Best LED Grow Lights in Canada: Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

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Written by: Alex Savy
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No matter what you want to grow in your indoor garden, you need the proper equipment.
And LED lights are the most important component.   

Today, we will look at the list of the best LED grow lights in Canada and check what makes them so good. Plus, you will learn how to find the most suitable option for you and your plants. Let’s dive right in!

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Our List of the Best LED Grow Lights in Canada (January 2023)

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice —  Mars Hydro Reflector TSL 2,000 LED

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  • highly reflective hood to easily increase light intensity;
  • low energy consumption with a higher yield, great value for money;
  • wide range of spectrums to achieve effective optimization for any plants.

If you are looking for a powerful yet efficient solution for indoor growing, the Mars Hydro Reflector has a lot to offer. Being among the best LED grow lights in Canada, this model is powerful and super close to natural sunlight, which means you can easily grow plants all year round. At the same time, it does not consume that much energy, uses a reflective hood as a light “enhancement”, and allows for precise adjustments to fit any plant type or growth stage. I was also surprised at how quiet this LED light was. So, if you want to be discreet about your indoor “gardening”, the Mars Hydro should do the trick.

Based on Our Tests

According to my tests, the wide and fast heat refraction of the Mars Hydro TSL 2000 LED light was commendable, especially as this is without a reflector. I also liked that I could adjust the brightness to suit different plant requirements.

Best for Smaller Grow Tents - Mars Hydro TS 600W 

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  • work with 2 x 2 grow areas, which makes them great for smaller living spaces;
  • consume only 100 watts, great for saving energy;
  • reflective hood for directed light dispersion and improved performance;
  • warm white, blue, red, and infrared lights for effective plant growth;
  • use aluminum for cooling instead of a fan, which makes them quiet and saves extra on electricity.

The next item on our list is another model by Mars Hydro. These LED lights are a bit smaller and less powerful than the previous ones, which makes them perfect for smaller indoor gardens or beginner growers. Despite the size, these LED lights are using the full color spectrum and direct the light towards the plants, promoting faster growth. They don’t use much electricity to function while showing excellent performance, which can buy many users over.

Based on Our Tests

While reviewing the Mars Hydro TS 600W LED, we found them to be quite effective for both the bloom and vegetative stages because of the directed intensity the light offers. We also loved how this grow light made zero noise even after hours of use.

Best for Value Seekers – BestVA 3000w LED Grow Light

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  • Powerful 3000W capacity LED for efficient indoor cultivation
  • Can last up to 100,000 hours which means around 5 to 7 years durability
  • Includes different LED bands that are uniformly ideal for all phases of cannabis plants.

One of my favorites is the DC series lamp from BestVA, the DC stands for "dual chip" and refers to the arrangement of chips in the fixture. 

The biggest downside to larger chips like this is heat, so you must ensure the fixture can handle the extra heat produced properly. BestVA lamps do a great job of reducing heat and being quiet, so that's not an issue here. This is why I think it's the best for value seekers.

The BestVA series light has a 3,000-watt capacity with large, durable multiple built-in fans that reduce heat, so plants don't get burnt. This allows for a more efficient indoor garden setup.

They use warm white and cold white diodes, in addition to diodes in several colors. Most are shades of red or blue. The results are full spectrum lights that work great at any growth stage.

Based on Our Tests

The BestVA 300W is a powerful LED light with an impressive range. We observed from our tests that despite the high energy output, it manages to stay cool during use. Another thing we like is the dual cultivation mode that allows it to regulate itself to a specific number of hours.

Best for Budget Growers – Grow Light BLOOM PLUS BP1000

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  • High-quality full spectrum Samsung LED chips which will improve the growth of grow room buds
  • Consumes just 90 watts of power, saving operating costs 
  • Features small 336 diodes that don't heat up so there's no need for a built-in fan

The Grow Light BP1000 from BLOOM PLUS is a diode -powered LED light system designed for the indoor cultivation of plants. It's an energy efficient model that consumes just 90 watts of power. So this means a lot of energy savings for a full spectrum LED light and effective seedling and flowering.

These lamps use many smaller diodes instead of fewer, more powerful ones, and they distribute them over a larger area. This results in more even coverage, making these lights more effective than other styles.

It also means no fan is needed, as the smaller diodes create less heat. You can just clamp them to an aluminum board, and since they're quite spread out, that passive cooling is sufficient.

Likewise, the smaller, cooler diodes allow these fixtures to hang closer to the canopy. This makes them perfect even in growing areas with less vertical space. I just only wish it has daisy-chaining connectivity so you can daisy chain multiple lights together and run them from a single outlet.

Based on Our Tests

While testing, we saw how efficient the Grow Light BP1000 LED light was in terms of power consumption. And, of course, the zero need for a cooling mechanism for this grow light makes it one of the best energy-saving grow lights.

Best for Lights and Low Watts — KingPlus UL600 LED 

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  • Full-spectrum, which aids in boosting yield and crop quality.
  • High-level waterproof materials and design to seal the light panels.
  • It consumes 80 watts only but increases light intensity by 30%.
  • Delivers powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration.

The Kingplus LED grow lights are the best for lights and wattage use. Its lights are exceptionally bright with a powerful delivery of full-spectrum to your plants. It also consumes a low wattage of 80 watts only, saving you more energy.

This LED grow light system is professionally designed to make your indoor growing life easy and quiet. The aluminum material used in the building allows it to disperse heat quickly and allow your plant to receive more energy. It also ensures a long lifespan of the lights.

Kingplus offers a three years warranty and professional guidance to help you increase your plant yield. Hence, when seeking the best model of LED grow light that consumes less energy and provides professional guidance, this is your best bet. So now you know why it is included in our list.

Based on Our Tests

What we got from our tests of the KingPlus UL600 LED was a penetrative light that breaches the canopy cover to supply energy to the lower portion of plants. We liked that the heat refraction was fast and encompassing, even though it consumed little energy.

Buying LED Grow Lights in Canada: What Are They Exactly and Why Are They Important?

The light spectrum includes different color variations that we may or may not see. When it comes to growing plants or vegetables, the most important color wavelengths are blue and red. The blue color is needed for the vegetative period while the red light is needed for the flowering phase.

main secret behind the LED grow lights

That’s the main secret behind the LED grow lights. They produce the colors that your plants require to grow well. Some manufacturers make it possible for their LED lights to emit different color wavelengths, so you can adjust the settings according to the plant type and its growth stage.

Know Your Size: How to Pick Suitable LED Lights for Your Grow Tent

So, when trying to find the best LED grow lights in Canada, you may start wondering: what size of the LED lights do I need for the 3x3 grow tent? The number of LEDs and the wattage may vary depending on the manufacturer, but for this tent size, 300-350 watts should be enough. 

If we’re talking about the 4x4 tent, then anything between 500 to 650 watts should suffice. However, different users have various living conditions and tent sizes, so let’s take a closer look at those:

Tent sizeSquare feetRecommended wattage
1 x 1130-40
2 x 2460-80
2 x 3690-120
3 x 39300
3 x 412400
4 x 416500-550
4 x 520600-640
5 x 525800
6 x 6361,150
6 x 7401,280
10 x 101001,500-2,000
10 x 252503,750-5,000
10 x 505007,500-10,000

Keep in mind that the needed wattage may also depend on your plant type, as they may require different light intensity to grow well (1).

The Cost of LED Grow Lights in Canada

Now, the operating cost of LED grow lights in Canada would depend on your local KWH (kilowatt per hour) cost, the total operating time, the grow phase of your plant, and the size of your grow tent.

However, if we take average numbers, we can get a rough idea of how much it costs to use LED grow lights in Canada:

Grow light wattageAverage cost per month

Here’s a handy calculator you can use to estimate how much it would cost for you to use LED grow lights depending on the KWH cost and the operating hours during the day (with the recommended number of hours somewhere between 14 and 18) (2).

What to Consider When Searching for the Best LED Grow Lights in Canada

When trying to find suitable LED grow lights in Canada, there are many aspects you need to think about.

Don’t worry though: 

It’s not rocket science.

What to Consider When Searching for the Best LED Grow Lights

And once you go through the most important factors, you will understand what you need exactly. Here’s what you should pay attention to:

  • LED type. Basically, there are 2 main types: full spectrum lights and the ones that support separate vegging and blooming lights. While full spectrum lights are almost universal and can work for different plants throughout all growth phases, the separate type offers a more controlled approach. For instance, if you need separate light settings for different areas of your tent (growing area and flowering area).
  • Light intensity. Don’t confuse this aspect with how bright the light appears to the human eye. Light intensity implies the number of photons that it emits and the plants can use to grow. If you aren’t sure what light intensity your specific plants require, reading the manufacturers recommendations would be the safest solution in this case. You may also want to check the PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux). As a general rule of thumb, if the LED light PPF is higher than 1100 umol/s, it will easily cover the 4 x 4 area (16 square feet).
  • Wattage. The required wattage of your LED lights would depend on many factors. They may include the tent size, the plant type, the growth phase, and so on. So, while you have general recommendations for different tent sizes, you may want to check an online calculator that can also factor in other aspects. 
  • Coverage area. How big is your grow tent? You need the lights that would cover the whole area, so that each plant gets enough light. Typically, the most powerful LED grow lights can cover a 4 x 4 area. This means if you have an 8 x 8 tent, for example, it’s better to buy two lamps that would cover a 4 x 4 section. Performance-wise, such a configuration would be better than buying bigger lights for an 8 x 8 area.
  • Budget. LED grow lights can be quite expensive, and that’s the main issue users typically have with them. However, LED lights will serve you longer, which means they can be a worthy investment. The price will depend on the quality of parts, spectrum, and the light intensity. But remember that the most expensive lights might not be the best ones. You need to pay attention to the characteristics first, and only then – the price.
  • Warranty. Typically, the warranty for LED grow lights ranges between 1 and 7 years depending on the brand. A 3-year warranty is probably the most common coverage option. Of course, most users want longer warranty as it can be an indication of good quality. However, it’s also important to check what aspects the warranty covers. Fixing LED lights can be expensive, so if your warranty covers that, you would save more money in the long run.
  • Durability. The durability of the LED grow lights should be of utmost consideration when you are searching for the best LED grow lights in Canada, so you will not waste your hard-earned money on something that will not last. Ensure you always purchase what will stand the test of time.
  • Heat output. Your plants will be at significant risk if you do not consider the heat emitted from your LED grow lights. You may even spend extra to cool the room. Hence, it is essential always to consider the heat output of your LED grows light when searching.
  • PAR. For a grow light that suits every stage of your plant growth, you should consider PAR when searching. PAR which means Photosynthetically Active Radiation is the amount of light your LED panel is emitting that contributes to the photosynthesis process of your plants.As you already know, not all types of light aids in photosynthesis. The reason why the plant in your sitting room will die even though it is being exposed to the lamps there. The type of light emitted by sitting room lamps is not ideal nor does it aid photosynthesis.
    So, the PAR value of your LED grow light is very essential. This value is actually more important than the wattage of the LED grow light.
  • Reflectivity. There are only two options to choose from when it comes to reflectivity. The first being, the simple LED light panels with no reflectivity feature built-in, and the other being LED light panels with a reflector hood.
    Growing tents usually come with a reflective lining that aids to disperse light evenly, so the undergrowth and sides of the plane get as much light as the top. However, if you are using an indoor space without growing tents to grow your plants, you should consider purchasing a LED grow light that has a reflective hood.
    The reflective hood helps in the even dispersion of light as a grow tent would be doing. Your growing space is what will determine whether you will purchase a LED grow light with a reflector built-in or not.
  • Cooling System. A cooling system is going to be needed if you envisage your grow light will be running for a very long time. Say 15 hours or more.
    The in-built fan system is the most common cooling system in most grow lights. But recent designs have introduced a no-noise cooling system by designing extra thin panels that do not build up heat as compared to the thicker panels.
    When considering the best LED grow light in Canada to purchase, you should always put into consideration the available cooling system, especially if your grow light will be inside a grow tent that has no capability to circulate air as well as open indoor space.


What lights do professional growers use?

Professional growers typically use LED grow lights as they are more efficient.

Do LED grow lights really work?

Yes, LED grow lights are able to emit the light spectrum that the plants need in order to grow well.

How many watts do I need for 6 plants?

It depends on your plant size. If the plant is 1 sq. ft., you will need around 35 watts for each plant, which means 210 watts for 6 plants. If your plants are 2 sq. ft. each, you will need around 420 watts.

Are LED lights as good as HPS?

LED grow lights are more durable and energy-efficient than HPS lights. Additionally, they have lower heat output and are more suitable for smaller spaces. At the same time, LED lights are more expensive, which can be an issue for some users.

What color LED is the best for plants?

Plants typically require more of blue and red light and a bit less of green and yellow light during different growth stages.

How many plants can I grow with a 300w LED light?

If each plant is 1 sq. ft., you can use the 300w LED light for around 8 plants.


Trying to find suitable LED grow lights in Canada may seem like a challenging task.

But once you figure out what factors really deserve your attention, you will easily narrow down the options and pick what would work for you. Just make sure you get the suitable wattage and light intensity for your plants and tent size. Plus, don’t forget to always check the warranty and what it covers.

And if you haven’t settled on anything yet, I would love to recommend the LED grow lights that impressed me the most. The Mars Hydro Reflector really seems like an all-in-one solution for almost any user out there. It is powerful but won’t cost you too much. It’s quality made and delivers effective performance. Plus, this model offers an impressive range of spectrums, which means you can use your Mars Hydro Reflector for pretty much any plant type.

So, are you ready to make a purchase? Which LED lights did you pick? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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