Best Mattress Toppers in Canada

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If you stumbled upon this page, chances are that your mattress isn’t comfortable enough for you and you’re looking for ways to make it better.

Also, you probably have a headache from browsing endless web pages, trying to find the right mattress topper.

Luckily, I can help you with the latter! Check out my latest reviews of the best mattress toppers in Canada and just choose the model that will appeal to you the most!

A Quick Preview

  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Thickness: 3"
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  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Thickness: 4"
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  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Thickness: 2-3"
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  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Thickness: 4"
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  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Thickness: 2-4"
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Our Reviews of 5 Best Mattress Toppers in Canada

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice — Memory Foam Mattress Topper by GhostBed

Memory Foam Mattress Topper by GhostBed

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  • zoned design to achieve unparalleled tension redistribution and instant relaxation;
  • waterproof cover to protect both the topper and the mattress (and to increase their lifespan);
  • cooling gel foam to prevent overheating while offering a gentle hug.

Being among the best mattress toppers in Canada, this model by GhostBed can win countless users over thanks to its smart construction. I mean, even I was a bit skeptical about its zoned support system. But only after one night, I fell in love with the Ghostbed mattress topper. It works its magic by offering just the right amount of support for different body parts. It hugs what needs pressure relief and supports the body in a neutral alignment. As a result, the GhostBed topper helped me sleep tension-free and wake up perfectly rested.

Second Best Mattress Topper - Tempur-Pedic


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  • removable, machine-washable cover for effortless maintenance;
  • medium-firm feel to deliver optimal support and aid proper weight distribution;
  • close conforming for effective pressure relief.

The Tempur-Pedic deserves to be among the best mattress toppers in Canada for many reasons, and I would like to share them with you. And allow me to start with my favorite feature - the optimal fitness level.

This mattress topper has a medium-firm feel. It’s one of the most popular options that can satisfy a wide range of sleepers. However, its close-to-universal comfort is not the only thing that makes Tempur-Pedic a great mattress topper. Such a firmness level (combined with a 3-inch thickness) allows this model to achieve a nice balance between support and cradling. The topper helps distribute the weight of the sleeper and minimizes tension build-up.

Additionally, the Tempur-Pedic delivers close conforming and that classic memory foam feel. The material of the topper can adapt to the curves of one’s body by hugging the heavier parts and filling in the gaps. As a result, you can potentially benefit from fast relaxation and pressure relief.

To tell the truth, I did not expect Tempur-Pedic to impress me that much given its famous (and sometimes overused) name. Nonetheless, I felt heavenly comfortable sleeping on this mattress topper, and I’m sure it can become a real savior for some users.

Best Cheap Option — Linenspa


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  • offers a good give while maintaining a cool feel;
  • two thicknesses available;
  • can alter the feel of a firm mattress.

Being among the best toppers in Canada, the Linenspa can alter the feel of your mattress and has a chance of improving your sleep. This gel-infused foam topper has a plush feel with a significant give and would gently cradle your body without making you sweat. Offering a decent sinkage, this model would be great for those trying to make their mattress feel softer. And that’s not the only great feature about this topper.

Best for Cool Pressure Relief - Sleep Innovations

Sleep Innovations

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  • gel-infused memory foam for close conforming without sleeping hot;
  • quilted fiberfill layer for extra cushioning;
  • removable, machine-washable cover for fuss-free maintenance.

Another item I would like to mention in my review of the best mattress toppers in Canada is this thick, dual-layered topper by Sleep Innovations. It uses a winning combination of foam and a Pillowtop-like layer to guarantee effective pressure relief. Plus, the foam is infused with gel, which means it won’t make you sleep hot.

Now, the Pillowtop layer uses fiberfill. It is 4 inches thick and works to hug the protruding body parts gently. Underneath, you will find 4 inches of gel memory foam. It is conforming and gently hugs the pressure points, allowing for fast relaxation and tension release. Additionally, it is quite dense and could offer you extra support.

This topper has a removable, washable cover. It means you can keep your bed fresh without that much effort. Another cool thing about this topper is that it has rather deep, stretchy pockets. They allow the topper to fit snugly onto the mattress and remain in place all through the night.

Frankly, I did not expect Sleep Innovations to help me sleep so well. It is a quality topper that aids pressure relief and creates optimal conditions for instant relaxation.

Best for Old Mattresses - LUCID


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  • thick enough to alter the feel of a mattress;
  • resilient to mold thanks to charcoal infusion;
  • offers a good hug for large sleepers.

Most people purchase mattress pads for altering the feel of their mattress, and I couldn’t ignore that when reviewing the best mattress toppers in Canada. So, meet the LUCID, a 4-inch thick topper that can easily upgrade the feel of even the ancient mattress, making it much more comfortable for sleeping.

The LUCID uses charcoal-infused memory foam, which is found to be quite durable and resilient to mold and dust mites. So, it can serve as a hygienic layer between your body and the old mattress, thus preventing you from inhaling the dust particles.

Also, the LUCID is really soft, which is sort of the calling card of this brand. This mattress pad ensures great pressure relief and adjusts to your natural spine curves, thus preventing back pain and stiffness. Plus, it can help you mask uneven spots if your mattress is old.

Finally, the hug that this mattress topper can offer can reduce the time you spend tossing and turning. When I was testing this pad, I fell asleep significantly faster than on other models, and my wife said that I also switched positions less frequently.

I think that the LUCID topper can upgrade even the oldest mattress and soothe even the most sensitive sleeper — even those more sensitive than my wife. So, if this seems like what you need, I recommend you choose the LUCID.

How Can You Benefit from Using a Mattress Topper?

Now, most users buy a topper to alter the feel of their current mattress, which appears to be not perfect for their needs. The average mattress topper costs about CDN$100-150, which is way cheaper than replacing the whole bed, so it’s totally understandable.

But this is not the only reason why mattress toppers are so popular.

You can benefit from this bedding item in the following cases:

  • You suffer from back pain. A mattress topper can mask uneven spots on an old mattress and give more cradling for your spine curves.
  • You sleep hot. Most of the modern mattress toppers are made of gel-infused foams that trap less heat without sacrificing comfort.
  • You share the bed with a restless sleeper. Thicker mattress toppers have higher motion absorption and make it easier for you to find a comfy position, so you won’t toss and turn a lot.
  • You have a physically demanding lifestyle. Some brands make their mattress toppers using phase-change materials that were initially invented for athletes. These materials — Celliant fabric and copper-infused foam, in particular — can convert some amount of body heat into infrared energy, thus helping you heal and recover faster.

“If you rent a furnished apartment or live in a dorm, you can use a thin mattress topper as a protective layer on top of your bed. It will prevent you from inhaling dust and mold particles that might have collected inside the mattress while it had been used by other people.”

Things That Make a Great Mattress Topper

Now, when it comes to bedding items, there’s no ultimate pick for everyone. That’s why you should rely on your preferences in the first place.

However, some considerations are worthy of your attention regardless of what topper you want. I will gladly share them with you so that you can make a balanced decision.


Most highly rated memory foam toppers in Canada are made of memory foam. This material is well known for its cradling properties, so it can easily make your bed more comfortable.

I recommend that you choose gel-infused or copper-infused foam, which has higher thermal conductivity than traditional foam, so it will dissipate your body heat faster and prevent overheating.

“Note that memory foam is a temperature-sensitive material, meaning it will feel more rigid in a colder environment and will soften a bit under your body, unlike polyurethane foam, which is more responsive and less temperature-sensitive (1).”

Polyfoam is the second most common material for mattress toppers. It has an open-cell structure and a bouncier feel, so such toppers can maintain their shape for a longer time.

A polyfoam mattress pad might be a good pick for individuals with limited mobility because it can offer a good level of conforming without limiting movements.

Latex mattress toppers are an excellent choice for those who want close conforming without that quicksand sensation memory foam often has. Latex is quite resilient but does a great job of reducing tension nonetheless. This material is also more resistant to dust mites and bacteria growth. Therefore, it could be an excellent option for allergy sufferers.

At the same time, shoppers need to remember that latex mattress toppers can be quite pricey. 

For an extra-plush, luxurious feel, users often choose down or feather mattress toppers. This type can’t deliver that much support or tension redistribution. Instead, down toppers usually work to add a layer of plush cradling. This option is ideal for those with tender joints or sharp pressure points.

That being said, down and feather mattress toppers tend to flatten with time. That’s why they require regular fluffing, which can mean too much of an effort for some users.

It’s also worth mentioning that down toppers can retain moisture and thus, attract dust mites. Therefore, this type is not ideal for allergy-prone sleepers.

Wool mattress toppers are becoming more popular these days thanks to their thermoregulating properties. Natural wool can keep sleepers warm during colder months and cool during summer. Such a topper can also make one’s mattress feel softer.

On the other hand, wool toppers aren’t that great when it comes to pressure relief. They can also be finicky to clean.

The most affordable topper filling type is fiberfill. Made with polyester fibers, such mattress toppers can be a good temporary solution for budget shoppers. They can provide an extra layer of cushioning and make one’s mattress softer.

However, fiberfill toppers aren’t that durable. They also aren’t likely to help with tension alleviation.

Secure Fit

Nobody likes readjusting their topper every morning. That’s why models that can offer a secure fit are always a better choice, especially for active or restless sleepers.

In this case, shoppers may want to consider mattress toppers that either work like a fitted sheet or have elastic straps on all 4 corners. Adjustable straps would be especially great, as they can work for different mattress thicknesses.


Even if the topper can make one’s mattress feel more comfortable, all of this can be in vain if that topper sleeps hot.

Now, the most common cooling options include gel-infused memory foam, open-cell foam (which is more breathable), latex, and wool. 

As for natural down, it is pretty breathable but can still sleep hot.


The thickness of your mattress topper matters for your comfort too. In particular, it can define how well the topper will mask the imperfections of your mattress. The most popular thickness is 2-3 inches. If you need to significantly alter the feel, go for thicker options. If you only want to tweak the comfort level of your bed, a thinner mattress pad should do fine.


Firmness is a highly subjective characteristic, yet its perception may depend on your preferred sleeping style.

Side sleepers, for example, tend to sink deeper into the material and form pressure points in their hips and shoulders. So, if you’re looking for a mattress pad suitable for side sleeping, you need a soft or medium model that can properly cradle these pressure points.

Stomach sleepers have the weakest points in their lumbar spine, so they need a firmer mattress topper to prevent an awkward curve in this area.

The supine position produces the least amount of pressure on the spine (2), so if you’re a back sleeper, you might need a mattress pad that will properly support natural spine curves. The medium firmness works best in this case: it can offer a balanced hug and prevent stiffness in the shoulder blades and the lower back.

Motion Isolation

Motion transfer is an essential aspect for many couples, especially if one of them is a restless sleeper. A good motion-isolating topper would also come in handy for partners who have different schedules. This way, they won’t disturb each other when getting in and out of bed.

Now, memory foam performs the best when it comes to motion isolation. A latex mattress topper may also suffice if it’s not very firm. As for down toppers, they are not likely to counteract an overly bouncy mattress (even though down is heavenly soft).


Many mattress toppers come without covers, which means sleepers can wash the sheet that they place on top. However, if the topper arrives with a cover, a removable one would be preferable. After all, the topper is easier to clean when sleepers can simply take the cover off and throw it into the washing machine.

Additionally, shoppers might want to pay attention to the cover material. Natural, breathable fabrics are more suited for hot sleepers. They include cotton, Tencel, bamboo, linen, and more. As for synthetic fabrics and blends, they would work better for someone who doesn’t typically overheat during sleep.

“Mattress toppers with an egg-crate design typically feel somewhat softer than solid slabs of foam. Just something to keep in mind”


How long does a mattress topper last?

An average mattress topper lasts 3 to 5 years. A cheaper one may last a year or two.

How long to air out a memory foam mattress topper?

24-48 hours is the average recommended time to air out a memory foam mattress topper. Low-quality or infused foams may take 72 or even more hours before the odor dissipates.

How to dispose of your old foam mattress topper?

To dispose of a foam mattress topper, you can drop it off at a local recycling center, donate it to a local charity, or repurpose it, for example, by making a bed for your pet.

What is the difference between a mattress pad and a mattress topper?

A mattress pad is a thin layer (typically with a fitted design) used to add some comfort without altering the feel of a mattress, while a mattress topper is a thicker layer of cushioning that can usually change how your mattress feels (e.g. make it softer or firmer).

Wrapping Up

While a mattress topper is not a panacea for your old bed, a good one can certainly change the situation for the better. After all, if you pick a suitable topper, you can alter the way your mattress feels, add more support, or give yourself extra cushioning.  But how do you choose “the one”?

Well, you need to pay attention to the firmness level and pick according to your favorite sleeping position. Plus, don’t forget that every mattress topper material has its peculiarities, and some of them might not work for you. Finally, consider the available thickness options and choose what would work for you (remember that thicker toppers have more chances of changing the feel of your mattress).

As for my favorite, I would certainly pick the Memory Foam Mattress Topper by GhostBed. This model exceeded my expectations, so I have a feeling it can make you happy as well. The GhostBed topper does an excellent job of distributing the weight and relieving pressure, which means comfort and instant relaxation. Additionally, it stays in place all night long, doesn’t sleep hot, and can protect your mattress from accidental spills. To me, that’s a winning combination of features!


I also can’t resist sharing my second favorite - the Tempur-Pedic mattress topper. This model may seem too pricey, but trust me - it’s worth every penny. Not only is it quality made but also offers high comfort levels. This mattress topper is supportive and cradling at the same time, which is a winning combination if you ask me. It can give you that extra cushioning while aiding proper weight distribution and keeping your spine supported. What else is there to wish for?

How about you? Which model managed to catch your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. I am under 120 lbs and understand that many toppers, like mattresses, are made for persons 130 lbs and over. I am having trouble finding information on the softer toppers with regard to lighter weight people. I have tried ‘softer’ toppers and these are still too firm to offer cushioning and relief from back pain (I am mainly a side sleeper). I do not want to pay a lot of money considering that in a couple of years I am moving a lengthy distance and at this time will be purchasing a new mattress. Hoping you can help. Cheers!

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