How to Hide an Adjustable Bed Frame

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Adjustable beds are not only trendy, but they’re also perfect for sleep, leisure, and work. Congratulations on being an early adopter, and you’re doing your well-being a massive favor by investing in one of them.

However, if you’re someone who enjoys a styled space, you’ll want to know how to hide an adjustable bed frame to make it look more fashionable. Of course, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your bedroom décor for a good night’s sleep.

The solution: Try the following five tips to hide an adjustable bed frame without compromising your bedroom design or sleep quality.

1. Bed Skirt

Using a bed skirt is probably the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way to conceal an adjustable bed frame. As the name suggests, a bed skirt wraps the bed frame and legs to hide it from sight. Furthermore, it won't interfere with the mechanism of the adjustable bed.

By placing a bed skirt under the mattress, you won't need to worry about changing the bed's look. On the contrary, it'll enhance the feel of the entire bedroom. Plus, you can find designs that fit your bedroom decor.

Bed skirts are also easy to remove for cleaning in the washing machine. You won't need to iron them because they don't wrinkle. Moreover, a bed skirt won't cause an allergic reaction. It's no wonder that using a bed skirt is the best way to hide an adjustable bed frame.

2. Bed Panels

Most modern adjustable beds will fit inside bed panels like a glove. Thus, you can place your adjustable bed frame inside one of those bed panels. This method is an excellent alternative to bed skirts because the bed panels offer a fresh look.

While it looks like a bed, the adjustable bed frame will be inside the bed panel. So, you can hide it from sight, and the bed panel will look natural. All the while, you protect your adjustable bed frame from accidents. The good news is: You’ll also get more room for small storage units like built-in drawers to store bedding items. All in all, it's a classy option that helps you maintain a low-profile adjustable bed frame.

3. Storage Units

Storage units can also help conceal an adjustable bed frame. Here's how it works: place an ottoman, cupboard, or cubes in front of the bed. Depending on the bed's position in the room, it'll create the impression of a regular bed. Onlookers won't notice what's behind because it'll hide the front-facing side of the bed.

Benches can also fulfill the same purpose. While the sides of the adjustable bed frame would still be visible, they'll be more challenging to notice. Plus, you'll get the added benefit of extra storage space for your stuff.

4. Headboard

If you want to know how to hide an adjustable bed frame, try using a headboard on top of the bed frame. It's a middle ground solution because it creates a visual focal point. Immediately, you won't notice the bed frame because your attention is drawn to the headboard.

Furthermore, you can decorate the headboard for an added effect. Moreover, you could utilize the headboard for extra storage. Luckily, the best adjustable beds in Canada are already equipped with fasteners. As a result, it'll be relatively easy to install your new headboard. Plus, you can choose the style and feel, enhancing your bedroom's overall design and look.

Switching a headboard
Switching a headboard

5. Put the Bed in a Different Position

The most affordable way to make your adjustable bed hidden in plain sight is to place it differently. Alternatively, place other pieces of furniture around it to create a different vantage point. As a result, you can make it feel less imposing and more fitting to your bedroom.


Why should you hide an adjustable bed frame?

An adjustable bed frame stands out, and not in a fun way. It doesn't look quite right—like a slump of metal in an otherwise perfectly decorated bedroom. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so you want it to be appealing to the eye. Therefore, finding a way to hide your adjustable bed frame will help maintain the room's style.


Adjustable beds are all the rage nowadays, and they'll continue to be. However, adjustable bed frames can be a significant blow to your bedroom's décor and overall design. These bed frames look like a lump of metal without the proper styling. Try the five tips included in this article before throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

We covered five different ways to hide an adjustable bed, including bed skirts, bed panels, and repositioning. In summary, bed panels might be more expensive, but it's arguably the best option. It'll provide a permanent home for the adjustable bed frame, protect it, and make it look much better.

Still have questions about how to hide an adjustable bed frame? Alex Savy, the Co-Founder and Chief Editor at Comfynorth has reviewed countless sleep products with over 4 years in the industry and can help you find what you’re looking for. Reach out through email at [email protected]. When emailing Alex, include your full name and phone number or email address.

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