Linenspa 3 Inch Mattress Topper Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Linenspa 3 Inch Mattress Topper Review

Mattress toppers are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to alter the firmness of a mattress. In doing this, they also elongate the mattress’s lifespan. One of the widely acclaimed toppers is the Linespa 3-inch mattress topper. Today, I will be writing about my Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper review. After conducting a series of tests, I have curated a list of the Linenspa 3-inch advantages and drawbacks to help readers make an informed decision. Let’s dive in.

Linespa 3-inch Mattress Topper Review

Construction and Design

The Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper is made of gel-infused polyurethane memory foam. Memory foam is known for its high conformity, motion isolation, and heat retention, so the inclusion of gel in its construction is good. The three inches thickness provides noticeable height for a mattress profile, so you might consider this concerning getting on and off the bed. 

I didn’t like that the design doesn’t include any holds or skirts that can help keep the topper on the bed; however, this won’t be much of a problem if you are not a restless sleeper. Furthermore, this topper is made for mattress sizes from twin to Cal king, although I will review the queen-sized Linenspa mattress topper. Finally, it comes in a blue color that I find welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.

Unboxing and Off-gassing

After I took delivery of the Linenspa Topper, I noticed it had negligible levels of off-gassing. Considering that I stayed with it to note the expansion rate, I noticed zero off-gassing. As for the expansion, this topper expanded over halfway in three hours. Although I could use it on the first night, it took around 24 to 48 hours to hit the optimal size.


Linespa 3-inch Mattress Topper firmness
Linespa 3-inch Mattress Topper firmness

After unboxing during my Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper review, I noticed the sinking feeling this mattress topper has. I wouldn’t say it is so plushy, but it gives easily. Laying on it, it provided me with a comfy feel. Although a mattress topper's firmness largely depends on the sleeper, I will rate the Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper firmness as lower medium-firm. In summary, this topper will soften a firm mattress for you but won’t make much difference to a plush mattress. The bounce and good give of this topper further explain how firm this topper felt.

Firmness and density go hand in hand. One way I use to determine the right firmness for me is by using the mattress’ ILD rating. The ILD rating of the topper points towards its optimal weight category.

Bounce and Give

The Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper has little bounce, although it is made from polyurethane foam. While testing, I noticed that it gives easily and makes movement a bit restrictive, hence the low bounce. On the flip side, the lack of bounce makes it comfier, a feature you might appreciate in cooler weather. 

Motion Transfer

When reviewing mattress toppers, I like to point out their motion transfer features because it is crucial to undisturbed sleep whether you are a partnered sleeper or not. It is a prominent feature of the best mattress toppers in Canada.

Regarding the Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper motion transfer, I think it is not one of its strongest features. The motion sink works well for small or average-weight sleepers on either side of the bed, but heavy sleepers will experience high amounts of motion transfer. So sleeping partners with significant weight differences or sleepers who tend to place weighty materials on their mattresses might not enjoy this mattress topper.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Moving into the crux of my Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper review, I experimented with sleeping on this mattress in different positions, and here is what I think about its performance. First, I must mention that this topper responds well to pressure, meaning it acutely hugs the body's pressure points. 

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping on the Linespa 3-inch Mattress Topper
Side sleeping on the Linespa 3-inch Mattress Topper

The first position I slept in while testing was on my side, and I have to say the Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper performed better than I expected. It was responsive to my pressure points and even cradled them so that I felt zero discomforts while resting. Personally, I think side sleepers have the most to gain from this topper. 

Back Sleepers

Back sleeping on the Linespa 3-inch Mattress Topper
Back sleeping on the Linespa 3-inch Mattress Topper

Keeping up with my Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper review, I tried resting on my back to note any discomfort and got the same excellent result as sleeping on my side. The foam dipped right around my mid-region and upper back to keep my spine aligned, providing me with a comfortable rest. I also think back sleepers can get good value from the Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper. 

Stomach Sleepers

Finally, I tried sleeping on my stomach and immediately noticed discomfort around my mid-region extending towards my lower back. This is because my mid-region dipped, making my sleeping position unnatural. Except you are light weighted, this topper might not be right for you if you are a back sleeper. 

Other Important Information

Here are some other features I looked out for when I reviewed the Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper.


While testing the Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper, I noted it had good thermoregulation. It wasn't always cool to the touch, but it also didn't feel hot after spending hours on it. The gel beads embedded in this topper do their job by diffusing the concentration of heat. However, I think that an overload of heat, maybe in hot weather or due to a couple of sleepers in hot weather, can make it sleep hot.
As for the Linespa 3-inch mattress' breathability, I noticed that this topper has visible pores that I believe aids with heat dissipation. I recommend using it with a breathable cover to maximize its cooling features. 


The Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper provided good support for my body for a medium-firm mattress topper. The support was distributed correctly to make up for places with high pressure from the body. While sleeping on my side, I got the right upthrust in my pressure points to keep my body aligned with places with low pressure. However, I think that the support of this topper may be inadequate for heavy sleepers.

The support a mattress topper offers is still dependent on the mattress. Soft mattresses can’t complement a firm topper’s support. And this is why I recommend using toppers early in a mattress’s life cycle.


The Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper can be gotten from most platforms for less than $150. While it's not the cheapest 3-inch mattress topper available, it has a competitive price considering its value. It also comes with a 3-year warranty if you get it from the manufacturer's site. The only drawback is that you may need to spend extra on a topper cover.

Maintenance and Care

This topper can only be spot cleaned. I consider this a disadvantage, as spot cleaning is not a regular procedure. A stain-resistant cover can solve the issue of frequent spot cleaning. Also, there is a warning not to dry clean. 

One of the easiest ways to keep a topper fresh is by airing it out frequently. By doing this, I only have to spot clean occasionally.


To summarize my Linenspa 3-inch mattress topper review, I think this topper is good for both back and side sleepers of average weight as it will provide the needed give to align their body. Furthermore, it has one of the most attractive prices in the market considering the value on offer, although you may spend extra on covers. I don't like that it doesn't have a placeholder and can only be spot cleaned. Finally, its pressure-alleviating properties and tension-relieving features make it one of the best-valued toppers available.

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