Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in Canada

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Let’s be honest: vacuuming is not a favorite chore for most of us.

But this task can get less annoying with a vacuum that doesn’t have a cord constantly tangling around the furniture legs.

If you’re thinking of buying a cordless (or stick) vacuum, be sure to check out my list of the best cordless vacuums in Canada and a buying guide below.

A Quick Preview

  • Battery: 18V Li-Ion
  • Battery life indication: yes
  • Suction mode: 1
  • Brushes: multi-floor motorized brush
  • Extras: washable & reusable battery filter, battery charger
  • Battery: 2 pcs 2000mAh detachable batteries
  • Battery life indication: no
  • Suction mode: 1
  • Brushes: LED Multi-tasker power brush; soft-roller LED power brush
  • Extras: 0.6L dustbin, 450W motor, crevice tools, converts to a handheld vacuum
  • Battery: two 2500mAh chargeable batteries
  • Battery life indication: yes
  • Suction mode: Adjustable suction levels
  • Brushes: LED multi-tasker power brush, mini power brush, two-in-one dusting brush, soft dusting brush
  • Extras: wall-mounted charging dock, pre-filters, pre-filter cleaning tool

Our List of the Best Cordless Vacuums in Canada

Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair — Editor’s Choice - Hoover LiNX


  • suitable for cleaning rugs and hardwood floors;
  • low profile base to fit under the furniture;
  • battery life indicator on the stick.

The first model in my list of the best cordless vacuums in Canada will definitely be appreciated by pet owners. The Hoover easily deals with large amounts of pet hair and helps keep your home clean and dust-free.

The nozzle is suitable for any type of floor and has a wide mouth opening that can suck the big dry spills pretty quickly. Also, it features an 11-inch (28-cm) cleaning path and rigid cleaning bristles around the edges to remove the dust and debris from corners.

The handle of the Hoover reclines almost flat without losing suction, so you can push it further under the furniture for better cleaning. Also, the base is pretty low and can fit into narrow gaps.

Controls of the Hoover are very convenient and intuitive. You get a scrolling wheel just under your fingers and can turn the vacuum on and off with a gentle touch. Speaking of battery life, the device can run for 20 minutes to about an hour, depending on the mode. The handle features a convenient indicator of the battery charge, and the battery itself comes with an electric charger.

To sum up, the Hoover LiNX vacuum easily deals with any type of dry debris, such as sand, dust, pet hair, or accidental dry spills in the kitchen. It works well on any type of floor and makes a great purchase for regular use.

Best Cordless Vacuums for Hardwood Floors - Tineco A11 Master+


  • 2 detachable batteries for a longer runtime;
  • 2 power modes for light and deep cleaning;
  • 7 brushes and tools included.

The Tineco A11 Master+ has claimed second place in my list of the best cordless vacuums in Canada because it makes a great cleaning assistant for you — this model shows the best performance on hard surfaces (although you can switch the brush for cleaning rugs as well) and has an increased runtime due to two detachable batteries.

Also, I loved that this model turns into a compact hand vacuum when you remove the tube part. This allows you to clean small surfaces such as tables and drawers, or to use the A11 Master+ in your car.

The Tineco vacuum utilizes a cyclone technology that creates a directed stream and prevents large pieces of debris from getting stuck inside the tube or in the tank, thus reducing the suction. Our tests showed that two accumulators ensured about 40 minutes of runtime, which was more than enough to clean the entire house.

If you have to clean a very dirty rug or dry dirt on the floor, you can launch the Trigger mode that activates the 120W suction for 20 minutes and helps you catch even the smallest particles.

Overall, the Tineco A11 Master+ has exceeded my expectations at some points. It’s pretty powerful and you can use it to clean literally any type of floor or upholstery in your house (and around it, if we’re speaking of a car).

Best Cordless Vacuum for Adjustable Power — Tineco Pure One S12


  • Can be charged through the wall-mounted dual charging dock
  • iLoop sensor can detect different debris levels and adjust the power
  • It has an LED display that shows the battery level, the suction level, etc.

The Tineco Pure One S12 truly deserves its place on this list because of how accurate and precise it is when it comes to cleaning different types of debris, dust, and dirt. This vacuum cleaner has a sensor of its own that detects what type of material it is dealing with. Depending on the debris, it will automatically change its suction power to be able to clean the surface in the most efficient manner. 

What I really love about this Tineco cordless vacuum is how user-friendly it is. Firstly, you get two batteries, which can easily be placed on a dock on your wall so you don’t have to worry about a place to keep your vacuum cleaner. The second thing is the LED display which shows you almost everything you need to know about cleaning the surfaces of your house. So, if you don’t want to zoom in on the floor or look beneath objects, this vacuum can be your eyes. It instantly detected anything including pet hair.

Speaking of pet hair, it can be such a hassle cleaning it. That is why Tineco has all these great brushes customized for different types of surfaces. So you can use a different brush for simply dusting off or another one for power brushing. Pet hair easily gets into these brush rolls and gets vacuumed in.

Overall, Tineco Pure One S12 is the one vacuum cleaner I can let worry about my surfaces while I enjoy cleaning my house as efficiently and quickly as possible.

What Features to Look For in a Good Cordless Vacuum 

There’s no quality cordless vacuum in Canada that would fit everyone’s needs. However, any vacuum should have certain features to fit the definition of a quality device

So, what are the essentials you should look for?

Lithium Battery and Longer Runtime

A Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery has better capacity and allows you to maintain a longer runtime and a stable level of suction for that runtime. Nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries are the second possible option, but it’s advisable to avoid them. Aside from being dangerous for the environment, NiCad batteries are also prone to “memory effect”. This means that the battery can somehow remember the point when you began to recharge it, and when it reaches this point next time, it may appear ‘dead’ even if there’s some voltage left (1).

Now, note that the more powerful suction mode you’ll choose, the faster it will drain your battery. So, if you need to do the regular cleaning, it’s better to use the standard mode and turn on more power only for overly dirty areas. Or, you can buy a replacement battery to prolong your cleaning sessions.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a model with a battery that can offer between 20 and 45 minutes of runtime. This is the duration of an average cleaning session for 1-2 rooms. 

Also, you may want to check the charging time of the model you’re considering. It may vary from one hour to over 10 hours. You surely don’t want to wait too long to finish the cleaning in case the vacuum’s battery dies in the middle of your session — so the shorter the charging time, the better.

Interchangeable Tools

Even though stick vacuums are generally less powerful than other types due to their cordless design, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for thorough cleaning of all the surfaces in your home.

Most of the modern cordless vacuums are equipped with a wide range of nozzles and brushes to clean literally any type of floor. However, the basics you need are the following:

  • motorized brush to clean hard floors;
  • carpet brush;
  • mini brush to clean delicate areas or small spaces, e.g. your car;
  • crevice tool.

If your vacuum supports wet cleaning, it may also come with a brush that can sprinkle detergent on the surfaces. However, in most cases, this feature is built into the standard brushes that come with the unit.

Note that you need to clearly define what types of surfaces you will clean with your vacuum prior to making a purchase. Some models may come with no brushes and nozzles, and some may even have no accessories available for purchasing separately. This means you might end up with a device that won’t be able to give you what you expected from it.

Good Filtration System

Vacuums work by creating a directed air stream that sucks in the debris, you definitely know that.

Also, you know that you want the air exhausted from your vacuum to be as clean as possible, because who wants to breathe in the tiniest dust particles?

That’s why a good filter is important.

Today, there are three types of vacuum filters:

  • filter bags;
  • cyclonic filters;
  • wet dust collectors.

Bag filters appeared to be the most effective in the air particle filtration, but they’re too big and bulky for a slim cordless vacuum. So, look for the second-best option — a cyclonic filter. Such filters create a strong suction with a centrifugal force that traps up to 100% of bigger particles (4.5 mm) and up to 40% of tiny particles (0.5 mm) (2).

Note that it’s preferable to choose washable filters, as they will prevent dust accumulation.

Also, you may want to check if your chosen vacuum comes with a HEPA filter, especially if you have allergies. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and is a mechanical air filter in the form of a fine mesh (or a sponge, in some models). The air is forced through this mesh before it gets out of the vacuum and all the allergen particles, such as pollen, dust, pet dander, etc. are left inside.

What Else Should You Consider when choosing a cordless vacuum?

The features I list below are not essential for a good cordless vacuum in Canada; yet, they can make your cleaning experience much more comfortable. Also, they are likely to add some bucks to the price, so be sure to outline your budget beforehand.

  • Motorized brush. This is a good tool to clean thick and fuzzy carpets. Some motorized brushes can also turn the carpet bristles on and off, thus allowing them to clean the wood floors without scratches.
  • Storage-friendly design. You’ll be using your vacuum cleaner for 15-20 minutes during an average cleaning session, and after that, it will stay in the closet. Most cordless vacuums initially have a compact design, but you can choose a model that folds and takes even less space if your storage situation is limited. Also, pay attention to the weight of the device. The larger it is, the harder it will be to use and store it.
  • LED lights on the brush. These may be useful for cleaning dark corners as well as basements or attics that usually aren’t well lit.
  • Flexible head. The head that allows the handle to recline almost flat without interfering with the suction force will allow you to get deeper under the furniture and clean more thoroughly. In some models, this feature is paired with a low-profile brush head design for reaching spaces under low furniture even more effectively.
  • Larger dust capacity. The average dust capacity of cordless vacuum cleaners is 0.6 liters, which is much smaller compared to 2 liters on average in corded models. Although you might be able to find a cordless vacuum with a bit larger dustbin, you should still be ready to empty the bin after every cleaning.
  • Battery level indicator. This feature will come in handy for owners of cordless vacuums, as it will give you an idea of how much time you have left for cleaning. Also, the indicator will show you when it’s time to replace the battery.
  • Quiet operation. Another parameter that defines how comfortable your cleaning chores will be is the level of noise from your vacuum. Levels of noise above 70 dB are perceived by people as annoyingly loud, so aim for vacuum models with a decibel rating of 70. Cordless vacuums typically have quieter motors than corded models, so an average noise level for them would be 60-65 dB.
  • Good suction power. Suction power determines the strength of your vacuum and the efficiency of cleaning. Note that the motor power and suction power aren’t the same, and the motor only uses about 25-30% of all input power. For example, a corded vacuum cleaner with a 1,200W motor will only produce about 400W of useful power. Cordless vacuums typically have 400-600W motors, so you can count on 100-150W suction power. Also, it’s advisable to choose a model with at least 2 suction modes: one for the standard cleaning and another one for cleaning delicate areas, such as curtains or bed frames.


Are cordless vacuums as good as corded ones?

A quality cordless vacuum can cope with regular cleaning not worse than a good corded one. Still, corded vacuum cleaners are generally considered more powerful.

How long should a cordless vacuum cleaner last?

An average cordless vacuum may last 5 to 10 years, but the lifespan may vary significantly depending on the brand and how actively you use the device.

Wrapping Up

Cordless vacuums are a great choice for regular cleaning. Depending on your needs, they may or may not suffice as the only vacuum in the household.

Anyway, we’ve reviewed the most powerful models that will help you collect the dust from the farthest corners of your home.

The one that showed the best performance in all areas was the Hoover LiNX. Aside from being made by a well-known brand, this model has everything you could wish for in a cordless vacuum. It wields enough power to clean even super dirty areas and gives you enough time to do that. Top it with a convenient design that allows you to reach even under low furniture, and you’ll get a very decent vacuum for the money.

Which model among these meets your demands? What are the most important features you think such a cleaning device should possess? Please share your opinion in the comments.


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