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The difference between a regular gaming chair and an ultimate gaming chair is the immersive experience that the latter delivers. With the right product, you don’t just get a chair to sit in; instead, you get a workstation that creates an aura that brings out the best in a gamer. 

Beyond the experience and feel, top gaming chairs help gamers keep fit. A healthy body and a sound mind are critical for productive gaming. So, in this piece, we’ll show you exclusive ultimate gaming chairs in Canada. And we’d also chip in on how you can make the best choice. Read along.

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Our Review of the 3 Best Ultimate Gaming Chairs in Canada

Best Overall - Editor’s choice - IW-J20 Pro Gatling Imperator Works Gaming Chair

IW-J20 Pro Gatling Imperator Works Gaming Chair

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  • Uses an electronically controlled reclining chair with an adjustable arm for posture flexibility.
  • It comes with three 32” monitor brackets which can also be used for an ultrawide monitor.
  • A mix of LED and RGB lights creates a cozy gaming cocoon.

Opening our list of ultimate gaming chairs in Canada is the Imperator Works IW-J20 gaming workstation. This heavy-duty gaming machinery features a chair with an armrest and headrest. The chair is made from foam-padded faux leather, which makes it cradling and comfy.

At the top of the IW-J20 gaming chair are two bright LED lights for reading, surrounded by RGB lights, which create a dim-lit serene gaming environment. The leg support panel, monitor hanger, monitor brackets, and keyboard platform are also adjustable.

Based on Our Tests

I think the IW-J20 Pro Gatling Imperator would be a great choice for users who want to go pro with their gaming. Although it ticked many other boxes for an ultimate gaming chair, my favorite feature while testing the Gatling Imperator was the adjustable monitor mount that allowed me to lengthen the distance between the screen and myself.

Ultimate Scorpion Gaming Chair - AKONE Cockpit Gaming Chair

AKONE Cockpit Gaming Chair

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  • Steady bad-ass steel scorpion chair with a design aesthetically appealing to gamers.
  • Electronically controlled gaming chair backrest, cockpit arc, and leg support.
  • Well-positioned lights, which include both LED lights and RGB light strips.

Scorpion gaming chairs are highly coveted in the gaming world for the immersive gaming experience they deliver and, of course, the intimidating design that boosts gamers' morale. The AKONE scorpion cockpit chair features a super comfy leather chair, high-end adjustability, ergonomic design, and convenience like the cup holder/ashtray on the armrest.

The monitor mount of the AKONE ultimate gaming cockpit extends at the end of the overhead scorpion tail. It can hold up to three 29” screens or a 43” ultrawide screen. This gaming chair also supports Surround Sound to back up the color immersion to create the total gamer’s dream.

Based on Our Tests

My high points with the AKONE Cockpit gaming chair were the scorpion tail adjustability and sound system. The chair really brought my game to life when I was reviewing its performance, as the sound system added an extra edge that made the game seem all that more realistic and encompassing.

Ultimate Gaming Chair for Racing - HYCJJL Game Cockpit

HYCJJL Game Cockpit

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  • Ergonomic cockpit design with back cradling chair and adjustable footrest.
  • A steady chair base allows for more freedom of movement.
  • Easy to mount monitor brackets.

The HYCJJL gaming chair is an excellent gaming workstation for gamers who love the thrill of racing. This gaming chair creates a simulated environment that helps gamers perform better in races. And to complement the racing footpads, you can rotate the chair 360°, which would come in handy in virtual reality gaming modes.

The HYCJJL gaming chair is made from high-density foam fabricated with faux leather to deliver a cradling and relaxing sit-in experience. The reclining function allows users to game at optimal comfort in any suitable position. The cockpit lighting is also arranged to keep gamers locked in their gaming world for as long as they want.

Based on Our Tests

What I liked most about the HYCJJL Game Cockpit was the seat, as the rich crimpy leather cushioned and relaxed my spine to ensure a more immersive experience. I also enjoyed the zero gravity feature I discovered during the chair test; it helped with back pain and simulated a weightless feeling appropriate to some gaming scenarios like parachuting.

Things to consider when shopping for Ultimate Gaming Chairs

When purchasing an ultimate gaming chair, gamers must consider how immersive the chair would be in terms of lighting and sound compatibility, how comfortable the chair fabric is, and how well you can adjust it. Then, you can also consider how durable the chair materials used are, if the size of the gaming chair would fit the space available, and how enjoyable the chair would make game playing compared to how much the chair costs.

So, to better break this down, here are the things to carefully consider before splashing a lump sum on a gaming workstation:

  • Immersive experience. An immersive gaming experience is where gamers experience a game with optimal graphics, sound effects, music, controls, and response. While much of this depends on the gaming system, the screen, and the sound system, the way all of these are arranged together is what delivers the experience. With ultimate gaming workstations, all the necessary components are put in one place. This includes a super comfy chair, adjustable platforms for keyboard and PC, organized lighting, and optimally positioned monitors. The best gaming setups also work with a surround sound system (1) for an immersive experience.
  • Comfort. One issue plaguing professional gamers is posture health due to long hours of sitting. However, with an ergonomic chair, the problem is half-solved. These ultimate gaming cockpits come with foam-padded leather seats, adjustable head, back, arm, and footrests, and an option to recline the chair and lay in the comfiest positions.
  • Adjustability. Adjustability is a significant point when shopping for the best gaming chair. First, the chair must be easily adjusted, preferably with an electronic panel. The monitor mount should be flexible in distance and positioning. Other parts like the headrest, armrest, and leg support must be adjustable.
  • Size and weight. While ultimate gaming workstations are innovated for gamers to replace traditional desks and chairs, these gaming cocoons still occupy a chunk of room space. So, be sure to vet the height, size, and weight of the gaming station you've got your eyes on and check how much room you've got.
  • Durability. Buying an ultimate gaming chair should mean not having to buy a replacement chair anytime soon. However, the quality of materials in gaming chairs guarantees longevity. Look for metal/alloy steel frames, large and sturdy monitor mounts, and thick foam-padded chairs covered with quality leather (2).
  • Aesthetics. How the gaming environment is set can influence the mentality of a gamer. For example, badass gaming workstations can boost a gamer's confidence and get them in the zone. Then, also add that gaming pits come with lighting that improves the room's outlook and beautifies the living space.
  • Value for money. An ultimate gaming chair with monitor mounts saves money on desk, lighting, and ergonomic chair, putting it all together. So, these gaming setups do offer value for the money spent.

Do ultimate gaming chairs work with screens? 

Yes, ultimate gaming chairs with monitor mounts work well with computer display screens. Most support three 29" screens or one 43" ultra widescreen. 

Can ultimate gaming chairs be used for other activities?

Yes, you can use an ultimate gaming chair for work like programming and video editing or for leisure activities like seeing movies, listening to music, and relaxing.

Are ultimate gaming chairs cheap?

Ultimate gaming chairs are not outrightly cheap in that they cost upwards of a thousand dollars. However, they offer value for money by replacing other accessories like standalone ergonomic chairs, desks, lights, monitor mounts, and more.


Creating an enabling environment is vital for gamers to excel professionally. With ultimate gaming workstations, gamers have all the needed gears in one place; an adjustable ergonomic chair, well-positioned monitors, and dynamic lighting. 

Our choice of ultimate gaming booth is the Imperator Works J20 Pro Gatling. This gaming machine offers a cradling seat with an electronically adjusted backrest, leg support, and monitor brackets. In addition, its lighting is well designed to deliver an ultra-immersive surrounding for your gaming pleasure.

Which of these gaming beasts would you be thrilled to have? And why? Talk to us in the comments below.


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