Best Subscription Boxes in Canada: Top 10 Picks and Tips on How to Choose the Best One

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Receiving a subscription box and unpacking it feels almost like unwrapping a present

Don’t you agree?  

But you can enjoy the feeling only if your subscription service is good. So, I want to share an assortment of best subscription boxes in Canada and a few tips on how to pick what works for you. Let’s cut to the chase!

A Quick Preview

  • Category: self-care
  • Contents: happiness activity, wellness products (including aromatherapy, skincare, and lifestyle)
  • Retail Value: $120+
  • Sizes available: 1
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  • Category: art supplies
  • Contents: pens, markers, sketch pads, watercolors, acrylics, etc.
  • Free shipping;
  • Sizes available: 3
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  • Category: education
  • Contents: specimens, objects, pieces of matter, tools, etc.
  • Carbon-neutral shipping;
  • Sizes available: 1
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  • Category: escape room
  • International shipping;
  • Sizes available:
  • A new adventure every two months. 1
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  • Category: lifestyle
  • Contents: aromatherapy, crystals, snacks, beauty products, etc.
  • Retail Value: $80-100
  • Worldwide shipping.
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  • Category: arts and crafts
  • Contents: tools and instructions for a DIY project
  • Plans available: monthly, 3, 6, and 12 months
  • International shipping.
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  • Category: reading
  • Contents: 1 book, gifts, quote prints; discussion questions for the book club
  • Adult (18+) and Young Adult (14+) boxes available;
  • International shipping.
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  • Category: self-care
  • Contents: skincare, beauty products, spiritual growth tools
  • Retail Value: up to $100
  • Sizes available: 3
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  • Category: escape room
  • Contents: puzzles, clues, accessories, etc.
  • A new city every month;
  • Family-friendly, suited for kids.
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  • Category: mystery game
  • Contents: clues, cards, puzzles, etc.
  • For ages: 13+
  • Ships: within the US and to Canada
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Our List of the Best Subscription Boxes in Canada (January 2023)

Best Overall – Editor’s Pick - TheraBox 


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  • curated by therapists to deliver the most tailored, effective set of goods for stress relief;
  • You can get a box with filled with treats of a new theme every month;
  • each box includes 1 happiness activity to boost your mood every month;
  • includes aromatherapy products for stress management;
  • uses only natural or organic skincare and body products.

This box deserves to be among the best subscription boxes in Canada thanks to its thoughtfully picked contents that aim to help you feel better (both mentally and physically). Since the service is curated by therapists, each component works to help you deal with the everyday life stress. The box includes products that belong to the aromatherapy, lifestyle, and skincare categories. You may also find bath and body products, all-natural and safe for everyday use.

Best for Artists - Paletteful Packs

Paletteful Packs

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  • various pack options to fit different budgets and satisfy different categories of users (more experienced artists, someone who doesn’t paint that often, kids);
  • supplies vary and change every month to keep your collection versatile;
  • each month is themed, so the art supplies in each box are cohesive and allow to create an art project from scratch;
  • the company posts videos and tutorials for their boxes for those users who need an inspirational boost;
  • includes supplies for different techniques, which promotes learning and creativity.

The Paletteful Packs is one of the best subscription boxes in Canada that delivers quality art supplies to those who love painting, sketching, and creating. There are multiple box sizes available for different budgets and preferences. Each monthly box is themed (for example watercolors, scratching, or acrylics) and can be enough for an independent art project.

Best for Science Lovers - MATTER


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  • inexpensive and suitable for limited budgets;
  • suitable for both adults and kids (with adult supervision);
  • includes scientific tools for experimentation and interactive projects;
  • carbon-neutral shipping, good news for environmentally-conscious shoppers;
  • You will get actual fossils collected from around the world.

The next item on our list of the top-notch monthly subscription boxes in Canada is the Matter, which isn’t your regular self-care or gift assortment. The Matter includes scientific tools and samples for all the curious minds out there.  Depending on the month, you can receive equipment for experiments, natural specimens, interactive projects, prehistoric fossils, and more.

Best for Quest Lovers - Escape the Crate

Escape the Crate

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  • includes all the necessities for an in-home quest;
  • new theme for every game to keep you entertained;
  • ships every 2 months, so you aren’t likely to get tired of it or bored;
  • suitable for both adults and children, so the whole family can enjoy the game;
  • can be used solo or in a group of people, which makes it suitable for a wide range of shoppers.

What makes this service one of the best subscription boxes in Canada is the fact that it can help you enjoy the fun of an escape room in the comfort of your home. Each box includes all the necessary tools, notes, puzzles, and accessories to enjoy an at least 1-hour game. The game is connected to the website, where you can check whether your guesses are right or not.

Best for Spiritual Practice - Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions

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  • all the products are vegan and cruelty-free, which may be important for some shoppers;
  • the company plants a tree for each sold box, making a good impact on the environment;
  • They explain how to use the items in the box on their blog to help your experience;
  • includes full-size products that you will able to use longer;
  • includes tools for spiritual growth practice to keep you centered and relaxed.

Another worthy Canadian subscription box is the Goddess Provisions, which is meant to deliver all the necessities for spiritual practice and growth. The box includes all the things that allow you to connect with nature, practice spirituality, and stay calm. Sometimes, there is a thing or two in there to let you take care of your body, and if you don’t know how to use them, they have full-on guides to help you.

Best for the Fans of DIY - The Adults & Crafts Crate

The Adults and Crafts Crate

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  • Proves a perfect stress reliever by keeping you busy with crafts;
  • new DIY project each month, will keep you entertained and excited;
  • each box includes all the needed tools, materials, and instructions, so you won’t need any extra accessories;
  • many of the projects are functional, which means you will be able to use the final product in your home;
  • encourages users to learn new skills every month.

The next subscription service that deserves to be called one of the best subscription boxes in Canada is the Adults & Crafts, which offers curated DIY projects for teens and adults. Each box comes equipped with everything you may require for your arts and crafts sessions, so you don’t have to worry about buying some extra tools or accessories. Each box also includes a detailed, well-written instruction to keep the task frustration-free.

Best for Bookworms - Once Upon a Book Club

Once Upon a Book Club

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  • two options for adults and young adults;
  • each box includes wrapped gifts with page numbers on them (that you are supposed to open once you reach the page, which is great to keep you motivated to read);
  • discussion suggestions in case you want to organize a book club with your fellow bookworms;
  • all the gifts correspond with the theme of the book (or support a quote from the book) to offer you a unique reading experience;
  • discussions are marked with dates, so you can discuss the book with fellow readers on Instagram.

If you enjoy reading, this subscription box will take your experience to a whole new level. Thanks to its unique approach and mindful gifts, the Once Upon a Book Club encourages people to read and helps them enjoy the process fully.

Best for Self-Care - Feeling Fab

Feeling Fab

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  • natural beauty products, safe for the skin;
  • Comes with treats for both the body and the mind;
  • includes spiritual growth tools such as self-care trackers and mood charts;
  • stress-reducing tools (gratitude and journal prompts, etc.);
  • Each box includes a self-care guide and a stress-reducing activity suggestion.

Dedicated to making you look and feel good, the Feeling Fab can easily be called one of the best subscription boxes in Canada in the self-care category. Not only does each box contain handy goodies for your face and body but also helpful guides and stress-relief tips and suggestions. You can choose between 2 sizes, as there is also a mini box (for a cheaper price).

Best for Family Game Nights - Finders Seekers 

Finders Seekers

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  • each box is city-themed (new city every month), great for travel enthusiasts;
  • suitable for family game nights as even children (10+) can participate;
  • each box includes clues so that you don’t get stuck and frustrated;
  • educational, allows players to explore the traditions of different countries while playing;
  • generally, allows for around 2-4 hours of fun, which is ideal for monthly family game nights.

If you feel like some Canadian subscription boxes don’t have enough mystery surrounding them, then you will love the Finders Keepers, a subscription service that sends thrilling puzzles right to your door monthly. Each box is themed according to a certain city, which makes the game educational and fun. The scenarios in each box are suited for children as well, so everyone can be included.

Best for Detective Fans - The Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box

The Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box

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  • puzzles and scenarios designed and written by escape room creators for improved user experience;
  • each game is a stand-alone mystery, which means you don’t need the previous boxes to complete a puzzle;
  • every box is themed differently to keep players entertained and motivated;
  • connects to the online content for a more immersive experience;
  • suitable for adults and kids (13+), so everyone in the family can participate.

Being one of the most exciting subscription boxes out there, the Deadbolt Mystery Society is suited for all the detectives out there. This box service allows you to solve mysteries in the comfort of your home. You will need a tablet or a smartphone that can read QR codes to enjoy the full interactive experience, as there are exciting online components involved in each mystery.

Types of Subscription Boxes 

When looking for good subscription services in Canada, you will stumble across two main types.

The first type is a regular subscription to specific goods or products that you often use. For instance, you can get a monthly coffee subscription and get fresh coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep. Many users receive their favorite shaving products every two weeks. Others subscribe to pet food services and get dog food delivered every 2 months, for instance. Basically, such services offer people the convenience of getting the needed product on time regularly. 

The second type of subscription boxes is often called the discovery boxes or discovery commerce. These boxes are filled with products and goodies that fall under a coherent theme. These boxes are personally curated, which means the contents should appeal to a specific interest or category.

Such subscription boxes can fall under various categories, including the assortments of snacks, beauty products, clothes, accessories, workout equipment, DIY tools and materials, food and cooking, hiking accessories, etc. The main idea is for all the products in the box to relate to each other or complement the general theme. You get different products every time, which is why discovery commerce is favored by many users (the element of surprise adds excitement).

Are Subscription Boxes Really Worth It?

No matter which subscription box type you decide to choose, you might still be thinking whether it’s really worth it. 

And I get it. You will be charged regularly for a box of mystery. And while you can always cancel the subscription, it’s helpful to consider all the pros and cons before actually committing to a certain service.

So, let’s start with the advantages, as they usually outweigh the cons:

  • Convenience. Having the things you need delivered to your door regularly without even placing an order is extremely convenient. You fill your address information only once and can forget about all the fuss that usually comes with online shopping.
  • Customization. It can be hard for consumers to settle on the product that they need. That’s why subscription boxes are a great idea. You get curated products that fit your interest and satisfy your requirements without the need to spend hours shopping and trying to pick among the endless options (1).
  • Exciting unpredictability (to some extent). Getting a new assortment every month can be very intriguing. It’s almost like unwrapping Christmas presents: you aren’t sure what you will get, but you certainly are excited about it.  However, since the products in the subscription boxes are supposed to cover your interests and fit within a specific theme, this unpredictability shouldn’t be disappointing (unlike Christmas presents, when you get a pair of fluffy socks instead of the hoped-for Game Boy).

Now, moving on to potential disadvantages you may face:

  • Unclear value. When shopping, you know exactly how much you pay for each item. With subscription boxes, it remains a mystery. This makes it harder to figure out whether the box is really worth its price. 
  • Difficulty quitting. Unsubscribing should be easy, all you have to do is cancel, right? Still, many companies make you go through several circles of hell, so to say, before you can cancel your subscription. Oftentimes, the hassle of it can make customers keep paying for the service. 
  • Overbuying. Frequently, subscription services send their clients much more products than they would buy themselves (2). This may result in getting the goods you don’t actually need. And the more boxes you get, the more stuff you accumulate, which can be a big issue for some users.
  • Check the value for the content. Sometimes, some subscription boxes don’t include the best products in some of their monthly boxes, which might mean that they have compensated that by putting in more treats. However, you should check whether the box includes things that actually offer the same as the value they are presenting.

Tips on How to Choose a Good Subscription Box in Canada

Monthly subscription boxes in Canada come in all shapes and sizes (meaning that they fall under various categories). 

That’s why it can be hard to pick one. And it’s even harder to find a good one, something you will be happy to receive every month and not feel disappointed.

Here are a few tips on how to choose a suitable subscription box service:

  • Narrow your interests down. If you can easily buy your favorite face cream in the local store, there’s really no need to subscribe to a beauty box that offers 20 different samples every month (for example). Think about the stuff you can’t get around your area, or just something you are interested in and want to get more of. As soon as you determine what product you want the most, the list of potential subscription boxes will narrow down.
  • Decide on the frequency of deliveries. How often do you want (or need) to receive your box of goodies? Monthly subscription is among the most popular ones, but some companies offer deliveries every 2 weeks or even once a week, depending on the product. 
  • Do your research. Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, but it can be tough to decide which one is right for you with so many options to choose from. That's where reviews come in. By reading reviews, you can get an idea of what other people have liked and disliked about a particular subscription box.

This can help you narrow down your choices and find a box that best fits your interests. In addition, reviews can also help you avoid subscription boxes that have had negative experiences.

So next time you're on the hunt for a new subscription box, be sure to take the time to read some reviews first. It could just be the difference between finding your new favorite thing and getting stuck with a dud.

  • Check Out The Website. A good subscription box should have a well-designed website that's easy to navigate. This will make it easier for you to manage your subscription and keep track of the products you've received.
  • Return policy. Always check the return policy before starting a subscription. Trying to return something you don’t like can be a real pain, so if you aren’t 100% sure you will love the subscription service, it’s better to check if the return policy suits you.
  • Cancellation policy. As mentioned before, some companies make it challenging to quit their service. It’s important to check whether there will be any surprise charges or penalties in case of cancellation.
  • Make sure you consider all the custom packages. Sometimes, the subscription plan or the box might not be suitable for you, but don’t get disappointed. There might be an option for you to get a smaller or bigger box or an option to get the box for only one month and continue if you enjoy it. So you should definitely look out for those.


Are subscription boxes a waste of money?

Not necessarily. Subscription boxes can be a great way to try and test various goods without buying their full-sized versions. It may turn into a waste of money if you receive more goods than you need (or typically use), which means you would buy more items than you normally do (and hence, spend more money).

Can I buy just one box without subscribing to the service?

Yes, most subscription box companies have a Gift option, which allows users to buy only one box without subscribing to the service. Another way to get only one box is to subscribe to the service, receive your first box, and then cancel the subscription.

What is the main drawback of subscription services?

The biggest flaw of subscription boxes is probably their unclear value. It can be hard to estimate how much the items cost, which means there will always be a chance of your overpaying for your box.

What is the biggest benefit of getting subscription boxes?

It depends on your initial goal and desires, but mainly, subscription boxes are the most favored for their convenience. This includes delivery (often to your doorstep), fresh goods (if we’re talking about food or, let’s say, coffee), and various assortments (which means more variety and excitement for you).


The world of subscription boxes is fun and full of excitement. Plus, this shopping method is extremely convenient.

And to enjoy it to the fullest, you need to be careful when picking your subscription box company in Canada. Decide on your budget and pay attention to the cancellation policies (just in case). You can also check the unpacking videos online to get a rough idea of what to expect from your subscription box.

And if you are still hesitant, I would love to help you settle on at least one subscription service. The TheraBox is curated by therapists, so each box is filled with care and goodies to make you feel better (both physically and mentally).

What do you think? Which subscription box did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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