The Summerhill Mattress Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
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The Summerhill Mattress Review

Since 2017, and with over three generations of family experience in the fur industry, Dozy has been delivering quality mattresses to the Greater Toronto Area for a long time.

Trusting a start-up company, especially one so new, can be challenging. A bed is a considerable investment, and you want to avoid ending up with a mattress you don’t like.

This is why I’ve looked closer at Dozy’s Summerhill mattress in my review. I will share all my findings, including how the mattress feels and which sleeper the mattress best suits, so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s dive in.

The Summerhill Mattress Review: Our Rating

8Edge Support
8.5Motion Transfer
8.66Sex (Sinkage + Edge Support + Cooling / 3)
8.85Overall Score

You can discover our methodology for testing mattresses here.

The Summerhill Mattress Review: Construction and Design

To begin my review of The Summerhill mattress, I’ll discuss its construction and design and what features stood out to me the most.

The Summerhill mattress comes with a textured and cool-to-the-touch quilted cover pillow top. It’s soft and has a bit of stretch, snapping back into place once I let go. 

Underneath is a layer of open-cell memory foam, which helps to encourage airflow. My compression tests denoted the surface was very responsive, similar to other hybrid mattresses I tested such as Ghostbed Luxe and slightly more responsive than The Osgoode mattress. You should be able to move across the surface of this layer quickly and not feel ‘stuck’ in the mattress. My compression tests also highlighted the sponginess of the comfort layers, which can lend itself well to cushioning and soft pressure relief.

In addition to this memory foam layer, The Summerhill hybrid uses a reinforced middle made of firmer foam. There’s a distinct difference between the soft top of the mattress versus the firmer centre. This difference can lend itself to better spinal support.

The base of The Summerhill consists of pocketed coils, which are pleasantly springy. Their white coils offer less resistance than their blue ones. They’re made separate from one another, so motion travels less with this model.

The Base of The Summerhill Mattress
The Base of The Summerhill Mattress

Along with coils, The Summerhill uses a high-density foam edge support that gives form and soft firmness to the edges. There’s a good bounce-back in foams like these, giving the impression it could support without a sleeper accidentally rolling out of bed.

Delivery and Off-Gassing of The Summerhill Mattress

The Dozy has a traditional method when it comes to delivering some of their best mattresses. The Summerhill hybrid comes as is, not in a box, so you’ll want to be available when the delivery arrives. 

This differs slightly from mattresses like the Puffy and the Douglas, which both arrive rolled up in a box for easier transport. The main difference between mattresses in a box and mattresses arriving is how easy it is to move them around and set them up.

If you don’t mind having a delivery team deliver a mattress inside your home, mattresses like The Summerhill are an excellent option.

The delivery process is very easy. Due to a lack of compression or a box, you can enjoy The Summerhill once the plastic wrap is removed.

Upon releasing the mattress from its plastic wrap, there may be a minor manufacturer smell. For a mattress like this, off-gassing will likely take a maximum of 2-3 hours. It can help to have the bed in a well-ventilated room, which assists in the off-gassing process.

Due to the almost absent off-gassing and ability to be used when it’s delivered rather than waiting for a few hours for the mattress when it’s the case with mattresses delivered in a box, I gave The Summerhill a rating of 9.5 in this category.

Firmness of The Summerhill Mattress: How Does it Feel?

A mattress's firmness determines its many other facets, like how much sinkage it will have and how pressure-relieving it will feel. Too soft mattresses can feel unsupportive, leading to an unnaturally curved spine. Luckily, The Summerhill leans towards a firmer feel.

Firmness of The Summerhill Mattress
Firmness of The Summerhill Mattress

From testing the mattress with various compressions, I concluded The Summerhill felt around a 7 on the firmness scale. This balanced feel is good for spinal support and soft enough for feeling pressure relief. This makes The Summerhill one of the best top-rated firm mattresses available in the GTA area.

The Summerhill Mattress Review: Cooling Features

The cooling of a mattress is essential to avoid waking up in a sweat repeatedly through a hot summer night.

The cool-to-the-touch cover and open-cell memory foam work together to draw heat away continually through the night. What stuck out to me the most was how refreshingly cool the mattress felt every time my hand moved to a different area of the mattress, earning a rating of 9.

The Summerhill Mattress’s Cover

From my tests, I got a feels-like of around 28-29 degrees Celsius, which was nice and cool on my hand and slightly cooler than The Osgoode mattress had. The  Summerhill was also cooler than another mattress I had previously tested, the GhostBed Luxe. It was cooler by around 3 degrees, making The Summerhill the better choice for hot sleepers and sleepers who prefer a cooler rest at night. However, it’s still less cooling than The Eight Sleep’s Pod.

Sinkage of The Summerhill Mattress

The tests of The Summerhill Mattress show the bouncy coils had pleasant resistance in them. Mixed with a quilted pillow top and soft foam, these allow for an even, balanced sinkage. This type of sinkage is excellent for relieving a sleeper’s body of pressure.

In light of my hand-done tests, I noted a sinkage of around 1.85 inches, which is well-balanced and may be good for relieving tension, earning a rating of 8.5.

Sinkage of The Summerhill Mattress

Response of The Summerhill Mattress

Response is all about being able to move freely on your mattress. High-quality mattresses can relieve pressure without making you feel like you’re sinking in ‘quicksand.’

Derived from my review of The Summerhill mattress, I could compress the top and watch it spring back nearly instantly, earning it an 9 for response. From my tests, I noted it took only 0.3 seconds for the mattress to bounce back from my compressions.

The Summerhill mattress was faster at bouncing back than the Novosbed by 0.6 seconds, meaning The Summerhill is better suited to sleepers who prefer a modern feel for their hybrid.

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The Summerhill Mattress: Bounce

The bounce of a mattress is crucial for fast movement and ties into response and how easy it is to move.

As noted from my test, I recorded a bounce of 7.2 inches in height. My compression tests would sink through the top comfort layer before being met with the resistance of the coils, balancing each other out for a springy, cushioning feel.

The Summerhill has slightly more bounce than the Doulgas by about 1.76 inches. That means The Summerhill better suits sleepers who need a responsive mattress for fast movement and response.

While testing, due to the coils and their springiness, this model has an excellent, balanced bounce that scored a 9.

Bounce of The Summerhill Mattress

Edge Support of The Summerhill Mattress: Is it Supportive?

The supportiveness of a mattress is defined by its edge. Poor-quality mattresses have deep sinkage past 4 to 4.5 inches, indicating it may be easier to fall out of bed with these. 

In my tests, The Summerhill mattress sank to around 3.5 inches due to its high-density foam perimeter. I could compress the edge comfortably enough and note the amount of sinkage wasn’t too much.

This leads me to believe the edge is supportive enough for sleepers to get in and out of bed without accidentally falling but not as good as the majority if memory foam mattresses have. This is why I give it a rating of 8.

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The Summerhill Mattress Review: Motion Transfer

Motion transfer mainly applies to couples or sleepers who share the bed and get easily disturbed by bumping and jostling at night.

Due to the cushioning of the comfort layers, I didn’t notice much shaking move across the bed when I did my compression tests. This leads me to believe this model has slightly higher motion isolation at about 3-inch absorption levels. This is high enough to absorb most tossing and turning from a partner.

Despite being a responsive hybrid mattress, The Summerhill had a quite low motion transfer but not as good as Douglas and other memory foam mattresses, earning a rating of 8.5 for motion transfer.

The Summerhill Mattress: Performance for Sex

Performance for sex is crucial for mattresses and heavily relies upon how they perform in bounce, cooling, and edge support. The Summerhill faired well in these three categories, but its score dipped slightly due to its edge support. 

Considering these categories, I gave The Summerhill an 8.66 for performance for sex. It will well suit active couples who need a bouncy, reliable surface.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

As with all mattresses, The Summerhill will feel different depending on weight, sleeping position, and personal preferences. This is why knowing your weight and preferences can help enormously before you choose a mattress. 

Below, I will break down how The Summerhill feels in each sleeping position so you can better understand how it would feel for you. For reference, I am an average-weight sleeper.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersMy compression tests were softer near the top where the shoulders would go, lending to the ease of sleep for side sleepers.
Back SleepersThe reinforced middle section of the mattress responded firmly to my compression tests, which can lead to sleepers feeling more support for their spine.
Stomach SleepersI noticed a good response during my compression tests of this model, which can denote enough support for stomach sleepers. However, I would have liked the pillow top to feel slightly firmer.

Other Important Information 

Before considering The Summerhill, there is some essential information to remember, like its price, 10-year warranty, 125-night sleep trial, and free delivery in Toronto.


The Summerhill comes at a competitive price. You can save at least $250 between The Summerhill and the Puffy mattress. Even though there is a price difference, it doesn’t mean The Summerhill is any less of quality.

The major difference between these models is that The Summerhill offers a responsive modem foam feel, while the Puffy offers a slow-adaptive, contouring foam feel.

Remembering this, The Summerhill is an excellent choice for sleepers wanting a responsive, bouncy hybrid model that is well-priced.

10-Year Warranty

The Summerhill, like most high-quality mattresses, comes with a lengthy warranty period of 10 years. This warranty covers manufacturer defects, such as an indentation greater than 1.5 inches, cracks in the foam, splits in the seams larger than 2 inches, or broken coils. 

Surprisingly, this warranty period is not as long as others I have seen. For example, the Puffy has a lifetime warranty, while the GhostBed Luxe boasts a warranty that is 15 years longer than  The Summerhill. Even the Douglas mattress has a warranty that is 10 years longer. 

Considering these, The Summerhill is good if you’re confident in a somewhat lengthy warranty period of 10 years. However, if you want the peace of mind that comes with longer warranties, another mattress like the Puffy may suit you better.

125-Night Sleep Trial

Good mattresses offer some time for you to try it out, risk-free, as it’s only after trying a mattress for a few weeks that you get a better feel if it suits you. There is a mandatory break-in of 60 nights as The Summerhill adapts to your body. However, after that, you can act on the trial.

Returns eligible for a full refund must remain unopened and be returned within 30 days of purchasing the product. This allows you to return the mattress if you change your mind a day later and haven't opened it yet.

Although they do not offer refunds for opened mattresses, you can freely exchange them at no extra charge within the Toronto and GTA area. This allows you to change the firmness to something better suited to you and helps to ensure your comfort.

The Summerhill offers a moderately good length of time to trial the mattress. It is longer than the Puffy and GhostBed Luxe’s trial by 24 nights. However, it is slightly shorter than the Douglas’ trial by 240 nights. This places The Summerhill nicely in the middle for trial periods and can offer peace of mind to sleepers who are unsure.

Free Delivery in Toronto

If you live in Toronto and the GTA, The Summerhill comes with free shipping at no extra charge. This also includes exchanges and returns. However, if you live outside of Toronto and the GTA, there is a slight incursion of shipping fees.

This isn’t as flexible as shipping from other mattresses. For example, the Douglas offers free shipping across Canada to most homes in metropolitan areas. That means The Summerhill is better suited to sleepers who live in the Toronto area.

It should also be noted that this model doesn’t come in the standard mattress-in-a-box that most sleepers expect. Instead, it is delivered as is in plastic wrap, without compression. This does make the delivery slightly more of a bulky procedure, but it leads to an overall more reliable mattress in the long-run.


Coming from a long line of knowledge and prestige in the mattress industry, Dozy’s The Summerhill aims to raise the bar regarding restful sleep.

From my review, The Summerhill mattress best suits fans of a firmer feel. The Summerhill is also an excellent option for sleepers who prefer a bouncy contour to their sleep.

What are your thoughts on The Summerhill mattress? Let us know in the comments below!

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