Best Hair Dryers in Canada

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It’s hard to imagine a modern home without a hairdryer. This small appliance can make your hair look flawless in minutes and brighten up your day.

Plus, most modern hair dryers won’t burn your hair or scalp and have a lot of settings to make styling a fast and pleasant experience. However, this also makes the choice more confusing. 

So, if you want to clarify which factors are important when shopping for the best hair dryer in Canada and choose your perfect model, be sure to read this guide.

A Quick Preview

  • Power: 1200 W
  • Speed settings: 3
  • Heat settings: 3
  • Cold air: yes
  • Attachments: concentrator
  • Cord length: 4.5 ft (1.37 m)
  • Power: 1875 W
  • Speed settings: 2
  • Heat settings: 2
  • Cold air: yes
  • Attachments: concentrator & diffuser
  • Cord length: 4.5 ft (1.37 m)
  • Power: 1875 W
  • Speed settings: 2
  • Heat settings: 3
  • Cold air: yes
  • Attachments: concentrator, diffuser, and wind comb
  • Cord length: 8.7 ft (2.65 m)
  • Power: 1875 W
  • Speed settings: 2
  • Heat settings: 3
  • Cold air: yes
  • Attachments: concentrator and diffuser
  • Cord length: 9 ft (2.7 m)

Our Selection of the Best Blow Dryers in Canada

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice — Panasonic EH-NA9A-RP


  • 5 modes — Hot, Cold, Scalp, Skin, and Care — for different needs and hair types;
  • negative ion function to prevent frizzing;
  • 1200W motor makes the styling easier and quicker;
  • has a Care mode that eliminates the hair damage from ultraviolet;
  • lightweight and easy to handle.

Our selection of the best hair dryers in Canada opens with this futuristic model by Panasonic. Along with the premium Japanese quality, this hairdryer will surprise you with a broad variety of settings — including the one for gentle drying of the scalp. Plus, a powerful motor can style even the thick and heavy hair in minutes.

So, the EH-NA9A-RP packs 5 different settings. Hot mode creates a 125 °C air stream, which is a good temperature for styling without drying it out too much. Cold mode delivers a concentrated air stream with 60 °C temperature and is perfect for drying the skin without damage. Also, it has an intelligent warm air mode which is good if you don’t want to style your hair but need it to dry a bit more quickly.

Additionally, the Panasonic hair dryer features a negative ion function that prevents frizzy hair and static accumulation, which is especially good for cold months. And the last but not the least thing that makes the EH-NA9A-RP almost perfect is its UV care mode that prevents hair damage from the UV rays. So you can definitely pack it in your suitcase when you go on vacation!

So, if you look for a hairdryer that can handle different types of hair and sensitive scalp and has versatile settings, this magenta beauty by Panasonic can easily settle in your bathroom!

Best for Curly Hair — REVLON RV544BLK Ionic Dryer


  • tourmaline-ionic technology for leaving your curls shiny and frizz-free;
  • a convenient diffuser attachment for defining the natural texture of your hair;
  • 2 Heat and 2 Speed settings for different needs and hair types;
  • 1875 Watts of power makes the hair-drying a quick and easy task;
  • features a removable end cap and a hanging loop for easy maintenance.

If you’ve ever tried to dry curly hair, you know how frustrating it can be. But with this hairdryer, you can open the wonderful world of stylish looks. The RV544BLK by Revlon features frizz-free technology, a powerful motor, adjustable heat and speed modes and a huge diffuser to define that every curl. Seems like plenty of reasons to put it on this list of the best hair dryers in Canada.

The heat and speed settings have separate switches, so you can mix and combine them in any way that feels right for you. Plus, the Revlon has an additional Cold Shot button that delivers a concentrated stream of cool air while you hold it. This is especially useful for drying near the roots and the scalp.

Also, the hair dryer comes with two standard attachments: the concentrator attachment for styling and the wide diffuser attachment that can help you add some volume and define the texture of your hair. And it comes with the tourmaline-ceramic ionic technology like those high-end styling supplies, so you can be sure that your hair will be shiny and healthy.

As you can see, the Revlon is a wonderful choice for a middle-priced hairdryer. It has all the basic options and is designed for both straight and curly hair.

Best for Features — Wazor Salon Pro


  • one of the most versatile hair dryers on the market due to 2 speed and 4 heat (3 warm + cold) modes that are easy to set and mix;
  • three attachments: wind comb, concentrator, and diffuser cover all the basic needs and hair types;
  • prevents frizzy hair due to the ionization feature;
  • comes with an anti-leakage plug that prolongs the life of the appliance;
  • 2.65 m cord with the loop gives you more freedom to use and a convenient way to store the hairdryer.

Finally, our last contestant on this list of the best hair dryers in Canada is the Wazor. Aside from the stylish design, this appliance packs a lot of different features: 3 heat modes, 1 cold setting, and 2 power modes that you can combine as you wish. Plus, it comes with three different nozzles and even has the anti-leakage feature that prevents damage from a short circuit!

So, you can switch between Low, Moderate, and Hot modes via a convenient button and adjust the amount of heat to your needs and hair type. Plus, the hairdryer features an independent cold button, so whenever you need a cool air blast to dry your scalp, it’s always right under your finger.

The Wazor comes with three nozzles: a concentrator for styling, a diffuser for volumizing, and a wind comb that can serve as a hairbrush if you’re going for that careless look.

So, if you’re looking for a hairdryer that can do literally anything, from daily drying to high-end styling and will serve you for years, then definitely choose the Wazor.

Best for Durability — BaBylissPRO TT Hair Dryer


  • Provides you with infrared heat to dry your hair.
  • Small and lightweight compared to other similar models.
  • Gives the hair a smooth texture by applying ions.

There are hair dryers out there that might have more controls, but sure they don’t last as long as this one. In our tests with the BaBylissPro TT hair dryer, we noticed how tight and high-quality it is, to the point that it can be noted as one of the most durable hair dryers out there.

In this hair dryer, we witness a new kind of technology. The tourmaline in this hair dryer acts as an infrared heat emitter when it meets the ceramic. Infrared doesn’t burn or over-dry, but helps dry hair from the inside so you don’t have to get tired getting the heat all over your hair, especially if you have thicker hair. This also allows some moisture to remain inside the hair to make your hair soft and smooth, especially when the ions get released onto your hair from the hair dryer. You can control the speed in two different settings, and the heat can also be set between 3 different options. Overall, it’s a great hair dryer for the people who are hard to please.

What is the Best Hair Dryer?

The right answer to this question is “the one that makes your hair look fabulous” but this isn’t the thing that you came here for, right?

So, we can rate the hairdryers according to the type of heating element they use: ionic, ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium.

Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic hair dryers are the cheapest type you can find. They use a heating element in a form of a metal coil that generates negatively charged ions. These ions can break down positively charged water molecules, so they help your hair dry more quickly.

However, ionic dryers without any corresponding technology cannot create even heat, so if your hair is light or prone to dryness, you might additionally damage it. People with thick, curly, and wavy hair don’t feel the same damage as fair-haired users, but it’s still advisable to use thermal protection.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers

Tourmaline hair dryers put the ionic technology on a whole new level. These models feature a metal or clay heating element which is coated with tourmaline. They also generate negatively charged ions that break down water molecules and seal the hair cuticle to prevent brittle and frizziness (1). Moreover, tourmaline hair dryers can work with soft, light, and thinning hair because they create a more even heat.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

These, as the name implies, use a ceramic (clay or porcelain) heating element that might be treated with tourmaline. Ceramic hair dryers are great at fast and gentle drying because they can accumulate heat and evenly distribute it through your scalp. Plus, they can generate some amount of infrared heat which also contributes to faster drying. However, like tourmaline hair dryers, ceramic models tend to fall into an expensive category.

So, to sum it up, the best hair dryers among the majority of the modern models are ceramic and tourmaline. They prevent the air from damage and are equally effective with different types of hair.

Other Things That Make the Good Hairdryer

The heating element might be a definitive factor for some, but it isn’t the only one that matters. Here’s the list of other important characteristics that will help you make a good choice:


The logic is simple: the more powerful is the motor, the more quickly you’ll dry your hair. Salon hair dryers can have motors up to 2,000-2,500 Watts, which makes them so effective at creating flawless looks.

However, if you need a hairdryer for daily use, most models within the 1,300 to 1,900 Watts range will work just fine (2).

Heat & Speed Modes

Another important thing to consider is heat. Different types of hair require completely different heat settings. For example, if you have thin and fair hair, consider using the appliance with a lower heat level. Those with extra coarse and curly hair, on the contrary, require more heat to style it.

Most hairdryers today feature at least two heat modes (Low & High) that can cover the needs of different heat types. Plus, you can count on an additional Cool Shot setting, which can come in handy for final touches or skin drying.

Different speed settings contribute to even more versatility and can be useful for late mornings. Modern hair dryers allow you to combine different speeds and heat settings to create a comfortable experience.


Attachments can tremendously diversify your hair routine and make it more comfortable. Today, you can count on the standard set of two attachments in most models:

  • Concentrator. Helps straighten the hair and prevent frizziness by creating a targeted heat and sealing the hair cuticle. Combining concentrators with the Cool Shot mode can add shine and smooth touch to your hair.
  • Diffuser. A diffuser creates wide and distributed heat that works great for adding volume near the roots and defining texture. Contrary to popular belief, not only people with curls can benefit from this attachment: if you have wavy hair or love creating different styles, you can also use the diffuser in your hairstyling routine.

Certain models can also feature a wind comb attachment. It’s a bit wider than a concentrator and has big teeth that brush your hair while you dry it. Wind comb is great when you go for that careless look or don’t want to overdo your hairstyle, and it works on the kid’s hair as well.

Extra Features

The things listed below aren’t necessary, but they can make your experience with a hairdryer much more enjoyable.

  • UV protection. Some hair dryer models have built-in protection from the ultraviolet along with the ionic feature. If you live in a  region with high solar activity or just travel south often, this feature may come in handy.
  • Portability. Another great feature for frequent travelers or those who don’t have much space in the bathroom. Some hair dryers have foldable construction that makes them take less space. Or, you can go for the hair dryer brush and get a 2-in-1 appliance that won’t clutter your shelves.
  • Maintenance. Any appliance will require care at some point, and when it comes to hairdryers, choose the one that won’t make its maintenance a hassle. Almost all models allow you to remove the hind cap — the one that lets the air into the hairdryer — and rinse it under the running water to prevent the dust build-up. Just make sure that you dry it completely before putting it back. Also, some models have protection from short circuits and leakages that prolongs their lifespan as well.


Are expensive hair dryers better?

We’d say yes, it does make a difference, for two reasons. First, by spending some extra money you’ll get a hairdryer that will be gentle to your hair and scalp, as they have more options to set the temperature and speed. Second, more expensive models are typically made of quality materials, so they can work longer without breaking, and will actually save you some money in the future.

Are ceramic hair dryers better than tourmaline?

They’re nearly the same. Ceramic hairdryers emit more infrared heat which makes your hair dry faster. Tourmaline hair dryers emit both infrared heat and negatively charged ions, so they are gentle on your hair and may prevent frizziness.

What to look for in a hairdryer for thin hair?

Thin hair usually dries more quickly on its own, so in order to style it, you need a hair dyer that has a low heat setting, otherwise, your hair will be damaged. Plus, you might need a gentle drying mode for the scalp because people with thinner hair also have sensitive skin.

Is a cold setting more suitable for drying hair?

If your hair is prone to dryness and brittles, it may be more advisable to choose cooler settings for styling because they can keep some moisture inside the hair. However, if you need a flawless and sleek look, then styling with hot air is more preferable, but don’t forget to use thermal protection treatments.

Final Word

Hairdryers are an essential appliance in every home and to ensure you will make a good choice, simply follow these steps. First, understand your hair type and choose heat and speed settings according to that. Second, go for the ionization feature if you can: it will dry your hair more quickly and prevent damage from heat and external factors. Finally, hold the appliance in your hand a bit and imitate the drying process to find out how conveniently it’s in use. 

Or, you can refer to our recommendations and choose the top pick by Panasonic. It has a powerful motor, 5 heat modes to adjust it to literally any hair, good ionic technology, and a futuristic design that makes it very pleasant to work with.

What was your experience with hairdryers and what features are important to you when making a choice? Tell us below!


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