a plush and supple feel or a firm and crisp surface."

How to Choose the Best Bed Sheets in Canada

There are lots of bed sheets available on the Canadian market. However, to get the most value for your money, you should consider what material the bed sheet is made from, its thread count, and the available sizes to be sure there's one for your mattress size. Then you might also consider if the sheet can regulate your body temperature, whether it comes in a set, and if it’s made from eco-friendly material.

Now, let's discuss these factors in detail:

  • Materials. The material of a bed sheet determines how much comfort you will get from it. Common bed sheet materials include:
  • Cotton. The best cotton sheets are made solely from organic cotton. These sheet sets are easy to maintain and have excellent moisture-wicking qualities. (1)

"Cotton bed sheets come in handy during cold seasons. These sheet sets are highly dense and keep sleepers warm all night."

  • Bamboo. Bamboo sheets are the best soft sheets available today. They are great for sleepers who want dreamy-cloud softness when they lay in bed.
  • Tencel. Tencel is a natural fiber extracted from plants. Bed sheets made from Tencel are lightweight and very breathable.

"Tencel bed sheets may not be the best choice during winter as they might not provide enough warmth for sleepers."

  • Thread Count. The thread count of a bed sheet measures the amount of thread and fiber available in a fabric square. Generally, the best bed sheets have a thread count between 200 and 800. Cotton sheets stay between 200 and 400, while bamboo sheets go up to 600. Generally, a higher thread count feels more soft and supple.

"Bed sheets with lower thread counts help sleepers keep warm during cold periods." 

  • Size. Most bed sheet makers offer them in various standard mattress sizes, including Single, Twin, Queen, King, and Cal King. In addition, some products like Novosbed also come in RV sizes. Ensure that your choice sheet has a size for your mattress before deciding.
  • Temperature Regulation. Night sweats and hot flashes are the primary reasons hot sleepers do not get a comfortable sleep (2). Choose a lightweight bed sheet with a high thread count for hot sleepers to sleep cool. On the other hand, a denser bed sheet with a low thread count will feel warmer.

For more bedding options in Canada that can keep you warm and cozy in bed, check our piece on the best duvets in Canada.

  • Eco-friendly. Bed sheet materials such as Tencel, Bamboo, and Cotton are excellent options for eco-conscious sleepers who prefer to use responsibly sourced plant materials. The good news is that these materials are also comfortable and feel suitable for sleepers.
  • Sheet Set. Before making a purchase, you should check the contents of the sheet sets. A typical sheet set contains two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and a full-size bed sheet. You may have to make a separate purchase if you need extra content.

"Sleepers that turn around a lot in their sleep should opt for products with deep pocket fitted sheets."

If you need more comfortable sleep beyond what bed sheets offer, consider reading the review on the best mattress toppers in Canada for more bedding information.


What are the best bed sheets for hot sleepers in Canada?

The best sheets for hot sleepers in Canada have moisture-wicking properties and are breathable. Bed sheets of Bamboo, Cotton, or Tencel are ideal for hot sleepers.

Does a higher thread count mean better bed sheets? 

A higher thread count does not necessarily mean better bed sheets. Instead, a higher thread count means the sheet feels more plush and soft. While a lower thread count between 200 - 400 represents a more coarse sheet but is better for warmth.

Which is better for sensitive sleepers: Bamboo sheets or Cotton Sheets? 

Bamboo sheets are better for sensitive sleepers because they are incredibly soft on the skin. On the other hand, cotton sheets have a crisp feeling which may not feel smooth on the skin.


When choosing the best bedding in Canada, you should pay attention to the feel, the material it’s made from, the thread count, and how it insulates temperature. 

For seamless decision-making, I recommend the Novosbed Sheets as the top choice for bed sheet users in Canada. This product is 100% cotton and well breathable. It is an excellent choice for hot sleepers and those who want plush comfort.

What kind of sleeper are you? Would you choose a cotton sheet over a bamboo sheet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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