TOP 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses in Canada

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Written by: Anna Chiranova
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Everyone wants to get good sleep, and with a proper mattress, that’s quite possible.

However, when it comes to finding the best memory foam mattress in Canada, the market, sadly, doesn’t have much to offer.

Don’t worry, though!

I’ve made detailed research and tested five mattress models that can bring the comfy sleep back into your life. So, check them out below and see which one will help you get a good night’s sleep!

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Our Reviews of 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses in Canada

Best Overall - Editor's Choice - Novosbed 

Novosbed Mattress

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  • 3 firmness options to satisfy all types of sleepers;
  • the firmness level can be adjusted after the purchase, which increases shoppers’ chances of getting their perfect mattress;
  • open-cell memory foam for increased breathability;
  • removable and washable cover, super easy to care for;
  • good motion absorption, suited for restless couples.

Numerous memory foam mattresses are available in Canada, and ranking as a top-rated product is no easy feat. The number one product on our list of the best memory foam mattresses in Canada is the Novosbed, and this is why. While others on this list offer a medium-firm feel, this mattress provides three firmness options to pick from, making it the best firm foam mattress in Canada compared to the other mattresses on this list. The Novosbed is made of durable materials and can offer you great spinal support and cool sleep.

The mattress uses open-cell memory foam, which means a less viscous feel (compared to closed-cell memory foam) and better airflow within the layers so that you wouldn’t overheat during sleep.

These cooling properties are further enhanced by a breathable Tencel cover. Tencel fabric is derived from eucalyptus leaves and can deal with sweat and moisture without restricting air circulation. The cover is removable, by the way, which makes maintenance easy.

I was also impressed by the supportive properties of the Novosbed. The mattress contours your body regardless of the sleep positions you prefer, so don’t worry about your spinal health. Aside from that, the Novosbed has decent edge support as for a memory foam bed, which can be a plus for couples.

Overall, I really enjoyed sleeping on this mattress. The Novosbed offers you a balanced hug, doesn’t limit your movements, and keeps you cool.


Novosbed Side Sleeping

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers — Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress

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  • Enjoy the ultimate comfort with a 5-layer sleep system, part of which is a patented stain-resistant cloud cover.
  • A firm-core support foam that is designed to help with spinal alignment and relieve pressure
  • Improved breathability features with a cooling gel cloud that helps keep a cool surface even in warm weather.

If you are in the market for the ultimate comfort and support you can ever want from a memory foam mattress in Canada; then this mattress is for you. A bed made in Canada to fit the custom needs of its people can only rarely go wrong. What makes this mattress special, though?

This mattress provides a 5-layer sleep system. All the layers are geared towards improving comfort and providing adequate support. The firm core offers enough support for the proper spinal alignment while other layers are comfy enough to ease pressure and bring about good sleep. The cooling cloud foam in this mattress is gel-infused and provides excellent temperature moderation and breathability.

You get to enjoy a detachable stain-resistant mattress cover that is also hypoallergenic. A hypoallergenic cover protects against allergens that usually irritate the skin. On top of all this, you can simply detach the cover and clean it anytime you feel like it. 

A puffy mattress offers comfort, durability, and versatility. With a puffy mattress, you get a bed that you can use on any surface, including adjustable frames, slats, and box springs. Also, this mattress is suitable for all sleeping position types.

Puffy Mattress-417

Puffy Mattress-195

Best for Hot Sleepers — GhostBed Classic

GhostBed Classic

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  • 11 inches tall to provide maximum support without looking too bulky;
  • extra layer of latex for a cooling effect;
  • gel-infused foam to combat heat retention during sleep.

I could not forget to add GhostBed Classic to our list of the best memory foam mattresses in Canada for several reasons. First of all, this is a medium-firm mattress. It ensures the optimal balance between support and cradling to satisfy a wider range of users. My partner and I both enjoyed sleeping on the GhostBed, even though we have different comfort preferences and weight.

Another impressive thing about this model is the combination of layers that it uses. Measuring only 11 inches in height, the GhostBed is super comfy. It uses memory foam to achieve targeted support. However, the coolest part, in my opinion, is the top latex layer. It makes the mattress feel responsive yet cradling. As a combination sleeper, I like that a lot, since most memory foam mattresses restrict my movement during the night. With the GhostBed, however, I did not have such an issue.

Best Budget Option - Douglas

Douglas Mattress

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  • medium-firm feel, designed to accommodate a wide range of sleepers;
  • breathable eucalyptus-derived fabric blend for cooler sleep;
  • responsive transition layer to fight the “stuck-in-the-foam” feeling;
  • zippered cover for fuss-free cleaning;
  • gel foam comfort layer for a pleasant cooling sensation.

Another model I’d like to mention in my review of the best memory foam mattresses in Canada is the Douglas. This is a great budget-friendly option that performs no worse than more expensive mattresses thanks to the proprietary materials.

The mattress has breathable construction that will please even chronic hot sleepers. The upper comfort layer is made of gel-infused memory foam that withdraws body heat and adapts to the temperature fluctuations. This effect is further enhanced by the breathable cover made of Tencel fibers. It can absorb sweat and add more comfort, and all you need to do is wash it from time to time to maintain a fresh look.

The mattress has a medium-firm feel, which is an optimal pick for back and stomach sleepers, as well as for heavier side sleepers. The Douglas offers you a good hug and distributes your weight around the surface evenly, supporting proper spine alignment.

And here’s the great news for eco-enthusiasts:

The company tries to reduce the carbon footprint by manufacturing their mattresses with renewable energy and using materials of high quality that don’t contain harmful chemicals. So, if you want an eco-friendly bed that won’t make your credit card faint, the Douglas might be your go-to option.

Overall, I would recommend the Douglas to people who want a simple and affordable mattress that does its job. It will help you fall asleep in minutes and offer you support for years.

Best Bounce - Recore

Recore Latex Foam Mattress

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  • silver-coated antimicrobial cover to create a clean, fresh sleeping environment;
  • latex foam comfort layer for increased responsiveness and to combat the quicksand feeling;
  • removable cover for effortless maintenance;
  • graphite-infused latex foam (top layer) and gel foam (transition layer) to guarantee temperature-neutral sleep;
  • targeted pressure relief for fast muscle recovery.

The next mattress has claimed its place on my list thanks to the perfect balance between cradling and bounce it offers. The Recore mattress can relax your pressure points without limiting movements during the night, which is especially beneficial for those who lead an active life. Even though the Recore uses latex foam, believe me, it’s no worse than the best memory foam mattresses in Canada I’ve reviewed above. And I can prove that to you.

So, the Recore is designed for people with an active lifestyle or physically demanding jobs. It can easily help your muscles relax and recover thanks to great contouring properties. 

Since the mattress features latex foam in its top comfort layer, it won’t interfere with your movements, which is a plus if you have limited mobility. Latex foam is also graphite-infused, which prevents mold development and increases the durability of the mattress.

The Recore doesn’t sleep hot. The graphite-infused latex effectively removes body heat thanks to the channeled structure and adapts to temperature changes throughout the night. So, even if you’re a chronic hot sleeper, the Recore can help you deal with that issue.

As a wrap-up, I can say that the Recore mattress has exceeded my expectations. Even though it’s not an all-foam bed, it still feels very comfortable, so you will wake up well-rested every morning.

Who Will Benefit the Most from Memory Foam Mattresses?

You may have noticed that the most popular mattresses on the market feature at least one layer of memory foam. And you find yourself wondering “are memory foam mattresses good?”

And it’s totally natural.

The pressure-relieving effects of memory foam and the amount of cradling it can offer are the best among the mattress materials.

Still, some users may benefit from a memory foam mattress more than others:

  • Individuals with chronic pain. Who Will Benefit the Most from Memory Foam MattressesThere’s quite an interesting hypothesis concerning the pain-relieving properties of memory foam. See, it’s a temperature-sensitive material, meaning it feels more rigid in cold environments and becomes softer as the temperature rises. Since pain often comes with an inflammation process, which raises the temperature around the inflamed area, memory foam will become more cradling in those spots, providing the necessary relief.
  • People with spinal misalignment. Memory foam can adapt to your spinal curves even if they have some imperfections. This might help slow down the progression of your scoliosis or lordosis and help you relax for a more refreshing sleep.
  • People with allergies. Memory foam mattresses might work well for people with allergies. The reason behind that is that denser foams have smaller pores, so they’re more difficult for dust mites to chew in. And dust mites are known as the most common allergens in households.
  • Those with a physically demanding lifestyle. A memory foam mattress can turn your bed into a cozy cradle and decrease the time you’ll spend tossing and turning before you get comfy. So, you’ll spend more time sleeping and recovering, which will improve your physical strength and performance.
  • Those who share a bed with someone. The prominent feature of any memory foam mattress is its low motion transfer. So, if you share a bed with a restless sleeper, a memory foam mattress can ensure uninterrupted sleep for both of you.

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“Unfortunately, most memory foam mattresses lack proper edge support. But a sturdy bed frame made of steel or sturdy wood might help you reinforce the edges.”

How to Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress in Canada?

Now, I want you to know one thing:

The best mattress is the one that feels comfortable personally for you. So, you should rely on your personal preferences as the top priority before making any purchase.

Still, there are some general recommendations that can help you find a suitable memory foam bed in Canada a lot easier. And I will list them for you just below.

Foam Density

Foam density shows howHow to Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress in Canada durable your mattress will be, and how well it will dissipate heat (denser foams have more pores of a smaller size which makes it more difficult for heat to escape).

The density is measured in pounds per cubic foot (PCF) and the minimal numbers to look for start at 4-4.5 PCF.

“Always check the density of the base layer. The base is essential for maintaining the durability and enhancing the properties of the upper layers.”


The firmness of your mattress will define whether you’ll feel comfortable sleeping on it. Even though the perception of firmness varies from person to person, it’s usually tied to two things: your weight and your sleeping position.

So, let me explain this connection below:

  • Soft mattresses. These typically feature soft upper layers that have a pronounced give. Larger users might sink through these layers and feel the firm transition and base layers. This may not only cause overall discomfort but also result in spine misalignment. Smaller sleepers, on the contrary, will benefit from a softer mattress, especially if they sleep on their side, as side sleepers typically need deeper sinkage for proper alignment.
  • Medium & medium-firm mattresses. These can actually make a good fit for most users. Medium mattresses have less pronounced but sufficient sinkage and can support your spinal alignment in almost any sleeping position without creating pressure points. And if you’re on the heavier side, you can opt for a medium-firm bed. It will properly support your lower abdomen and hips, evenly distributing the weight.
  • Firm mattresses. Memory foam beds with a firmer feel are an excellent pick for sleepers that weigh more than 220 pounds. They withstand larger weight better and prevent unnatural curves. Also, a firm mattress will work for stomach sleepers, as it can align the lumbar spine without straining it.


The main issue of memory foam mattresses is heat retention.

...That’s what I would say if I were writing this review a couple of years back.

Today, many brands have successfully solved this issue by infusing foam with cooling gel, copper, or charcoal. 

Infusions make memory foam change its structure from closed-cell to open-cell, which helps dissipate heat and prevents you from sleeping hot.

Gel particles are the most popular option among cooling memory foam mattresses. Gel works to draw the excess away from one’s body and locks it inside. This helps prevent heat build-up and can create a temperature-neutral sleep environment.

Another option suited for hot sleepers is open-cell foam. Such foams have an aerated structure. There are countless small air channels that allow the air to travel through. Such mattresses are more breathable and thus, sleep cooler.

However, keep in mind that even if you get yourself a cooling memory foam mattress, there’s still a chance to sleep warmer than usual. Why? Because memory foam is hugging and cradling. And if you sink a bit deeper, you will be enveloped by the mattress’s comfort layers. Naturally, this can make you feel warmer during sleep.

Suitable Firmness for Your Sleeping Position

To get the most out of your new mattress, you need to pick the firmness level that is suitable for your specific sleeping position. Now, this may vary from user to user depending on personal preferences, but here are the general rules:

  • Side sleepers. Since this position requires good pressure relief and a decent amount of cradling for the protruding parts (hips and shoulders), the best option would be a soft mattress. If you are a heavier sleeper, a medium one will work.
  • Back sleepers. A medium or medium-firm mattress will provide enough cushioning for your hips and buttocks while keeping the spine in a neutral position.
  • Stomach sleepers. For this sleeping position, you will require stronger support. Your mattress should be firm or at least medium-firm to prevent the pelvis from sinking in. Puffy Mattress-4193
  • Combination sleepers. If you tend to change positions while sleeping, you might enjoy a medium-firm mattress the most. Something not too firm and not too soft will be able to give you balanced support throughout the night.

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Other Considerations When Shopping for a Memory Foam Mattress

So, at this point, you probably understand what makes a good memory foam mattress and how to choose a model that would work for you.

Here’s the deal though:

There are certain factors that some users neglect (or forget about) when it comes to shopping. However, they are still just as important. And paying attention to those details can help make a better choice. So, let’s take a look at them:

  • Sleep trial. Here’s the deal: most memory foam mattresses require a break-in period. To put it simply, your new mattress will need time to adapt to your body (just like your body will need to get used to a new bed, probably). Therefore, the first time you lie down on your new mattress, you might not feel super comfortable. You will need to give it a few nights to understand how the mattress really feels. And if it isn’t 100% comfortable, a sleep trial will allow you to return your mattress for a full refund. It’s a crucial aspect that would be especially helpful for uncertain shoppers (someone who isn't sure what they need).
  • Warranty. This one will protect you and guarantee your peace of mind. An extended warranty period can be a good indication that the mattress is quality-made, so look for companies that cover at least 10 years of use. Also, pay attention to what exactly the warranty covers. For instance, foam tends to develop body impressions or sagging after some time (especially cheap, low-density foams), so make sure the warranty covers this issue before finalizing your purchase.
  • Size. Memory foam mattresses, like all types of mattresses, come in different sizes. Memory foam mattresses are dense, and there will be a difference in the weights of various sizes. So, if you intend to move your memory foam mattress around, you should consider the size you are opting for.Another critical factor is the size of your bedroom. Carefully consider the size of the memory foam mattress you’re buying concerning the space in the bedroom you intend to put it in. People are usually advised to leave enough space for movement.
  • Cover material. The most common options these days include pure cotton, Tencel, bamboo, polyester, and natural + synthetic blends. Many users prefer cotton due to its breathability and good moisture absorbency (1). Tencel and bamboo are also natural fabrics that offer proper air circulation and could aid cooler sleep. However, polyester or blended covers are a bit easier to care for. They also tend to be a bit sturdier and start showing signs of wear and tear later (in most cases). Nonetheless, you should remember that polyester and other synthetic fabrics aren’t that breathable. Therefore, they might not work for hot sleepers or someone who experiences night sweats frequently. 

The dilemma commonly faced by many intending buyers of a memory foam mattress is making the right option with regards to the mattress cover. Cotton mattress covers are breathable but are easily stained, so it will be hard for you to get your pet or a toddler on them. On the other hand, mattress covers made with polyester or synthetic blends are easier to care for but not as breathable. So, you need a balance between breathability and maintenance.

As a tip, always lookout for a removable mattress cover option in a memory foam mattress. This way, you won’t have to sacrifice the breathability feature of your bed for easy maintenance and vice versa.

  • Budget. Allow me to share just a few tips. First, if you decide on your budget from the very beginning, you will quickly narrow down the list of options (which will make the decision-making process easier). Second of all, keep in mind that many mattress companies offer financing to the customer. You can pay for your new mattress in smaller amounts gradually if you want to put less stress on your budget. And finally, if you wish to save more, you can shop around the holiday season when most mattress companies offer very attractive discounts.
  • Safety certifications. You are probably aware that the foam manufacturing process involves various chemicals, including fire retardants. Some of them can emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which may be harmful if inhaled. That’s why a good memory foam mattress has to be safety certified (as proof that the manufacturer didn’t use any harmful or potentially hazardous substances in the process). Look for such certifications as CertiPUR, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), GreenGuard, Oeko-Tex, etc. (2).
  • Fire barrier. Not all mattress retailers will tell you this, but there are models that use fiberglass as a fire barrier. If the fiberglass escapes (for instance, if you rip the cover), it can be very dangerous. The fibers are so tiny that they are nearly impossible to clean. They can get into your eyes and airways, causing irritation and even more serious problems. That’s why you might want to check the fire barrier material before purchasing your memory foam mattress. Keep in mind that cheaper models are more likely to use fiberglass. And do not hesitate to contact customer service if the product page does not mention the fire barrier material.
  • Edge Support. If you are a restless sleeper or sleep with a partner, you will need all the mattress space you can get. Unfortunately, foam mattresses tend to sag at the edges. Fortunately, many memory foam mattress products have outstanding edge support, and you should look out for them. The edge support in your memory foam mattress means more sleeping room for you and your partner.

Memory foam mattresses: Online vs. in-store shopping

After knowing the considerations for choosing the best memory foam mattresses in Canada, the next step is to decide on your means of purchase. There are only two generally known choices as far as shopping is concerned. Shopping online or going to your preferred local store to browse through.

While in-store shopping is an incredible experience, an online store offers some perks and benefits that the local brick-and-mortar store does not. Online shopping affords users the ease of access needed to browse through catalogs unhindered and without having a salesperson hassling or trying to convince them otherwise.

Another advantage of shopping online is the home delivery process that comes with it; the extra effort required to haul your mattress home is removed. Furthermore, online stores feature enticing promotional sales and discounts that allow users to save more money. 

In addition, users can research their desired products by reading unbiased customer reviews. People tend to trust the words of their fellow consumers more than that of a salesperson, and then there’s the opportunity to ask questions that local stores don’t offer quite as well.


Are memory foam mattresses easy to clean?

Generally, yes, especially if your mattress has a removable cover. You might also want to vacuum your mattress regularly and spot-clean any stained areas (using a mild detergent).

How long do memory foam mattresses last?

Memory foam mattresses usually last for up to 10 years, depending on the foam density and the manufacturing quality.

How much do memory foam mattresses cost?

On average, memory foam mattresses cost around $800-1,000. Of course, you can find much cheaper models, but they are very likely to use low-density (hence, low-quality) foams.

Can I use a memory foam mattress with an adjustable bed frame?

Yes, most memory foam mattresses are adaptive enough to be used with adjustable beds. However, in this case, your memory foam mattress might have a shorter lifespan (due to the compression of certain sections when being used in different positions on an adjustable bed frame).


Memory foam is best known for its motion isolation characteristic. Bringing this feature to the bedroom has been a fantastic innovation in the sleep industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that memory foam mattresses are getting more notoriety in Canada, and I am highlighting the best ones available.

Claiming the recommended pick position for this article is the Novosbed mattress. The mattress is fast becoming a household name known for superior comfort as it features an incredible cooling technology and all memory foam mattresses' general pain relief properties. In addition, the product has an optional comfort kit that allows the user to adjust firmness level preference.

What is your experience with memory foam mattresses? Do you agree with my list, and what are your main criteria when buying a memory foam mattress? Please feel free to share in the comments.


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