How to Ship a Mattress Across Canada

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Moving to a new place or sending a mattress as a gift? It might require shipping a mattress across Canada. However, if you’re not familiar with the intricacies of shipping a bed, the whole process can cause you much stress or even cause damage to your mattress. So, in this piece, I’ll show you how to ship a mattress within Canada without stress.

Key takeaways

  • To ship a mattress across Canada, you need the services of a logistics company. The process starts with you sending them your mattress measurements for a quote, and then you box up your mattress for pickup.
  • It might not be worth shipping a mattress across the country if it’s not in prime condition or if the delivery cost is higher than the mattress value.

Cost of shipping a mattress across Canada

The shipping price isn’t static, but between the cost of packaging materials (1) and the shipping charge, you can spend as low as $300 or more. The cost of shipping a mattress is determined by how far your destination is, how much weight and space your package occupies, and how quickly you want it delivered.

costs of shipping mattress


Long-distance shipping requires your mattress to spend more time on the road; the farther the destination, the higher the amount. 

Mattress weight

Depending on the weight and size, your mattress might incur additional shipping charges from couriers. Mattresses usually weigh between 40 and 150 pounds, although denser types like hybrid mattresses can weigh more.

Delivery urgency

If you want expedited/priority delivery, you’ll have to pay more than the regular shipping fees.

Step-by-step guide on how to ship your mattress

After deciding to ship a mattress, start by measuring your mattress to ascertain its weight and dimensions, then forward the specs to your courier to get a quotation. Once the price is set, proceed to package your mattress for the journey ahead and get it across to the shipping company.

If you can’t package your mattress yourself, you can choose a white glove service where the delivery company does the boxing for you for an extra charge.

To enjoy a hassle-free mattress shipping process, here are the four steps simplified:

How to ship your mattress

Step #1 - Measure your mattress

You need the specific measurements of your mattress to know the shipping specifications to hire. However, you can also go online to check for the dimensions and weight (or get an estimate) if your particular model is still on the market.

Step #2 - Get quotation 

While some companies require payment, you can get free quotes from other sources. The quotation will be based on your mattress measurements, destination, pickup type, and expected delivery date.

You should source multiple quotes before choosing; to get more flexibility on pricing and shipping terms.

Step #3 - Package and box your mattress

Before boxing your mattress, wrap it in a mattress encasement to protect against temperature, dust, and bugs. Then, place the mattress in a durable cardboard box; to further cushion it, fill the empty spaces with packing foam/package peanuts. Finally, seal the box with tape to make it airtight.
Soft mattresses might need special handling since they’re often less durable than firmer models.

A mattress in a mattress shipping box
A mattress in a mattress shipping box

Step #4 - Drop off/Pick up

The last step in shipping a mattress across Canada is meeting with the delivery company. You can either drop the mattress off at a selected location or have it picked up at your residence. It’s also important to know that the option you choose will impact your shipping cost.

Is it worth shipping a mattress?

It might not be worth shipping a mattress across Canada if it already shows wear and tear. The cost incurred on long distances like Nunavut to Ontario (almost 3000 miles) might be better used in purchasing a new mattress. However, the transition can be justified if the mattress is relatively new or has a higher cost than the shipping fee.


Does mattress size matter in the shipping cost?

Yes, mattress size matters in the shipping cost. The mattress size determines how much space it’ll take and how heavy it’ll be, leading to additional charges in some cases. 


To ship a mattress within Canada, you would need the services of a shipping company, and you would also need to place the mattress in a box properly. This involves using a mattress encasement and carefully rolling it into a bundle.

When shipping a mattress across Canada, ensure the delivery cost is worth the effort. Or you might as well buy a new mattress if the courier price is too steep.  For example, cooling mattresses often cost more than $1000, meaning shipping such a mattress would likely be worth it.

Still have questions about shipping a mattress across Canada? Alex Savy, the Co-Founder and Chief Editor at Comfynorth has reviewed countless sleep products with over 4 years in the industry and can help you find what you’re looking for. Reach out through email at [email protected]. When emailing Alex, include your full name and phone number or email address.


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