Best Pocket Coil Mattress in Canada: Reviews and Buying Tips

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Pocket coil mattresses offer many benefits, including great support, durability, and comfort. However,  with so many options on the market, it can be hard to pick the right choice.

Looking for the best pocket coil mattress in Canada? Look no further! This article will provide reviews of some of the top-rated pocket coil mattresses on the market.

Our picks are based on comfort, support, durability, and price. We will also uncover all the information you need to make an informed purchase. Let’s begin!

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Best Pocket Coil Mattresses in Canada (September 2023)

Best Overall - Editor's Choice — GhostBed Flex 

GhostBed Flex


  • Comes with a 25-year warranty compared to many other online mattresses with 15 years or less;
  • A solid option for back and side combination sleepers;
  • Huggy, excellent pressure relief, and minimal cross mattress movement.

The GhostBed Flex comes at the top of our list of the best pocket coil mattresses in Canada, and I think the mattress would be an excellent fit for back pain sufferers (especially lower back pain). As a top-rated mattress for back pain, the GhostBed Flex has a zoned support system that properly distributes your body weight and helps take the pressure off your spine, leaving you better relaxed. From my tests, the GhostBed Flex had a sinkage of 1.95 inches, which is deep enough for effective contouring, but it also left my spine neutral and tension-free. The GhostBed Flex has 0.15 inches less sinkage than the Hush Iced Hybrid, meaning the Ghostbed Flex can offer a slightly better balance between comfort and support.

Side sleeping
Side sleeping

While testing the mattress, I noticed that it was quite responsive, as I had expected a bit of restriction because of its memory foam top layer. However, the mattress has a proprietary latex layer that generates bounce to counter the sinking feeling associated with memory foam, a feature I particularly enjoyed. It significantly improved the bounce levels of this model. From my tests, the Ghostbed Flex had a total bounce of 9.01 inches, and I enjoyed a springy feel that bounced back whenever I shifted positions. The GhostBed Flex was 1.41 inches bouncier than the Hush Iced Hybrid, meaning the GhostBed Flex is better suited to sleepers who prefer a more buoyant feel.

Based on Our Tests

My experience with the GhostBed Flex has led me to believe it’ll be a great mattress choice for back pain sufferers. Its memory foam top layer is highly cradling and contours the body joints for stress relief. In addition, while testing this mattress, I liked how its edges didn’t sag due to the extra reinforcement.

Back sleeping on the GhostBed Flex Mattress

Testing the edge support of the GhostBed Flex Mattress

Second Best Choice — Logan & Cove Mattress

Logan _ Cove Mattress

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  • Tall Canadian-made mattress with excellent support;
  • A luxury mattress without a luxury price tag;
  • Superb edge support and motion isolation, ideal for couples.

The second pocket coil mattress model I’ll be reviewing on this list is the Logan & Cove by After testing the Logan & Cove, I concluded that the mattress would be a great option for couples who want an ideal bed for sex. The mattress’s innerspring core offers rigid stability for staying afloat alongside edge-to-edge support and superb motion isolation to buoy your movements during sex.

The Logan & Cove isolated motion up to 3 inches away from my glass of water, which is enough to isolate most minor motion so my partner felt less disturbed during the night. This is 2 inches better than the GhostBed Flex, making the Logan and Cove a better option for easily disturbed sleepers. 

However, a high motion isolation doesn’t mean the Logan & Cove stifles the bounce necessary for sex. From my tests, the Logan & Cove had a bounce as high as 9.5 inches, 2.1 inches higher than the GhostBed 3D Matrix. I could quickly move around the top, and the spring-back kept me buoyant. Bounce like this can significantly benefit active couples who want a mix of motion isolation and ease of movement.

Besides being great for sex, I loved how cradling the pillow-top layer felt on my body. I would describe it as sleeping on a cloud; only that clouds can’t massage your body muscles for tension relief. From my tests, the Logan & Cove had a sinkage of 2.6 inches. I noticed the top comfort layers compressed significantly under my weight, and I was well-enveloped for adequate pressure relief. This is 0.5 inches more sinking than the GhostBed 3D Matrix, making the Logan & Cove the better option for deep, enveloping sinkage.

“When unboxing your mattress package, ensure you do it at the spot you want to place the mattress. This is because hybrid models of pocket coil mattresses tend to be heavy and might be stressful to move around.”

Based on Our Tests

I think the Logan & Cove mattress would be an excellent choice for partnered sleepers because of its superior motion isolation feature. While testing this mattress during my review, I asked my partner to sleep beside me, and I felt no disturbance from movements, even when getting up, and when our dog jumped on the bed. And despite being extra-cushioning, the spring coils provide adequate support for spinal alignment.

Best for Hot sleepers — GhostBed 3D Matrix

GhostBed Classic

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  • The mattress cover and comfort layers are gel-infused to ensure the mattress surface stays cool;
  • A Mattress of choice for lovers of firm mattresses;
  • Great for couples, thanks to the excellent motion isolation and edge support.

The GhostBed 3D Matrix is my best pocket coil mattress for hot sleepers due to its cooling technology, zoned support system, and pressure relief. The mattress is extremely suitable for hot sleepers as it boasts a patented top layer quilted with GhostIce fabric and infused with gel foam. Combining these features with the natural breathability of innerspring ensures that the mattress exudes an always cool surface, leaving you free of night sweats.

From my tests, the Ghostbed 3D Matrix reached a maximum temperature of 30.2 degrees Celsius. This is cool enough that I enjoyed a neutral temperature during the night. The GhostBed 3D Matrix is 0.4 degrees cooler than the Logan & Cove, making the Ghostbed 3D Matrix a cooler option for hot sleepers.

My high point while testing the GhostBed 3D Matrix was how it felt for my back. The mattress's zoned support system provided additional firmness in my lumbar region, helping me ease the stress accumulated for pain relief. From my review, this model sank about 2.1 inches. This is enough to balance cushioning and support, ensuring my spine stayed straight and aligned. The Ghostbed 3D Matrix was 0.5 inches firmer than the Logan & Cove, which means the GhostBed 3D Matrix is better suited to a supportive feel for a healthy spine.

The zoned support system is nicely enhanced by this model’s slow-adaptive foam. According to my tests, the GhostBed 3D Matrix took 1.5 seconds to recover fully from impressions, which is slow enough to mold closely to my body for better weight redistribution and pressure relief. This is 0.1 seconds slower than the Logan & Cove, making both models suitable for slow-adaptive pressure relief.

If you’re in the market for a mattress that can improve your spinal alignment (1) for better rest, then you should definitely check out the GhostBed 3D Matrix.

Based on Our Tests

The GhostBed 3D Matrix’s mattress cover made me feel like I was sleeping on a cloud. It wasn’t just cool to touch; it maintained the coolness, especially when I was sleeping on it. Finally, while I reviewed this mattress, I could feel its varying firmness levels; the contouring at the hips and shoulder, while being firm at the knees and leg for proper weight distribution.

Why You Should Trust Me

Using years of mattress industry knowledge and a thorough testing methodology, I can determine what makes a mattress great. I test for comfort, support, response speed, and bounce. Other essential factors for a high-quality mattress include cooling technology and good edge support.

The best pocket coil mattresses in Canada need excellent comfort, a pressure-relieving response, and good bounce from the coils. When testing, I looked for these factors specifically. The mattresses that were excellent in these categories ranked higher on my list, while others that didn’t do so well ranked lower. You can read more about my mattress methodology here to discover how I test and rate my mattresses.

Top-rated Pocket Coil Mattress: Buying guide

When it comes to finding the perfect pocket coil mattress, you need to consider how much cushioning it offers in terms of foam layers and how that plays into your sleeping style, what type of coil was used for ensuring support, and whether it offers commensurate value for your money. In addition, check out the breathability (especially hot sleepers), how firm it is at the edges, and how much motion it can absorb for disturbance-free sleep.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're shopping for a pocket coil mattress:

Coil count

The coil count is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a pocket coil mattress. Additionally, one has to check if the coils have been tempered. Tempered coils are less likely to break and provide more support.

Foam layers

The amount of cradling your pocket coil mattress offers is determined by the density and type of foam used in its comfort layers. The innerspring core only provides support and breathability, hence the need for a top layer that can cushion your body for stress relief.

Edge support

Edge support is important if you want to be able to use the entire surface of the mattress. A good pocket coil mattress will have reinforced edges preventing sagging and providing a stable sleeping surface.


Pocket coil mattresses are available in various firmness levels, so you can choose the one that's right for you. You might prefer a softer mattress if you sleep on your side, while stomach and back sleepers often prefer a firmer mattress.

Sleeping Position

If you sleep on your side, you'll want a softer mattress with more give. Look for a pocket coil mattress with a pillow top or Euro-top for extra cushioning. If you sleep on your stomach or back, you'll want a firmer mattress to prevent your hips from sinking in too far.

Also read: The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers.


Although most mattresses in a box offer better value than their retail store counterparts, the price might be too high for users on a budget. You need to ensure that the overall mattress price matches the value you’re getting from it. However, it's also important to note that costly mattress models are equipped with better sleep-enhancing features than inexpensive types.


Pocket coil mattresses are naturally breathable because they allow easy heat dissipation; however, hot sleepers might want to choose a mattress model with other thermoregulation features like gel infusion and cooling covers.

Motion islation

This reers to the mattress’ ability to absorb shock and movements created by mattress disturbance. It’s especially vital for couples/partnered sleepers as this means they get to sleep peacefully despite their partner’s movements.

“Even though pocket coil mattresses are less prone to mold, mildew, mites, and other allergy-causing irritants, you should endeavor to air your mattress as often as possible. This rejuvenates your mattress as it allows trapped smells to disappear.”


What coil count should my pocket coil mattress have?

Queen mattresses have at least 400 coils, and king mattresses have at least 480 coils, while Full mattresses should contain at least 300 coils. However, more coils don't necessarily mean a more comfortable mattress. It is important to find a balance between coil count and other features such as foam layers and firmness.

How long do pocket coil mattresses last?

A pocket coil mattress can last for many years with proper care. However, the average lifespan of a pocket coil mattress is about five to ten years.

Wrapping Up

Pocket coil mattresses are a great option for a supportive and comfortable mattress. They're available in various firmness levels and can be customized with different types of foam layers. You’d want to consider the coil count, foam layers, edge support, and firmness when choosing a pocket coil mattress. 

Our editor's choice - the GhostBed Flex Mattress - is a great option for a high-quality pocket coil mattress. It meets the needs of a wide range of consumers without breaking the bank.

Now that you know more about pocket coil mattresses, it's time to start shopping for your new mattress. Be sure to keep the tips from this buying guide in mind, and you'll be sure to find the perfect mattress for your needs.

Happy shopping!


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