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Written by: Alex Savy
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Sleep Country has a catchy slogan that shows why it's one of the top mattress firms in the sleep accessory industry in Canada.

“I think part of why they ask prospective customers "Why buy a mattress anywhere else" in radio ads and online marketing campaigns is their cost friendliness and after-sale services such as warranty and return policy.”

So, what are the Sleep Country return policy, conditions, and methods? Keep reading, and I'll tell you how you could (if at all) return a Sleep Country product.

Key takeaways

  • Products covered by the Sleep Country return policy include mattress protectors, mattress pads, pillows, bedding, and other small items.
  • The condition for a return policy to be fulfilled is that eligible products must be unused, unopened, and remain as purchased.
  • Sleep Country's mattresses come with a 100-night Comfort Guarantee. Customers can exchange it at a Sleep Country store within this timeframe.

What Products Come With the Sleep Country Return Policy?

What Products Come With the Sleep Country Return Policy

Most small parcel products from Sleep Country come with a return policy. Small parcel products include pillows, mattress pads, duvets, protectors, and sheets, among other small items that can be purchased from the brand. Large parcel products include mattresses, box springs, full beds, footboards, and headboards.

Specifically, products covered by the Sleep Country return policy include mattress protectors, mattress pads, pillows, beddings, and other small items the brand sells unused.

However, the return policy of Sleep Country doesn't cover large parcel products like bed frames, headboards, and footboards or any merchandise that is discounted. Note that small mattress sizes like the Twin models also qualify as large parcels.

Meanwhile, qualified parcels are qualified for a return as long as the conditions are met.

What is the Sleep Country mattress return policy?

Customers cannot return a mattress under Sleep Country's return policy as it qualifies as a large parcel. But the Sleep Country mattress return policy only allows them to send the product in for an exchange at a Sleep Country store after it's first ordered or bought them.

This policy can be enjoyed within 100 days after the product is purchased and received. The Sleep Country 100-day return policy is part of Sleep Country's Comfort Guarantee.

However, this offer comes with a $65 Exchange Fee for the delivery of the new product, which I think is on the high side. Also, you can only make this exchange once for an order.

"I think this means that consumers will not be able to make another exchange if, after you made the first exchange, you're still not satisfied and want to make another exchange."

Meanwhile, those who receive a defective or damaged product can contact Sleep Country within two days of the delivery for assistance.

"So, I'll advise buyers to always check the content of their deliveries whether it's complete or if there's a damage caused from the factory or by the delivery process."

"Those who're not sure they're getting an intact product can send that in. But remember there's also a 100-day sleep trial guarantee. This offers peace of mind knowing customers can return it whenever they want for an exchange if the quality isn't there."

Moreover, Sleep Country can help you remove your old mattress. But owners will receive a charge of about $15.75 for the return of a large parcel. Returned mattress products will be donated to the local charity, according to Sleep Country [1].

What is the Sleep Country pillow return policy?

Unlike mattresses and other heavy large parcel products, Sleep Country pillows, duvets, mattress protectors, and pads can be returned or exchanged for another product. The Sleep Country pillow return policy is, however, not the same for products like mattresses.

Pillows qualify as a small parcel product at Sleep Country, and you can return them within the first 30 days.

What is the Sleep Country pillow return policy

However, for this return policy to be honored by Sleep Country, the merchandise must remain unopened and unused. It must be in the original packaging and condition when it was delivered or bought. Also, the sales receipt has to be presented to have a return or exchange honored.


1. What are the Sleep Country return methods?

According to Sleep Country, customers can send back their products to the store for an exchange or return within the first 100 nights after purchase. But like the process by which you return a mattress to Amazon, customers can also contact Sleep Country to help ship it back to the store.

Also, for those who will be returning the products, refunds or balances that remain following an exchange will be refunded to the customer.

However, shipping fees (for the initial order) will be deducted from this refund. But if there is a balance due to you after products not similar in price or type are exchanged, customers will need to pay up.

2. What are Sleep Country's conditions for a return?

First, the product must be unused, unopened, and in its original packaging. Also, the receipt of the sale must be presented at the store. Large parcels like mattresses, headboards, footboards and other large items cannot be returned after purchase. But you can exchange them.


There is all that's needed to know about the Sleep Country return policy. "Although I know some would have preferred that they can return their mattresses for a refund, smaller products like pillows and duvets can be returned or exchanged."

Eligible Sleep Country products come with a 30 to 100-day return policy. That means whether you purchase the product in a Sleep Country store or make an order, customers are qualified for a return or exchange of the product from the day of purchase or delivery.

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