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While going to sleep, body covering is an essential aspect as the type of cover used can make or mar the whole rest. This problem is, however, remedied with the appropriate coverage. The article aims at providing an in-depth analysis of the best duvets in Canada that will ensure a comfy sleep.  
It also entails details like what to consider when choosing a duvet, materials used to make a duvet filling insert, etc. 

A Quick Overview

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Our review of the Top 5 duvets in Canada (January 2023) 

Overall best - Editor’s choice — Noa Home Down Alternative Duvet Insert


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  • It comes in lightweight and all-season density;
  • Made from microfiber wrapped in cotton sateen, creating a super soft feel;
  • Eco-friendly and great for people prone to allergies.

The Noa Home duvet, handcrafted by artisans in one of the oldest textile industries in Portugal, is a bedtime essential that guarantees comfort in sleep, no matter the season.

The duvet provides loft and insulation with its microfiber filling and 100% cotton shell. In addition, it is usable in cold weather and hotter climes; all required to do is change densities. Another noteworthy feature of the Noa Home down alternative duvet is that all the materials used in its production are OEKO-TEX certified.

The duvet is also safe for babies or toddlers as it is highly hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Plus, it comes with its duvet cover as an extra feature.

Based on Our Tests

Our tests showed that the Noa Home down alternative duvet has a density that makes it usable throughout the year. The cotton shell also helped to maintain breathability during use. Also, the duvet fillings were firmly in place even after we tossed the duvet multiple times. 

Runner Up — Recore Down Alternative Duvet

Recore down alternative duvet-min

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  • Anti-bunching technique designed to keep the fill in place;
  • Machine washable material;
  • Made from down alternative microfiber in a microfiber casing.

When making a list of the best down duvets in Canada, the Recore down alternative duvet made by should be on such a list. The Canada-based company is one of the leaders in this aspect of bedtime essentials.

The quilted technique ensures that the microfiber filling stays in place, eliminating the duvet bunching up. This duvet is also more appealing to vegans, as both the filling and the outer casing of the duvet are made without using any animal product (feather and wool).

With its soft and plush, lightweight feel, it creates the effect of being covered by a cloud, allowing a user the optimal comfort and relaxation needed for sleep.

Based on Our Tests

The Recore down alternative is comfy with a soft feel. Our tests further revealed good breathability and adaptation to the current weather. We like that the duvet is machine-washable, allowing us to keep it fresh always.

Best for Cold Weather — White Goose Feather Duvet

White Goose Feather Duvet

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  • All season weight, great for sleeping in cold temperatures
  • Natural goose feather filling, with an outer covering of cotton
  • It comes with corner loops for anchoring the duvet

This particular duvet is another masterpiece from the stables of the Canadian Down and Feather Company. Made with the customer’s comfort at heart, the features, materials, and construction all align to provide maximum satisfaction and relaxation for the user.

Although feather is weightier than down, it has less insulating properties, which causes feather duvets to be particularly heavy. However, in the case of this duvet, it is an advantage. Heavy and warm, it is perfect for snuggling on cold winter nights as it blots out all chill. 

The innovative addition of corner loops also ensures that the cover stays in place during sleep. Also, its box style enables the feathers to remain in place without compromising their fluffiness and plush feel—ideal for rest, smooth to the touch.

Based on Our Tests

According to our tests, the White Goose Feather duvet is an incredibly soft duvet with coziness that matches cool weather. The addition of corner loops also assisted in keeping it in place while in use, making it suitable for restless sleepers.

Best value for money - Logan and Cove down alternative duvet

Logan and Cove

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  • The insert is made from microfiber down alternative fill
  • It comes in all seasons and has a lightweight density
  • Breathable microfiber outer shell

If an individual is in the market for a product that will provide them with the best value for their money, here is another product that fits the bill. This duvet is regarded as one of the best down alternative duvets in Canada. Made without the use of any animal products, its construction is purely synthetic and uses a microfiber filling alongside a microfiber case.

Also, to increase loft and negate bunching, the company uses the quilt and box construction style. The shell of the duvet, which is 100% microfiber, is also breathable, a vital feature in any bedtime essential, as it helps with heat retention and dissipation.

Its two available densities also make it ideal for use all year round. The lightweight is great for summer or hot sleepers, while its heavier all-season counterpart is excellent for cold climes. Another notable feature of the Logan and Cove duvet is that it's machine washable and dryer safe.

Based on Our Tests

What we experienced testing the Logan and Cove duvet is light and evenly distributed weight, making it less of a burden for lightweight individuals. While there is a heavier option for heavy sleepers and cooler weather, we observed good breathability regardless of the density.

Best synthetic option - Gel microfiber down alternative duvet

Gel microfiber down alternative duvet

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  • It is made from a polyester microfiber fill, patterned after down
  • Available in lightweight and all-season densities
  • High thread count that allows less noise during sleep

This is one of the best down duvets in Canada. The duvet is made from polyester and microfiber filling coupled with a cotton shell with a heavy, soft, plush feel. Unlike feather or other down alternatives, this duvet’s filling is created after the features and properties of down. It is meant to mimic down or otherwise known as “soft as down.”

Lightweight and all-season options show that it can be used throughout the year, as provisions have been made for temperatures and weather. Its construction also uses the box style, which ensures that the filling stays in place during use while also increasing loft and fluffiness.

The most advisable kind of duvet to purchase is a quilted one. This particular construction feature helps your product retain fluffiness while also preventing your filling from getting all tangled up or moving out of position

Even though the Canadian Down and Feather Company make the gel microfiber down alternative duvet, unlike its sister product, the white goose feather duvet, this product has a higher thread count, which allows for lesser crumpling noise during sleep.

Based on Our Tests

The Gel Microfiber duvet is an all-season duvet with density options to suit the right season. Our test showed a plush duvet with extensive threading that effectively reduces swishing throughout the test period and eliminates crumpling.

Materials used in duvet fillings

A notable feature of the best duvets in Canada is the type of filling that the manufacturer employs. It is essential to understand how each kind of filling works to know how we can get the best out of them. Here is a list of the filling types:

  • Down. This is a natural filling obtained from poultry birds, mainly goose and duck. It provides the most warmth as it is a natural insulator. Natural duvet fillings are also very durable, and they happen to be soft and fluffy. However, it can also be quite expensive since the material is scarce.
  • Feather. Feather-filled duvets tend to be heavier than down as they require more quantity before achieving the level of warmth that down provides. However, while using feathers, the duvet cover(1) must be thick enough to accommodate any protruding quill, as this may cause discomfort for a user.
  • Silk. Although this kind of duvet filling is relatively scarce, it makes up for it in durability and lightweight density. Silk duvets also tend to be highly hypoallergenic, great at temperature regulation, machine washable, and dryer safe.

A duvet does not need to be washed more than twice a year, although the cover can be washed as much as you want. However, too much of this can cause early wear in the fabric and degrade the material used.

  • Wool. Wool fillings are sumptuous at heat retention and moisture dissipation, and their heavy layup allows them to trap more air, making them great for cold temperatures. They are also naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Microfiber. This type of duvet filling is classified as synthetic. The microfiber filling is also seen as the equivalent of down in terms of fineness. While cheaper to produce and purchase, it cannot match the properties of down regarding airiness and fluff.
  • Hollowfibre. The hollow fiber duvet is another example of synthetic filling, which provides more loft than microfiber. However, it shares the same properties as microfiber in terms of cost, weight, and durability.

Things to consider when purchasing a duvet insert

While trying to get the best duvets in Canada, here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind while shopping; otherwise, it might just be a weighted blanket since it almost performs the same function. These clues to watch out for include:

  • Filling. The material used in the production of a duvet plays a significant role in determining heat retention capability, durability, breathability, weight, etc.
  • Tog rating. This is used in describing the amount of air a duvet can trap. Ranging from 1.5 to 15, the higher a tog rating is, the more warmth the duvet can provide. Therefore, low tog ratings are excellent for hot temperatures, while high ratings are perfect during a cold.
  • Allergens. If the intended user is prone to allergies, the duvet insert purchased should be fully hypoallergenic. Or instead, just get machine-washable ones that can be cleaned at regular intervals, thereby preventing mites or other forms of bacteria.
  • Size. Even if your product is one of the best duvets in Canada, it still needs to be accurate for use. A smaller size leaves one unsatisfied and exposed, while a size too big can cause disorientation, tangling, and a feeling of being pressurized.


Is the thread count important in a duvet?

The thread count is not essential to the duvet but instead to the user. For example, a lower thread count shell gives off a crumpling sound while moving, but the higher count is usually quieter.

Is a duvet the same as a comforter?

Even though both perform similar functions, a duvet requires a cover before being used, while a comforter does not.


To wrap things up, a vital bedtime essential is the duvet, and getting the appropriate one can be a tough choice.

If you also happen to be in the market for the best down alternative duvet in Canada, let me recommend the Noa Home down alternative duvet. This synthetic-based duvet comes in a lightweight and all-season density, making it possible for year-round use. It is also breathable, hypoallergenic, and comes with its duvet cover. The construction of the duvet insert also optimizes loft, fluffiness, and insulation.

Well, a big thank you for enjoying the read up to this moment. Do you think there are ways in which we could be better? Or maybe new information to pass across. Why don’t you hit the comment button below and let us know your thoughts?


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