Puffy Mattress Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Puffy Mattress

Looking for a new mattress is never easy. It’s even more challenging when the competition online is so fierce. Choosing the right one, and knowing whether your choice is correct, can be a time-consuming challenge.

Our mattress of choice today may solve all the online competitive chaos.

The Puffy mattress is well-known in Canada and internationally as a comfortable, reliable mattress. Many sleepers praise the Puffy mattress, but we wanted to see if that praise was sincere and if the Puffy is worth all the hype. That’s why we will review the Puffy mattress in-depth and analyze how it performs regarding quality sleep.

Let’s dive in.

Puffy Mattress Review

Puffy Mattress Review: Our Rating

10Edge Support
9.5Motion Transfer
9.5Sex (Sinkage + Edge Support + Cooling / 3)
9.44Overall Score

Puffy Mattress Review: Construction and Design

The Puffy mattress has a simple yet intuitive construction that I will break down in my review. Its cover is made from a blend of polyester and lycra. Lycra is known to be a stretchy material, so I was happy to see the cover had a good stretch when I pulled on it.

In addition to being stretchy and breathable, the cover is stain-resistant and removable. I could take the cover off using zippers in under 10 seconds and pop it in the wash. My bed felt fresher for a longer time during the testing period.

Puffy Mattress cover
Puffy Mattress cover

The mattress has a total height of 10 inches, with its first layer consisting of 2 inches of Cooling Cloud gel memory foam. This layer is cradling and soft and can draw away heat. I found this layer highly adaptive and closely conformed to my body. “Our tester reported that the Puffy mattress felt similar to sleeping in a marshmallow. There was heavy contouring and a plush memory foam feel,” said Lindsay Boyers, a contributor to USNews.

The second layer is 2 inches of ClimateComfort foam, which is slightly firmer. I noticed this layer helped reduce the feeling of being trapped in ‘quicksand,’ as some memory foam mattresses are known for.

The final layer of the Puffy mattress is a 6-inch firm support core made of high-density foam. This layer increases the overall integrity of the bed. I noticed this layer helped keep me even on a smooth sleeping surface.

Puffy Mattress construction
Puffy Mattress construction

Unboxing and Off-Gassing of the Puffy Mattress

The mattress's off-gassing period can affect how enjoyable a bed is to use immediately. The Puffy mattress, though, has a moderately short off-gassing period and no overbearing smell.

After receiving my Puffy mattress, I removed it from its plastic and let it decompress on my slatted frame for about 24 hours before using it. After releasing it from its packaging, I noticed some initial ‘new mattress’ smell. However, it wasn’t too powerful and dissipated in under 24 hours. I had the Puffy in a well-ventilated room, so the off-gassing period may take longer in a closed room.

In comparison, the Puffy was faster to off-gas than the Novosbed mattress by half a day, making the Puffy slightly better in terms of the initial unpackaging and off-gassing stage.

Taking about 24 hours to completely off-gas is moderately fast, so I gave the Puffy mattress a rating of 9 for this category.

Firmness of the Puffy Mattress

Firmness determines how a bed feels overall in terms of comfort and pressure relief. From my tests, the Puffy mattress has a good blend of comfort and support, with slightly more emphasis on softness. It felt like a 6.5 on the firmness scale, which is medium-firm. I sank into the soft upper layers and was well-rested against the firmer base layers.

The Puffy was slightly softer than the Novosbed mattress, which I noted to feel about 0.5 points softer. This makes the Puffy the better option for a more traditional memory foam feel.

Due to the soft yet supportive cradling of the Puffy, I gave it a rating of 10 for firmness.

Puffy Mattress firmness
Puffy Mattress firmness

Puffy Mattress Review: Cooling

The cooling quality of a mattress is vital in restful sleep, as coolness can keep night sweats away. Even hot sleepers can find relief if a bed exhibits good cooling qualities. From my tests, the Puffy mattress does an excellent job of keeping a person cool.

I recorded 23.8 degrees Celsius on the surface of the Puffy after lying on it. I also found my temperature remained neutral throughout the night, and I never felt uncomfortable due to a heat build-up. This is a decent test result, making the Puffy one of the best cooling mattresses in Canada.

Between the two models, The Puffy had better cooling by 5.2 degrees than the Novosbed. That makes the Puffy the better option for keeping your temperature neutral.

Overall, I found the Puffy cool enough and rated it 9.5.

Sinkage of the Puffy Mattress

Sinkage is crucial for a mattress to feel comfortable, redistribute weight, and relieve pressure. The more sinkage a bed has, the better chances it has of creating that ‘weightless’ feeling memory foam is known for. Luckily, I found the Puffy had excellent sinkage.

I recorded 2.5 inches of sinkage while lying down, enough for encompassing body hug and cradling. I found the top layer compressed considerably under my weight and adjusted moderately quickly to my weight and pressure, spreading my weight over a wider area. This incredible sinkage makes the Puffy one of the best memory foam mattresses in Canada.

The Puffy had more sinkage than the Novosbed by 0.58 inches, making the Puffy the better option for slow-adaptive, deep pressure relief.

Due to its deep sinkage and good pressure relief, I gave the Puffy a solid 10 for sinkage. “The memory foam in the Puffy is cushioning and pressure-relieving. Sleepers who find themselves in pain often prefer pressure-relieving mattresses like the Puffy,” explained Jackson Lindeke, the Executive Director at Sleep Foundation.

Response of the Puffy Mattress

Response ties closely to how effective a mattress can make changing positions easy. A slow response offers better pressure relief but makes movement restrictive. The Puffy mattress offers a blended response time, the best of both worlds that doesn’t restrict movement but still has slow-adaptive conformity.

I recorded 1.7 seconds for the foam to recover from compressions fully. From my tests, I found it body-hugging and slow-adaptive while keeping me moderately free for most sleeping position changes.

Between the two, the Puffy has a slower response time than the Novosbed by 0.8 seconds. That makes the Puffy the better option for slow-adaptive, body-cradling comfort.

For an excellent, well-balanced response level, I gave the Puffy a rating of 9.5 in this category.

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Puffy Mattress: Bounce

Bounce is vital for a mattress to quickly move around in, affecting position changes and fast movement. The Puffy performs okay in this category, as its slow-adaptive layers and all-foam nature make it less springy than a hybrid mattress.

I recorded a bounce difference of 0.9 inches after the initial compression, which is very low. From my tests, I found the Puffy to feel less responsive to movements, which made fast movements slightly more challenging.

Due to the low bounce rate, I gave the Puffy an 8.5 in this category.

Edge Support of the Puffy Mattress

Edge support affects a mattress’s overall surface area and how secure the edges feel. Too soft of edges means there is a risk of accidentally falling out of bed. Luckily, the Puffy has excellent edge support.

From my tests, the Puffy had 2.4 inches of sinkage, less than the maximum of 4 inches recommended for this test. I felt stable and secure on the edges, without risk of falling out, even if I was lying down.

Comparatively, the Puffy had better edge support than the Novosbed by 1.7 inches, making it slightly more stable when sitting or lying down near the edge.

Due to Puffy’s effective edge support, I gave the Puffy a solid 10 for this category.

Edge support of the Puffy Mattress
Edge support of the Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress Review: Motion Transfer

Motion transfer helps muffle motion from traveling across the bed, which is useful for couples or if you share the bed with a pet. A too-firm mattress has the issue of letting you feel every jostle from a partner. The Puffy, however, has excellent motion isolation that absorbs most tossing and turning.

From my review, the Puffy mattress had 2.5 inches between the glass and compression tests. My partner noticed minimal motion transfer during the night while I was changing positions, but it wasn’t enough to disturb their sleep. So, overall, the Puffy absorbs most minor movements and muffles more significant movements. That makes the Puffy a good option for couples and one of the best mattresses in Canada for motion transfer.

When compared, the Puffy is similar to the Novosbed regarding isolating motion. The Puffy had 0.5 inches less isolation than the Novosbed. However, a slight difference like this still makes the Puffy a viable option for couples. 

Overall, the Puffy performed well in the motion transfer test, so I rated it 9.5.

Puffy Mattress motion transfer
Puffy Mattress motion transfer

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Puffy Mattress: Performance for Sex

Performance for sex directly correlates to the combined sinkage, edge support, and cooling scores, as these mainly affect how well a mattress responds to movement across the top of the bed, and how cool an active couple stays. The Puffy mattress performs moderately well in this category. It has excellent sinkage, reliable edges, and enough coolness to keep couples' temperatures neutral. I found it had just enough response to allow for moderately fast movements.

The Puffy outperformed the Novosbed by 2.5 points in this category as I considered the Puffy's coolness to impact the Puffy’s performance positively. However, both mattresses are still good options regarding performance for sex.

Considering these scores, the Puffy earned 9.5 from me for this category.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

The Puffy mattress’s comfort heavily depends on a sleeper’s weight, position, and softness preference. The Puffy is a softer mattress, so it is better suited to those who enjoy cradling comfort and deep sinkage. 

I will review the Puffy mattress in every position so you can better understand if the Puffy suits you. As a reference, I am an average-weight sleeper.

Side Sleepers 

I noticed a significant amount of compressions while on my side. This led to excellent cradling and weight redistribution that kept my shoulder and hips free of tension. I was most comfortable on my side without sacrificing support. The Puffy is a mattress I would consider to be one of the best mattresses for side sleepers in Canada.

Lightweight sleepers will enjoy sleeping on their side, as the Puffy is soft enough to cradle them effectively. Heavier sleepers may find the Puffy sinks in too much. However, this is dependent on preference.

Side sleeping on the Puffy Mattress
Side sleeping on the Puffy Mattress

Back Sleepers

Sleeping on my back was a pleasant experience, as I had enough support for my spine. My hips sank slightly, but my spine was still in a straight enough line to feel comfortable.

Lightweight and average-weight sleepers should feel comfortable on their back with support and cushioning that fills the lumbar area. Heavier sleepers over 230 pounds may sink too deeply to feel comfortable. However, it’s not too much of an impact to disturb sleep quality.

Stomach Sleepers

The Puffy felt soft on my stomach, as this position requires lots of support. I noticed my hips sank in too much for me to feel 100% comfortable on my stomach.

Lightweight sleepers should find the Puffy is supportive enough for them to feel comfortable on their stomachs. Average and heavy-weight sleepers over 130 pounds may find the Puffy to feel too soft for adequate stomach-sleeping support.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersI was well-cradled on my side, with my shoulders and hips free of tension. The extra sinkage redistributed my weight nicely.
Back SleepersI had enough support for my back to feel even, aligned, and supported. There was enough cradling to help envelope my body pleasantly.
Stomach SleepersI found the Puffy was too soft for stomach sleeping and wasn’t as comfortable as I would like.

Other Important Information 

Other important information to consider with the Puffy mattress includes:

  • It’s warranty.
  • Sleep trial.
  • Shipping and delivery.
  • And its certifications.

Puffy Mattress Warranty

The Puffy mattress has a lifetime warranty covering you as long as you own the mattress. It covers manufacturer defects such as a broken zipper or indents in the foam that are deeper than 1.5 inches.

The Puffy has a slightly different warranty than the Novosbed. It is a more extended warranty, while the Novosbed’s warranty is only suitable for 15 years. However, the Novosbed’s warranty covers indents greater than 1 inch, less deep than the Puffy’s warranty by 0.5 inches.

Puffy Mattress Sleep Trial

The Puffy mattress comes with a 101-night sleep trial. This allows you to try the mattress risk-free to see if it fits. If you find it’s not as comfortable as you would like, you can return it within the trial period.

The Puffy has a trial slightly shorter than the Novosbed, as the Novosbed’s trial is for 120 nights. However, both trials are long enough to allow you to get to know your mattress before deciding whether to keep or return it.

Puffy Mattress Shipping and Delivery

Puffy offers free shipping on their mattresses throughout Canada. This also includes returns. If you need to return the mattress, you don’t incur any additional or hidden fees in the shipment.

This is similar to the Novosbed as they also offer free shipping in populated areas within Canada. However, the Novosbed also provides free shipping Canada and USA-wide.

Puffy Mattress Certifications

The Puffy mattress holds a CertiPUR-US® certification. That means it’s free of harmful substances such as ozone depleters and heavy metals and low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds.) This makes the mattress safer for everyday use and to be used by children.

Similarly, the Novosbed also carries a CertiPUR-US® certification, so both mattresses are considered safe for your home and family.


Finding a new mattress for your home doesn’t have to be time-consuming or challenging. We have broken down the features of the Puffy mattress in our review. We have found its motion isolation is great for couples and has excellent edge support to keep you stable. The Puffy also offers excellent sinkage.

I found I was incredibly comfortable on my side during my review of the Puffy mattress, as the sinkage helped to cradle and ease my joints. Even on my back, I was cushioned and well-balanced between the conforming top layers and firmer base. Overall, the Puffy is a mattress well-suited to everyday use in your home for years.

Still have questions about the Puffy mattress? Alex Savy, the Co-Founder and Chief Editor at Comfynorth has reviewed countless sleep products with over 4 years in the industry and can help you find what you’re looking for. Reach out through email at [email protected]. When emailing Alex, include your full name and phone number or email address.

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