Anna Chiranova – Co-Founder and Creative Director

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Anna Chiranova

Anna is the Creative Director at ComfyNorth, as well as a Co-founder. As the creative lead, she oversees all the content produced on home furniture and appliances. And this includes product reviews, comparison guides, listicles, best-of compilations, and chief of all, video guides.

Within two years, Anna has had a hand in the production of over 150 articles and video guides around home furniture and appliances. What makes her work stand out is her attention to detail. She meticulously reviews every home appliance or furniture featured on our website, covering specifications, features, pricing, what to like, and what not to like about each product. She believes consumers deserve only justified information about home accessories, so she is wary of producing misleading information.

Anna often participates in product testing herself. This helps her identify the best messaging and storytelling for video and article reviews that would better resonate with consumers. She also spends quality time researching and creating a foolproof plan for creating value-packed content for our reviews and guides to showcase whom each product is best for and which specific needs they meet.

With over five years of experience as a manager of the Event Department at Veritprop LTD, her organizational skills and eye for detail are exemplary. So, Anna at the helm of affairs for ComfyNorth’s Content and Programming department is a no-brainer. Anna is also responsible for keeping the synchronization and workflow here at up, as she believes that the company needs to be at its best before being able to deliver premium content for its audience and readers.

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