Novosbed Mattress Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Novosbed mattress

Novosbed is a famous mattress manufacturer renowned for producing quality mattresses and bedding accessories. At first glance, their memory foam mattress looks and feels like quality. The construction feels sturdy enough to rival any mattress on the market. 

This mattress offers the body-hugging benefits we’ve all come to like from memory foam mattresses while providing ample support to prevent your body from sinking too deeply. Today, I’ll delve deep into the Novosbed mattress review in detail and highlight sleepers that will most benefit from this mattress.


Cover Novosbed mattress

The first thing we’ll be discussing in this Novosbed mattress review is the cover. The cover of the Novosbed mattress is a valuable component that adds an extra layer of plushness to the mattress. The Tencel cover felt soft and cool to the touch during my tests.
Tencel is an eco-friendly fabric that feels soft and breathable. Unlike other mattresses I have reviewed, the cover on the Novosbed mattress is removable and machine washable. This means you can keep your mattress cover looking clean, which is especially useful if you have kids or pets.

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The Novosbed mattress is constructed using four foam layers: a comfort layer, a contour layer, a pressure relief layer, and a support layer.

The comfort layer is made of 2 inches of Airflow foam. This material conforms around the body like memory foam but with better air circulation properties. The Airflow foam has been engineered to circulate air better than conventional memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are known for trapping heat. Fortunately, the Airflow layer ensures a cooler sleeping experience.  

Next up is the transition layer. This 2-inch memory foam layer provides even more contouring, relieving tension and pressure points. This layer gently transfers weight to other mattress layers, cradling tender joints and bones.

In my opinion, this bed might be helpful if you suffer  back or shoulder pain.

This layer is thicker than the comfort layer and sits above the dense support layer. During my review, I found that this layer made the Novosbed feel more supportive while providing extra contouring.

Lastly, the support layer provides most of the support and stability on the Novosbed mattress. The 7-inch support layer is made using dense poly-foam, the thickest foam layer on the Novosbed.  This layer provides a supportive base for the three layers above it.  

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Firmness novosbed mattress

I tested three firmness levels on the Novosbed mattress: soft, medium, and firm. If you're a lover of soft mattresses, you may be better served buying the soft Novosbed. After my tests, I would rate the soft Novosbed 4/10 on the firmness scale (with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest).  

Next, the medium Novosbed mattress scored 5/10 on the firmness scale. This firmness level is the most common and appeals to most sleeper types. Lastly, the firm Novosbed scored 6/10 on the firmness scale. This firmness level felt medium firm with above-average sinkage. 

Ultimately, if you prefer sleeping 'in' rather than 'on' your mattress, I think the soft or medium Novosbed would be best. Both of these options provide more body-contouring than the firm option. As you sink into the mattress's surface, the top comfort layer will gently conform to your body frame, relieving built-up pressure points. Also, remember that memory foam mattresses become firmer in colder weather and softer in hot weather. 

Edge Support

Novosbed mattress edge support

The Novosbed mattress features an all-foam construction with no added support on the mattress' perimeter. As a result, the edge support on the Novosbed mattress felt average.

The edge of the Novosbed sank slightly when I laid on it, limiting the sleeping area I could comfortably sleep on.

If you want a memory foam mattress with better edge support, the firm Novosbed mattress will be your best option. The added firmness offers better edge support than many buyers will like.  However, I think lighter sleepers may not experience too many issues with the edge support on all models of the Novosbed mattress.

Motion Transfer

During my review, the Novosbed exhibited impressive motion transfer. I could barely feel the movements of my review partner during testing, and the Novosbed mattress isolated most of the movement. This is good news for light sleepers who easily wake up when sleeping beside another person. All four foam layers on the Novosbed mattress work together to limit the motion transfer to other parts of the mattress. The Novosbed mattress reduces the chances of waking up at the slightest budge.
In addition, the memory foam layers on the Novosbed mattress make this mattress easy to move across. However, the soft firmness option is harder to move on because it sinks deeper than the medium and firm options. As a result, you may experience more difficulty changing positions or moving around on the mattress.
Furthermore, because this memory foam mattress isn't as responsive as an innerspring mattress, it may not be the best option for sex. The responsiveness of a mattress refers to how quickly it recovers shape after being pressed. Basically, how quickly does the mattress return to its initial form? The Novosbed's comfort and transition layers feature memory foam that doesn't bounce back as quickly as innerspring or hybrid mattresses.

The memory foam comfort and transition layers translate to the mattress being silent, but the below-average bounce may put off some couples. For this reason, I don't think the soft Novosbed mattress will be great for sex because of its slow responsiveness. However, the medium and firm options will provide better results.

Sleeping Position Compatibility

Some mattresses are better suited to certain sleeping positions than other mattresses. Certain sleeping positions require more mattress firmness or cushioning than other positions. Let’s discuss if the Novosbed mattress is compatible with side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers

  • Side sleepers. From experience, side sleepers usually require a mattress that conforms around your body because the shoulders and hips are known pressure points that require sufficient cradling. If the mattress is too firm, you will feel more pressure around your shoulders and hips.
    Thankfully, the Novosbed cradled my body well during my review. Moreover, the cradling memory foam offered impressive sinkage around my pressure points. The Novosbed comes in three firmness levels. I tested the soft option and I think lightweight sleepers weighing 130 pounds or less will like how the mattress feels.
    On the other hand, the medium-firm felt perfect for my frame. I think this option is best for sleepers weighing between 130-250 pounds. The firmest option felt a bit too firm for me and I think this is the best option if you weigh over 250 pounds.

Side sleeping position Novosbed mattress

  • Back sleepers. The Novosbed’s mattress gently conformed around my body when I slept on my back. The memory foam layers contour around my hips, relieving pressure points around my hips. As mentioned earlier, your weight determines the most suitable firmness for you.
    “I think back sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds will prefer the soft Novosbed mattress because of the extra cushioning.” In my opinion, the medium option will appeal to most sleepers over 130 pounds. I liked this firmness level and it supported my frame without feeling too soft or hard. The firm Novosbed is another option I would suggest to sleepers weighing over 130 pounds. In my opinion, the firm Novosbed option offers the best support for most people who sleep on their backs.
  • Stomach sleepers. In my expert opinion, stomach sleepers require more support than other sleeping types. Sleeping on your stomach can cause neck and back strain if you don’t sleep on a mattress with the ideal support and firmness.
    When I tested the Novosbed for stomach sleeping, the soft option sank too much and I didn’t feel comfortable. The medium firm option also felt soft and I didn’t feel comfortable with the way my torso sank into the bed. Lastly, the firm option felt just right for my body and I think most sleepers will prefer this option.

Other Important Information

There are other impressive features and benefits the Novosbed mattress has on offer. For one, the Novosbed bed is CertiPUR-US® Certified and has been tested to be free of toxic chemicals that can hurt you. 

Secondly, this mattress manufacturer offers a 120-day sleep trial so you can test the mattress’ features and see if you like them. If you don't think the firmness is right for you after 30 nights, Novosbed will send you a free Comfort+ kit to help adjust the mattress feel. After 60 nights, you can return the Novosbed mattress for a full refund if it still doesn't feel right.

In addition to the 120-day sleep trial, this mattress comes with a 15-year warranty which is among the longest I’ve come across. The Novosbed mattress is also compatible with adjustable beds for extra versatility.

Keep in mind that the Novosbed mattress may emit off-gassing odors. Residual odors from manufacturing usually cause off-gassing. Because of its comfort layer and breathable cover, the Novosbed may have some initial odors.

Off-gassing odors aren't a big deal for most homeowners. However, if you have a sensitive nose, it would be best to air the mattress outside before placing it in your room. From experience, you should expect any foreign odors to dissipate within three days.

I was also impressed by the temperature regulation on the Novosbed Mattress. The Novosbed's comfort layer contains next-generation Airflow memory foam, which allows for better air circulation than regular memory foam. 

Therefore, you can still relax on this mattress if you're a hot sleeper. In addition, the Tencel cover feels cool to the touch and features moisture-wicking properties to dissipate moisture. However, it's important to note that the soft Novosbed may retain heat more than the medium and firm options because it sinks deeper, cradling the body even more.  

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Overall, I felt that the Novosbed mattress offered a comfortable sleeping surface with a responsive memory foam construction that hugged my body, relieving tension around my joints. I think buyers will like the variety the three firmness options offer. On the flip side, heavy sleepers weighing over 250 pounds may get better value sleeping on a firmer mattress. The all-foam construction of the Novosbed means it can’t support too much weight.   

Hopefully, you found this Novosbed mattress review helpful. Do you still want to know more about the Novosbed mattress? Kindly leave any questions in the comment box below. I’ll be glad to help!

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