Home Improvement Industry Statistics in Canada

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Many people say that Canadians care a lot about renovating their homes. We know that we were not the only people who were interested in how true this is, and how much Canadians actually spend on home improvement. That is why we looked around in all the magazines, official reports, and news to find some information.

We learned 11 main facts about home renovation statistics in Canada. This data gave us valuable insights on this industry in Canada.

From these facts, we can learn even more about what they mean to the businesses and how this segment is evolving. This article will break it all open and present how these numbers will turn out in the long run.

Key Findings

  • The home improvement industry in Canada has managed to sell $54.3 billion to people wishing to renovate their homes. [1]
  • The home improvement stores in Canada make up $32 billion of the entire market size. [2]
  • Home Depot, as the leading home improvement industry store, sold $8.8 billion in 2019. [3]
  • Most of the remodelling projects in Canadian homes are related to renovating the kitchen. [4]
  • 41.8% of Canadians choose Home Depot as their retailer of choice for home improvement products. [5]
  • 21.6% of Canadians tend to visit home improvement retailers and DIY stores on a monthly basis. [6]
  • The home improvement sales in Canada are predicted to increase by 3% in 2022. [7]
  • An average homeowner in Canada plans to spend around $10K on home renovation products and projects. [8]
  • 57% of homeowners have a background of home renovation in Canada. [9]
  • Out of the young people and millennials, 72% plan to carry out a home renovation project in the future. [10]
  • Among all the homeowners in Canada, 8% have spent more than $20K on home improvement projects. [11]

The Home Improvement Industry of Canada managed to make more than $50 billion of sales.

The first thing that we have thought about searching to prove that Canada has a thriving market was to research how much the market size of the home improvement industry is. 

Compared to the fact that the global home improvement industry market size is valued at $763 billion, Canada has a great share as a country. In only 10 years, since 2010, the market size has increased by $20 billion. Right now, based on the home improvement industry statistics, we can say that Canada has managed to sell more than $54.3 billion.

This is great news, because it means that there is lots of potential in this field for Canada. Home improvement is a part of retail trading, and the fact that this market makes up 7% of the entire world’s sales signals the benefits gained from it.

Home Improvement retailers and shops make up $32 billion of the market size of Canada’s DIY and home renovation industry.

Home improvement industry market is made up of different things, and in order to understand what segment actually controls it in Canada, we had to take a look at the numbers within the sales inside Canada.

Per our research, it was made apparent that retailers and shops truly own the market in Canada and people get their needs mostly from them. These shops are scattered all across Canada. These retailers and shops make up $32 billion of Canada’s DIY and home renovation industry market size.

Considering the fact that this is more than half of Canada’s sales in these fields, these retailers control the market. This also reflects the fact that they are more desirable and trustworthy in Canada compared to other methods for purchasing home improvement products. 

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The leading home improvement store in Canada is Home Depot.

When we realized what segment has the highest amount of sales in the home improvement market of Canada, it was time to figure out which shop or retailer is the leading service in the field.

There are several home improvement stores in Canada, but the most important ones are Lowie’s and Home Depot. Home Depot owns $8.8 billion of the market size. It also has 182 branches and shops all across Canada in all the provinces, with the highest number of stores being 88 in Ontario. 

This means that we expect the most sales and highest anticipations from Home Depot for the following years, as well. Considering the fact that Lowie’s has a market size of only about $7.1 billion.

The kitchen gets the most attention in the home renovation plans of Canadians.

It was interesting for us to know which part of the house has the most amount of money spent on renovating it. There are many guesses, such as the bedroom. Knowing which part of the house gets the most attention out of users can help lots of businesses come up with better solutions for that part. However, the statistics turned out to show something else.

The most remodelled place in Canada among different rooms of the house were the kitchens. There was a survey among people who had remodelled their houses and spent money on it. 27% of these people had remodelled their kitchens, and 25% of them had remodelled their bathrooms.

This is specifically important because it means that the kitchen products will be in the center of attention. After that, bathroom products have the utmost importance for sales and marketing, because they will definitely sell. All houses have these two parts, so one way or the other, every house will need this renovation.

41.8% of Canadians consider Home Depot their main store for getting home improvement products.

We know that Home Depot has the market lead, but does it mean that it is necessarily a popular or loved retailer? This question took us to search how many homeowners actually consider Home Depot a good place to shop.

The home renovation statistics in Canada prove that homeowners actually do shop at Home Depot for home improvement products. Around 41.8% of homeowners not only find Home Depot a good place for their desired products, but also consider it their main shop for such goods.

All of these Home Depot numbers lead to the fact that people spend their money for renovating their kitchens mostly on Home Depot. That is why taking a look at Home Depot’s market strategy would help a lot in understanding what makes people find this retailer so valuable. 

Canadians tend to visit home improvement stores in Canada every month

We know that Canadians spend a lot of money on home improvement, but we were curious to know whether they do their shopping all at once during specific times of the year or not. We also wanted to know how often and frequent Canadians shop for home improvement goods.

Research has shown that 21.6% of Canadians visit their main home improvement retailer of choice at least once a month. That is interestingly frequent, which could be both for renovation and repairing. 

If Canadians visit retail stores so often, then the market size is definitely increasing, which will have to be investigated later. However, it is too soon to judge, because the visit might actually be for repairing their homes. Anyhow, there is always potential and time to offer solutions to Canadians for their home improvement, regardless of the time.

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By 2022, the home improvement industry market size will reach $56.3 billion.

This is one of the predictions that we were very excited to find. WIth the pandemic over, now people can easily continue improving their houses without being worried about restrictions. We wanted to know whether the home improvement industry market size will become smaller or not.

As a matter of fact, with the current great uptrend in the home improvement industry statistics, it is completely possible for this market to reach $56.3 billion and have an increase of about 3%

For people who want to start offering solutions to homeowners for getting their house renovated or plan on bringing new ideas to the market, it is the best time now after the pandemic to promote different products. 

Average Canadian plans to spend $10,000 on DIY and home improvement projects.

This is a different measurement but a little bit connected to the prediction for the market size of the home improvement industry. But the difference is that this one is more rooted in reality.

When they asked homeowners in Canada in the span of 4 years how much they would want to spend on renovating their houses, the average answer was around $10,000

One thing to keep in mind about home renovation statistics in Canada is that these numbers are not just predictions or something that people would like to do. Home renovation projects are mostly necessary and different homeowners will eventually end up spending money on their renovation projects. That is, it is completely expected for an average Canadian to spend that much on home improvement. If they think of the number, they need the service.

57% of homeowners in Canada have done at least one home improvement project.

We have shared the statistics about how much people are willing to spend on buying home improvement services and products. However, now we come to the question of how many Canadians actually did complete a home improvement project in the past. This number could be very interesting.

The home improvement industry statistics show that out of 2 people, 1 has engaged in a home improvement project in the past and finished it. To be more precise, 57% of people in Canada have recently taken part in a home renovation project. 

This number is important because out of the people with a background in home renovation, some of them may actually still want to do another home renovation project. After knowing this, it is obvious that Canada has lots of potential for businesses to bring their solutions to the country.

72% of millennials have a plan for renovating their house.

Some people would say that home renovation is only for older people, because they have lived in their houses for longer. But we were curious to know whether young people really do not care about home improvement or whether they do. 

The statistics have shown that more young people and millennials than we imagined actually want to improve their house. 72% of millennials have reported that not only do they want to renovate their homes, but also they have made plans for doing that.

This means so many new opportunities, because millennials have different tastes from older people. But the one thing that should not be taken mistakenly about home improvement is that it is not just repairing or renovating your home. It can also be home improvement that gives life to different parts of the house.

8% of Canadians have spent more than $20,000 on improving their house.

We have learned that almost half of the people have spent some money on renovating their houses, based on home renovation statistics in Canada. However, it was interesting for us to know whether those people shop less than $500 or more.

To our surprise, more than 8% of Canadians have purchased home improvement goods and projects for the value of more than $20,000. That means that not only is the market frequently changing, but people are actually willing to pay large amounts of money in exchange for a comfortable house.

What is even more interesting is that around 5% of people also spend more than $20,000 on repairing their house. These two together reflect the great potential of bringing new solutions to people who might have issues with their houses but can’t seem to find what they are looking for.

The Summary

According to the home renovation statistics in Canada mentioned in this article, it is no secret that the DIY and home improvement industry in Canada is truly growing fast, and this speed owes itself to the fact that people visit home improvement retailers every month, and many homeowners shop more than $20K. The market in Canada is great for businesses that want to bring new solutions to the country.

What do you think about the home improvement industry in your own country? Do you think Canada has potential for foreign retailers to provide services in the country? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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