Three-quarter mattress in Canada

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Antique mattress sizes are uncommon, but they can be handy in certain situations. One such outdated size is the three-quarter mattress size. Because three-quarter mattresses are not as popular, picking one may be harder than it is with standard sizes. However, I have prepared a simple list of the best
3/4 mattresses in Canada, alongside helpful tips for choosing the most suitable ones. to help you get the most out of your investment.

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A review of the best 3 three-quarter mattresses in Canada (September 2023)

Best overall - Editor’s choice - Douglas RV mattress

Douglas RV Mattress


  • Its medium-firm top foam layer relieves pressure by cradling the joints.
  • The gel-infused foam layer dissipates heat, so the body’s temperature does not rise during sleep.
  • A thick mattress core provides consistent support to keep your spine aligned.

The Douglas RV mattress is a ten-inch thick three-quarter mattress with three foam layers designed to adapt to your comfort needs. The breathable mattress cover and the gel-infused top layer remove moisture from the mattress surface, helping the sleeper stay cool throughout their stay in bed. 

Coolness is essential, especially for antique beds. From my tests, the Douglas RV mattress had a temperature of 31.3 degrees, keeping heat away from my body, and I was comfortable and cool. This is 0.6 degrees cooler than the FoamRush mattress, making the Douglas RV mattress slightly better for coolness.

Some of the best cooling mattresses in Canada don’t have to come at an expensive price tag. The Douglas RV is $500 less expensive than the Douglas Summit RV, offering a similar cooling effect.

This layer which has a medium feel provides cushion for the body’s joints so sleepers won’t wake up sore.

The elastic transition layer provides bounce for easy movement on the bed in case you need to get on and off frequently. From my review, the Douglas RV mattress took only 0.7 seconds to bounce back from compressions. I could easily switch sleeping positions and enjoy a slight delay while sinking into the comfort layer. The Douglas RV mattress is slightly faster than the FoamRush by 0.1 seconds, making the Douglas RV a slightly better option for ease of movement. In contrast, the core provides support that keeps the sleeper's body properly aligned regardless of the pressure their body may be applying. Finally, I find the machine washable cover appealing because it will be easier to keep the mattress fresh.

Showing the cover
Showing the cover

Based on Our Tests

During the test, I appreciated the firmness of the top layer which is doing a good job of helping my back as I don't feel sore in the mornings. The gel infused into the foam layer regulates the temperature and helps me have a cool sleep at night

Douglas Mattress Motion Transfer

Edge support of the Douglas Mattress

Best for stomach sleepers - FoamRush


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  • Its dense core provides spinal alignment for stomach sleepers regardless of their weight.
  • The gel-infused top layer sinks heat so the mattress surface can always stay cool.
  • Medium firmness provides a cushion, so sleepers don’t feel the pressure of the dense core.

My second pick for the best three-quarters mattress is FoamRush. This mattress is a two-layer mattress where the bottom layer is a thicker, denser foam that provides above-average support suited to stomach sleepers. The mattress core provides support so your waist region aligns with the rest of your body, relieving aches associated with imbalanced sleeping positions. 

A robust core ties into how firm a mattress feels, which can help with a healthy spinal alignment. From my tests, the FoamRush had a firmness of 7. This is well-balanced, and I could comfortably rest on an even sleeping surface that kept my spine straight. The FoamRush is 1 point firmer than the Douglas RV mattress, which means the FoamRush is the better option for sleepers who prefer more support. This also makes the FoamRush one of the best firm mattresses in Canada.

The top layer is gel-infused, helping to dissipate excess body heat and moisture for a cool sleep. From my tests, the FoamRush had a temperature of 31.9 degrees Celsius, which was cool enough to the point where I didn’t encounter any night sweats at night. This is 0.6 degrees hotter than the Douglas RV mattress, making both similar options for keeping you cool. In addition, this layer provides pressure relief by cushioning the sleeper’s pressure points. Similar to some mattresses for your RV, the FoamRush mattress is only 4 inches thick, which makes it convenient to turn around and clean.

Based on Our Test

I liked how dense this mattress is when I tested it, as well as the medium firmness which takes care of every sleeping position. I found that this mattress provides great support for me as a stomach sleeper

Best for Couples - Douglas Summit RV Mattress

Douglas Summit RV Mattress


  • The CoolSense® cover and ecoLight® gel memory foam wick away heat, keeping you cool even on hot nights during your RV travels;
  • The soft comfort layers and absorbent base isolate motion, helping couples sleep without feeling the jostling of their partner as much;
  • Removing the cover takes only seconds via zippers, helping you keep your sleeping space free of dirt and grime from the road.

The Douglas Summit RV is my best three-quarter mattress in Canada, thanks to its excellent motion-absorbing abilities, good edge support, and quick, responsive foam. Motion isolation can be a significant help when traveling on the road, as fewer disturbances from sharing a bed can help you get more restorative sleep. According to my review, the Douglas Summit RV only reacted to my compressions 2 inches from my glass of water. This is a high level of motion isolation, and my partner wasn’t disturbed when I got in and out of bed. The Douglas Summit RV has 2 inches better motion isolation than the FoamRush, making the Douglas Summit RV better suited to couples who wake up or get jostled easily.

Another excellent quality of this model is its edge support. The Elastex® Foam provides excellent support, ensuring the edges only compressed as much as 3.05 inches during my tests. I could sit and lie at the edges without worrying that I would fall off, as they felt stable and firm. The Douglas Summit RV had 1.15 inches firmer edges than the FoamRush. That means the Douglas Summit RV is the better option for sleepers who want to use the entire width of their mattress with peace of mind, especially in what can sometimes be cramped RV spaces.

What can be most helpful for RV travelers is a mattress that’s easy to move across, as RV spaces are usually small without much foot room. Luckily, the Douglas Summit RV addresses this issue with its Elastex® Foam, making the mattress more responsive. From my tests, this model took only 0.5 seconds to bounce back from compressions. This is 0.3 seconds faster than the FoamRush mattress, which means the Douglas Summit RV mattress is the better option for a fast-adaptive feel and unrestrained movement.

Based on Our Tests

From our many tests with this model, I found the Douglas Summit RV cushioning with excellent support for my back, keeping my muscles tension-free. I could lie on the edge with similar support and felt stable and secure.

Why You Should Trust Me

I’ve reviewed numerous mattresses over the years, watching industry trends change over time with the addition of new technologies. Through hands-on experiments, I’ve developed methods for determining which mattresses are best based on facts and numbers. Regarding three-quarter mattresses, I test for qualities such as comfort, support, and the edges' durability.

The best three-quarter mattresses have pressure-relieving comfort, support that keeps the spine aligned, and a robust edge for stability. I looked at these qualities closely during my reviews, selecting the mattresses that performed the best and putting them higher on my list. I also considered bonus features, like how cooling the mattress was, to ensure the best mattress is well-rounded and a good suit for your home or RV. You can read more about how I test mattresses here.

What are three-quarter mattresses?

Three-quarter (sometimes written as 3/4) mattresses are mattresses that have the dimension of 48 inches by 75 inches. They are also known as super single mattresses, RV mattresses, or short full.

Due to the slight differences in the dimensions of the 3/4 mattresses, endeavor to measure your bed frame to get the appropriate 3/4 mattress dimension for you.

Three-quarter mattress sizes are not as common as the standardized IKEA mattress sizes because they were made for the less common antique beds. However, the popularity of three-quarter mattresses is gradually increasing with their use in RVs and mobile homes. Although the generally accepted dimension is 48 inches by 75 inches, variations of the 3/4 mattress add or remove 2 or 3 inches from the dimensions. So, you may need to customize your order if you have an antique bed frame. Check our guide here for more mattress sizes.

How to choose the best three-quarters mattresses

For the best pick of 3/4 mattresses in Canada, you should consider the density for durability and support, mattress thickness for height, cooling for thermoregulation, and motion isolation for undisturbed sleep in cases of partnered sleepers.
Careful consideration of these features is the best way to get value for a mattress. Below are some further explanations of these features.


Mattress thickness(1) is its height when it is laid down. The mattress thickness is important because it can determine the ease of getting on and off the bed, especially when used with a bed frame. Thicker mattresses will also last longer compared to slimmer mattresses with the same density.

If you are unsure about the right mattress firmness, acquire mattresses from manufacturers with ample sleep trial period and good return policies to allow you time to test for yourself.


The density of a mattress can determine its support, durability, and weight of the mattress. Dense mattresses offer the most support and lifespan but are not always the right choice due to different sleeping preferences. What’s important is to strike a balance between comfort and support so as not to wake up sore.

Breathability and Cooling

Breathability and cooling in a mattress result in proper thermoregulation for sleepers, as foams tend to retain heat. However, thermoregulating features differ for mattresses, so picking one suited to you is vital to picking the best 3/4 mattress in Canada

Motion isolation

Motion isolation depends on the firmness level of the mattress surface. Since overly firm mattresses are mostly uncomfortable and super plush mattresses can be too sinking, medium firmness is usually the sweet spot for most sleepers. Heavy sleepers can opt for firmer surfaces. Although three-quarter mattresses may have limited space for couples, king mattresses will likely provide enough space.


Where can I buy a three-quarter mattress in Canada?

In Canada, you can buy three-quarter mattresses online, which is convenient and easier to browse through options.

Is a 3/4 bed smaller than a double?

Yes, a 3/4 bed is smaller than a double by 6 inches on its wide side. Both share the same height of 75 inches, but the double has a slightly wider width than the 3/4 mattress. A double mattress has a width of 54 inches, while a 3/4 mattress has a width of 48 inches.


In conclusion, picking the best 3/4 mattresses in Canada depends on your preference, as the best RV mattress is the one that gives you the most comfort. 

If you are still unsure of the right 3/4 mattress, allow me to recommend the Douglas RV mattress. The Douglas RV supports the body through a firm layer cushioned by a breathable and malleable top layer. This allows the sleeper’s spine to be rightly aligned while cradling the pressure points that might cause aches.

What do you think about my pick of the best three-quarter mattresses in Canada? Feel free to share with us in the comments.


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