TOP 5 Best Mattresses in a Box in Canada

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Last updated May 26, 2020
Author: Comfynorth Team

Do you know that feeling when you wake up tired? As if you didn’t sleep at all?

This happens when your bed is not comfortable enough.

To save you from this nightmare, I have prepared my review of the best mattresses in a box in Canada. So, let’s find out which mattress can become the savior of your good night’s sleep!

A Quick Preview


  • Type: Cooling Foam
  • Thickness: 10"
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Layers: 3
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  • Type: Foam
  • Thickness: 10"
  • Weight: 41-82 lbs
  • Layers: 4
  • Warranty: 10 Year
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  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Thickness: 11"
  • Weight: 87-95 lbs
  • Warranty: 15 Year
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  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Thickness: 11"
  • Layers: 5
  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Warranty: 10 Year
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  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Thickness: 14"
  • Layers: 6
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 Year
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Our Reviews of 5 Best Mattresses in Canada

Best Overall - Douglas



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  • medium feel;
  • moisture-wicking cover;
  • superb motion isolation

I want to start my review of the best mattresses in a box in Canada with the Douglas for several reasons. 

Being proudly made in Canada, this high-quality mattress uses safe materials to ensure each sleeper’s comfort. The winning combination of layers includes gel-infused top foam, Elastex transition layer, and dense foam support core.

Now, what’s interesting about that Elastex foam is its structure. Made to mimic natural latex, this foam is bouncier and offers responsive support. Combined with the motion-absorbing base and the hugging comfort layer, it creates a unique combo of features.

The Douglas has a medium level of firmness (around 6 on the firmness scale). It offers a decent amount of cradling but doesn’t make you feel stuck thanks to that Elastex transition foam. It also does a great job of wicking excess moisture and dispersing the heat throughout the night.

Bottom line:

The Douglas is likely to pleasantly surprise you. Being sold at a very reasonable price, this mattress excels at providing both support and gentle cushioning. Despite having only 1 firmness option, the Douglas is quite versatile in terms of its features and can be suitable for different users.

Best for Couples - Polysleep


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  • all-foam model;
  • washable anti-stain cover;
  • superb motion isolation;
  • enhanced edge support.

The next model in my review of the best mattresses in a box in Canada is the Polysleep. Featuring an all-foam construction, this mattress offers good pressure relief and excels at reducing motion transfer.

Now, the first thing you need to know about the Polysleep is its firmness level. Rating 5.5-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, this mattress allows for quite a generous amount of sinkage. This helps reduce tension and plays an important role in pressure relief. Additionally, this feature ensures effective motion absorption, which makes the Polysleep ideal for couples and restless sleepers.

The cover is removable and liquid-repellent. It can help prolong the life of the mattress. Plus, having breakfast in your bed has never been safer!

Bottom line:

Overall, it’s hard to find fault in this top-rated mattress in a box in Canada. The Polysleep provides excellent comfort and pressure relief. This mattress feels like a cloud but manages to keep your spine properly aligned, which is a winning combination.

Best for a Classic Memory Foam Feel - Novosbed


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  • 3 firmness options;
  • features a breathable Tencel cover;
  • offers close conforming;
  • has a classic memory foam feel.

Allow me to share another awesome model in my review of the best online mattresses in Canada. The Novosbed is a great example of affordable luxury and user-oriented design. This mattress is perfect for memory foam fans and people who appreciate customization.

Now, here’s the deal:

The Novosbed uses memory foam for comfort layers and high-density polyfoam for the base. This results in a very balanced feel, with a good amount of cradling and strong support. The edges are a bit on the weaker side though, which is common for foam mattresses.

But here’s the kicker:

This mattress comes in 3 firmness options. Therefore, the Novosbed can cover the needs of all types of sleepers, regardless of the sleeping position.

It gets even better:

If you don’t feel comfortable enough sleeping on your new Novosbed, the company will send you an adjustment layer with more suitable firmness. This works great for those who don’t know their sleep needs precisely and don’t want to bother with returns. You can adjust the firmness of your mattress and find that perfect spot, where you feel comfortable in all sleeping positions.

Bottom line:

The Novosbed is a very versatile mattress. Moreover, it uses high-quality materials and has a rather luxurious feel. I’m sure that it has all the chances to satisfy almost any user.

Best for Pressure Relief - Zephyr by Polysleep Zephyr

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  • proprietary cover;
  • all-foam construction;
  • zoned support;
  • medium-firm feel.

If you are looking for a more luxurious bed, you should definitely check the Zephyr. Being one of the best mattresses in Canada, this model offers enhanced pressure relief and strong spinal support. Yes, it does cost a bit more, but you get so much for the money.

The Zephyr has a number of characteristics, which make it special. First off, the Nanobiotic cover. It is soft, breathable, and uses a special technology. The fibers use the infrared rays that the body emits to promote fast healing and contribute to your restful sleep. This may help you wake up refreshed and recharged every morning.

Now, another thing that makes the Zephyr stand out is the zoned support system used in the comfort layer. It distributes the weight evenly and allows for different sinkage levels for the shoulders and hips. 

Bottom line:

The Zephyr takes the next step in combining comfort and advanced technologies. This top-rated mattress in a box in Canada has a lot to offer, which makes it worth every penny.

Best for Cooler Sleep - Logan and Cove

Logan and Cove

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  • pillow-top design;
  • sleeps cool;
  • strong edges and good motion isolation;
  • luxurious feel at an affordable price.

The next model I want to mention in my review of the best online mattresses in Canada is the Logan and Cove. This 14-inch hybrid bed combines coils and a foam pillow-top to deliver balanced comfort and pressure relief.

Now, even though the base uses coils, the comfort layers of this mattress absorb motion well. Additionally, the innerspring core makes the edges stronger, thus increasing the sleeping space. This makes this mattress in a box in Canada ideal for couples.

It gets better:

The thick pillow-top uses multiple layers of foam, which results in excellent pressure relief. The top foam layer is gel-infused and helps with temperature regulation during the night. This is a medium-firm mattress, so you are not likely to sink too deep.

Bottom line:

If you want affordable luxury, the Logan and Cove is meant to satisfy your needs. With a 14-inch profile, this mattress looks luxurious and offers royal comfort at a rather reasonable price.

Best Budget Pick - Endy

Endy mattress

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  • medium firm;
  • all-foam construction;
  • removable cover;
  • open-cell foam technology.

The last model I want to mention in my review of the best online mattresses in Canada is the Endy. And here’s what you need to know right away: 

Just because this is a more affordable option, it doesn’t mean that the Endy is inferior.

The truth is, this is a great mattress. The Endy uses proprietary foam and has a medium-firm feel, around 6.5-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It allows a decent amount of sinkage, especially when lying on your back or side. This contributes to pressure relief and makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. yet, don’t expect the same level of contouring as memory foam mattresses offer.

Now, the top layer has an open-cell design. Combined with a breathable cover, it ensures proper air circulation and keeps you comfortably cool during the night. This is a very pleasant bonus, given the fact that foam beds typically sleep hot.

Bottom line:

Many mattress reviews in Canada would attribute this model to the low-cost category, which makes it a good option for people on a budget. However, the Endy has more to offer. This is a well-made, comfortable mattress that has all the chances to improve your sleep quality.

How to Pick the Best Mattress in a Box

When it comes to finding the absolute best mattress in a box in Canada, there’s one little secret you should know.

You just need to find a model that would suit your specific needs. It’s that simple.

You see, because our bodies are different, we have different requirements when it comes to sleep. So, the main goal here is to find what works for us.

Now, different types of mattresses can be suitable for different sleepers. 

Let’s take a closer look at each.

Memory Foam

Being one of the most popular types, memory foam mattresses offer that pleasant hugging feel that so many of us like. What makes this material so comfortable for sleep is its ability to adjust to the shape of one’s body. Memory foam cradles the protruding parts of the body and helps reduce the tension in pressure points. It allows sufficient sinkage while keeping the spine in a neutral position. 

However, because foam has its “memory”, it might start tearing and wearing off in the spots of the most frequently applied pressure.

The good news is, you can delay that by regularly rotating your mattress.

Now, we all know that memory foam tends to sleep hot. The material itself does not contribute to air circulation. Additionally, let’s not forget about that famous hugging feel. 

Here’s the kicker, though:

Many manufacturers use foam with an open-cell structure, which helps with thermoregulation. Additionally, it is common to infuse foam with gel for a cooling effect.

Along with memory foam, some mattresses use polyurethane foam. These two materials are chemically related and share some features, such as an ability to conform to body curves. Yet, polyfoam has quicker response and feels bouncier and cooler than memory foam.


Coil mattresses are probably the oldest type of beds. However, don’t confuse them with the squeaky old-school horror we all remember. Modern manufacturers use high-quality coils and pocketed designs to eliminate the noise while ensuring comfort, support, and air circulation. 

Innerspring beds typically have strong edges, which enlarges the sleeping space. They offer bouncy support and have responsive surfaces. This means they are not that great in terms of motion isolation but allow for easy moving around the mattress surface. 

Here’s the good news:

Innerspring mattresses are usually sold at very affordable prices. They are also great for temperature regulation since the coils allow for unobstructed air circulation. This type of mattress is great for stomach and back sleepers since it provides a great deal of bounce and firmer support.


If you are looking for a more natural option, you should definitely consider a latex mattress. But keep in mind that there are both synthetic and natural latex mattresses out there, which means you need to read the “fine print” before purchasing. Another thing you should know is that most latex mattresses are delivered in their full size. So, it might be challenging to find a latex mattress shipped in a box.

Now, latex mattresses have a unique feel. They offer great pressure-relieving properties but not that much sinkage (especially when compared to foam models). At the same time, latex has a springy structure, which makes such mattresses quite bouncy and responsive. 

It gets better:

This type is great for people who hate sleeping hot. Latex allows for natural air circulation and, again, doesn’t hug the body as closely as memory foam does. These mattresses tend to be more durable than foam and innerspring beds. However, keep in mind that latex models are typically more expensive and heavier. 

It’s always a good idea to invest in a mattress protector, especially if the cover is non-removable. This will help prolong its life and keep it fresh at all times.


The name speaks for itself: 

A hybrid is a combination of materials. 

In most cases, such mattresses have an innerspring base layer. As for the comfort layers, here’s where it gets interesting.

Hybrid mattresses allow you to pick exactly what you need according to your personal requirements. Some models use such combinations as pocketed coils + latex, pocketed coils + foam, innerspring block + gel foam + wool, and so on. The list of options can be endless.

So, the choice is entirely up to you. But with so many options comes the main drawback:

You can’t always know how this or that combo will work in the long term for you personally. That’s why don’t forget to do your research and check mattress reviews for every model you are considering.

Many hybrid models have a pillow-top design. The pillow-top part is either sewn into the cover or placed on top of the mattress, hence the name. These mattresses have a very luxurious feel (and look, for that matter). The pillow-top usually adds some plush to balance out the supportive core of the mattress.

Air Mattresses

If you want to buy a mattress in a box, you might want to consider air mattresses as well. Although they are mostly used as a temporary bed, they may offer good comfort and support levels at a very low price. 

Now, airbeds are super portable and allow users to adjust the firmness level by simply deflating or inflating the mattress. 

It gets better:

There are models that allow for adjustments on two sides, which makes them suitable for couples who have different preferences in terms of firmness. 

Body Weight and Mattress Firmness

You can read different mattress reviews from users in Canada that describe the same model in so many different ways. Some people can praise it, others might complain a lot.

Why does it happen, you may ask? Because one bed can work differently for each specific body type.

That’s why it is so important to get the right firmness when shopping for a suitable mattress in a box in Canada. Here are the general tips you should consider:

  • Average sleepers, between 150 and 250 pounds. Generally, such people enjoy medium-firm mattresses, especially back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers require a bit more cushion, so it’s better to go with the medium firmness.
  • Lightweight sleepers, less than 150 pounds. Petite users need softer mattresses to enjoy the balanced combo of cradling and support. Consider getting yourself a mattress that would be around 3-5 on the firmness scale.
  • Heavier sleepers, more than 250 pounds. Larger individuals oftentimes sink through the comfort layers and hit the support core, which causes unnatural curves in the spine and generally feels quite uncomfortable. To enjoy stronger support and decent contouring, it’s better to get a firm mattress, something around 7.5-8 on the firmness scale.

Keep in mind that every mattress has a break-in period, especially if we are talking about memory foam. It might feel uncomfortable or too firm at first, but after a few nights, it will adjust to your body and the overall feel will change. That’s when you can decide whether you want to keep the mattress or not.

Suitable Firmness for Your Sleeping Position

To get the most out of your new mattress, you need to pick the firmness level that is suitable for your specific sleeping position. Now, this may vary from user to user depending on personal preferences, but here are the general rules:

  • Side sleepers. Since this position requires good pressure relief and a decent amount of cradling for the protruding parts (hips and shoulders), the best option would be a soft mattress. If you are a heavier sleeper, a medium one will work.
  • Back sleepers. A medium or medium-firm mattress will provide enough cushioning for your hips and buttocks while keeping the spine in a neutral position.
  • Stomach sleepers. For this sleeping position, you will require stronger support. Your mattress should be firm or at least medium-firm to prevent the pelvis from sinking in.
  • Combination sleepers. If you tend to change positions while sleeping, you might enjoy a medium-firm mattress the most. Something not too firm and not too soft will be able to give you balanced support throughout the night.


When it comes to sleep, the most important component is your mattress.

Your mattress alone can either save or ruin your night’s rest.

Thankfully, we have 6 great options to choose from! And if I had to pick only one, it would definitely be the Douglas. This mattress offers an effective combo of comfort, quality, and price. It’s great for both pressure relief and support. The Douglas would be perfect for side, back, and combination sleepers, which is a great percentage of shoppers. Such a universally comfortable mattress deserves your attention.

Are you ready to make a choice? Which mattress caught your attention? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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