How Much Does a Mattress Weigh

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Knowing the weight of your mattress can help a lot when choosing the right mattress for your bed frame. If you’re moving the mattress yourself and you’re not getting any of the best mattresses in a box, the weight can also be a matter of concern. So, how much does a mattress weigh? Mattresses can usually weigh anything between 20 to 80 kg, but there are different factors affecting the weight of a mattress, which we will explore in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • Mattress weight is partially influenced by its size.
  • The type of mattress is an indicator of how heavy a mattress can be.

When considering a mattress's weight, I look past the size and type to other features like density and thickness. These features together help me determine the right mattress weight for me.

Mattress Weight based on Mattress Size

The mattress size is the quickest pointer to its weight if other features are constant.

Mattress sizes can heavily affect the weight of a mattress, for the obvious reason that the bigger the mattress of the same material as the smaller mattress, the more it weighs. That might not always be the case with mattresses of different types. 

mattress weight size


Twin mattresses are the first size that mattresses begin with. They are usually used for kids or dormitories. A twin mattress 38x75 inches in size can weigh around 18 to 20 kg. These mattresses are fairly easy to move around by one person.

Twin XL

A twin XL mattress is a longer version of a twin mattress, suitable for taller people. Since twin XL mattresses are also for one person only, they are easy to handle, as well. A twin XL mattress 38x80 inches in size can weigh around 19 to 21 kg. 

Full Size

A full-size mattress is suitable for people who want more space on their beds to change positions comfortably. A full size mattress 56x75 inches in size can weigh anything between 22 to 27 kg. 


Since queen size mattresses are most commonly used by couples, a lot of couples ask: how much does a queen mattress weigh? They are usually 60x80 inches in size, so a queen size mattress weighs anything between 54 to 72 kg. These mattresses are more expensive than twin size ones and are perfect for couples who don’t have too much space on their hands.

Queen-size mattress on a bed frame
Queen-size mattress on a bed frame


A king size mattress is better for taller couples who might want to sleep with their kids. These mattresses can easily fit a family of four. However, they sure do need lots of space in the bedroom to fit in there. A king size mattress 76x80 inches in size can weigh around 59 to 81 kg. 

California King

The California King mattresses are the largest ones on this list, since they can be 72 by 84 inches long. [1] These mattresses have more height and less width compared to standard king size mattresses. As the biggest mattresses, they can weigh the same as king size mattresses.

Mattress Weight based on Mattress Type

Mattress types, which sometimes refer to their construction material, can determine the weight of a mattress. There are four main types of mattresses, and they are.

Mattress type is another important factor when it comes to the mattress weight. There are usually four common mattress types.

mattress weight type

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are one of the common mattress types made with thick and dense foam, perfect as mattresses for back pain in Canada like these. The reason why these mattresses are so good for back pain is the support and contouring that they provide for the spine. These mattresses can adjust to the shape of your body and make you feel comfortable. However, they can trap heat and aren’t good at air regulation. Due to their density, these mattresses can weigh between 34 to 40 kg. Memory foam is not light like foam due to its added chemicals. They can sometimes even have gel inside them, which helps them cool the body down.

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Latex mattresses are the heaviest type of mattresses, due to their natural and high-quality production. These mattresses are the suitable mattresses for side sleepers, since they keep the spine in a straight line, and instead of adjusting to the body shape, they make the body adjust to the correct posture. These mattresses are not only heavy but also expensive, since their manufacturing takes lots of expenses. A latex mattress can weigh more than 60 kg. They are also very bouncy and responsive, so if you want something firm and lighter, a memory foam would be a wiser choice. If you are getting a latex mattress, make sure the delivery is included, or if they come in a box, since they can be pretty heavy to move around, especially if they are in bigger sizes like queen, king, or California king.


Innerspring mattresses are made out of steel coils paired together. These mattresses used to be very common in the past due to being cheap and absolutely lightweight, as light as 30 kg, so they can be pretty easy to move around all by yourself. The downside of having innerspring mattresses is that they make lots of noises and partners don’t find them as good as memory foam mattresses in motion isolation. These mattresses can also lose their firmness very soon and become uncomfortable. 

The weight of a mattress can be an indicator of how durable the mattress will be. I have noticed that denser mattresses are heavier, meaning they can hold more weight, and hence are more durable.


When innerspring coils mix with a comfort layer of memory foam, a hybrid mattress is formed. These mattresses are heavier than mere innerspring mattresses or memory foam mattresses, weighing around 45 kg. For people who want more air regulation out of their memory foam or more support from their innerspring mattress, a hybrid mattress can be a perfect choice. They can also be good for side sleepers who don’t want to spend a lot of money and energy buying a latex mattress. They are motion isolating while being responsive and a little bouncy, but they are great alternatives for traditional innerspring mattresses.


Does a mattress gain weight in time?

No, a mattress cannot gain weight. Even though they collect dust, dead skin, bacteria and mites, you can take care of them by simply washing your sheets or drying your mattress.

Which mattresses weigh the most?

Usually, latex mattresses are the heaviest, especially when they are in larger sizes. This is due to their high-quality and natural production.


People who want to pick up their mattress from the shop and move it to their house have one question in mind: How much does a mattress weigh? In this article, we tried to give both the general answer, from 20 to 80 kg, and the detailed answer depending on the mattress type and mattress size. The heaviest mattresses are the latex California king ones, and the lightest ones are the innerspring twin ones. Even though some mattresses can be heavy, there is always the option of buying a mattress in a box.

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