Unbiased Mattress Reviews in Canada in 2023

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Acquiring any product is down to the positives it has to offer. However, no matter the positives, customers do appreciate an unbiased examination of the product in question so as to make better decisions. Therefore, bearing in mind the importance of mattresses to sleep and comfort, we have come up with unbiased mattress reviews in Canada for 2023. 
Specific mattresses with their best use case and the criteria considered in choosing them are discussed in the write-up below. Hopefully, our readers are better enlightened on their choice of mattress after reading.  

A Quick Overview

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Our Review of the Top 5 Best Rated Mattress in Canada (January 2023)

Best Overall - Editor's Choice — The Novosbed

Novosbed Mattress

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  • Optimal support for different sleeping positions and weight categories.
  • Superbly durable side upholstery for the mattress side. 
  • Users can request a topper to address any firmness issue with the mattress.

Coming first in my unbiased review of the best mattresses in Canada is the Novosbed. The Novosbed is a quality mattress I find to be the best bet for different individuals, regardless of their weight and sleeping positions. 

From my tests, I experienced proper support for my frame regardless of my sleeping style. I could also move around quite easily, although this was more prominent in the firm version. Ultimately, I think the Novosbed is great for providing options that cater to a wide range of users.

The best mattress is not just the quality but also the cost. You should choose mattresses that can offer the best value compared to their cost.

Based on Our Tests

I was able to test the soft version of the mattress. It conforms to the contours of my body, and it feels plush, but you won't feel like you're sinking into quicksand.


Side sleeping on the Novosbed mattress

Runner Up — Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress

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  • This mattress is designed to work with any frame, including adjustable frames. 
  • Excellent mattress serves the body’s pressure points, aiding the body’s relaxation.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Puffy mattress is the next pick for my unbiased mattress review in Canada. My tests confirm that the Puffy mattress is one of the best medium-firm mattresses available. The balance of this mattress's sinkage, motion isolation, and bounce features makes it a good option for the average sleeper. On the other hand, the support wasn’t lacking because I did not feel any unnatural bends on my body while resting. Considering my experience with this mattress, I think this mattress is better for side sleepers and back sleepers who need sufficient cushion.

Based on Our Tests

My tests showed me the pressure alleviating properties of this mattress as it cradled my body's pressure points. This provides precise contouring, promoting healthy body alignment and relieving pressure in areas like hips and shoulders.

Stomach sleeping on the Puffy mattress

Sitting on the Puffy mattress

Best for Heavy Sleepers — Ghostbed Flex

GhostBed Flex

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  • It has a mattress bounce that eases movement on the mattress.
  • Optimal edge support for more space and life span. 
  • Features patented cooling tech aimed at providing comfort for users. 

My third mattress pick is the Ghostbed flex, which I specially designated for heavy sleepers. I think it's the best option for heavy sleepers for quality sleep and mattress longevity.

My tests showed that it has an above-average bounce and superior support, the type perfect for heavy sleepers. The edges were also quite sturdy, allowing me to get on and off seamlessly. Unlike other pocketed coil mattresses, I like that this mattress uses an extra layer of dense foam to enhance the support offered. Also, I experienced zero discomforts relative to mattress temperature. Ultimately, I think the Ghostbed flex is a suitable option for sexually active couples, heavy individuals, and stomach sleepers.

Construction materials affect the cooling properties of a mattress. You should opt for  natural latex mattresses if you need absolute mattress cooling features.

Based on Our Tests

According to my review, I saw that this mattress has a nice bounciness that suits heavy sleepers and active couples. Also, the mattress feels airy with perforations that draw heat away from the body.

Best for Coolness — Recore

Recore Latex Foam Mattress

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  • It comes with a graphite latex layer and a cooling gel layer to keep the mattress surface cool.
  • The cover comprises antimicrobial threads for improving sleep quality through healthy sleeping. 
  • This latex mattress has a medium-firm feel that makes it suitable for different kinds of sleepers.

Another mattress I consider one of the best around is the Recore mattress, which stood out for its coolness. I think using latex foam and a gel-infused foam layer was quite brilliant, effectively combining the cooling feature of the two materials. 

My review showed that familiar medium-firm feel, which gave me a cozy feel without the restrictions. Although I think the bounce was quite average, it more than makes up for it with the motion isolation. In addition, the support was impressive, making it one of the best mattresses around.

“Firm mattresses have good motion isolation but are not always comfortable. You can take advantage of this by adding a topper to soften the mattress firmness.”

Based on Our Tests

From my tests, I could see that this mattress' cooling was special as it maintained its coolness and thermoregulated properly all through my stay in bed. While back sleepers will also find it comfortable, stomach sleepers may need to find a firmer mattress, as the Recore is only medium firm.

Best for Motion Isolation — Douglas Mattress

Douglas Mattress


  • Impressive motion isolation feature for couples.
  • Comes with enhanced edge support for more sleeping space. 
  • It features an infrared heat dissipation tech for maintaining a cool surface.

The Douglas mattress completes my list in this unbiased mattress review in Canada, notably for its motion-sinking features. It is a mattress suited to sleepers with restless partners or significant weight differences. My review showed an acute point elasticity, creating near-perfect conformity to pressure. 

I could sleep comfortably on it due to its good thermoregulation. I like the bounciness of the mattress, as it felt quite springy compared to the Puffy mattress. Furthermore, this mattress provided good support for my frame. I also liked that the mattress catered to my pressure points by bending in the right places to accommodate them.

Quote Box

Mattress firmness can indicate how durable the mattress will be. Firmer options tend to be more durable. However, denser means heavier.

Based on Our Tests

This mattress supported my spine, balanced the back, and relieved me of annoying pressure points. I also slept more comfortably without being hot, thanks to the breathable cooling gel foam of the mattress.

How to Choose the Best Mattresses in Canada

While honest mattress reviews are all good, knowing how to choose the best mattress is better. What makes the best mattresses unique? What criteria for selecting the best mattresses in Canada? Here are some tips for picking the best mattresses. 

How to Choose the Best Mattresses in Canada

Mattress Type

There are different types of mattresses, up to 15 types. However, the common ones are 

  1. Memory Foam Mattresses: This type is the most common mattress, and it is known for its motion isolation features. It also has the conforming characteristic necessary for embracing pressure points in the body(1). 
  2. Hybrid Mattresses: Hybrid mattresses are mattresses made from two materials, especially foam and innerspring. They are pretty durable and also offer incredible bounce(2).
  3. Latex Mattresses: This type of mattress is known for its long life span. They are made from plant fibers and provide a good bounce for users. Although this mattress sleeps hot, manufacturers tend to use it with gel-infused foams. 
  4. Innerspring Mattresses: Innerspring mattresses are like hybrid mattresses but with more springs for support and bounce.


Mattresses primarily provide comfort but should not be detrimental to healthy sleeping. This is why potential buyers should check for health certifications for any mattress they are interested in purchasing. The common ones are OEKO-tex and CertiPUR-US.  

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Thickness and Density

Mattress thickness and density are often used interchangeably, but they are two distinct mattress characteristics.

The mattress thickness often refers to how high the mattress is when laid in its natural position, while mattress density refers to how solid it is. So, for example, a firm mattress option will be denser than the soft option even though they may have the same thickness. 

The essence of not conflating a mattress’ thickness with the density is because of durability. Dense mattresses tend to last longer than less dense ones, irrespective of thickness.   

Mattress thickness and density


Firmness is an important quality to check for in an honest mattress review. The firmness level of the mattress determines whether the mattress will be usable for an individual. The different sleeper types and combinations have preferred firmness levels. A wrong firmness level that negates the user's favorite sleeping position will only result in ache. 

Most mattresses in Canada create their mattresses in the medium firmness range to cater to more people. While there are recommended firmness levels for each sleeper type, this is an excellent way to ensure more people are satisfied, especially couples with different sleeping styles. 

If the firmness level is still unsatisfactory, mattress toppers can be used to achieve the desired level by adding the soft option to a firm mattress and vice versa. While some companies offer this topper for free, some offer them for purchase. 

Sleeping Hot

Everyone likes a cool mattress surface. The issue arises when the mattress cannot stay cool during usage, causing discomfort. While some mattresses tend to retain body heat on the surface due to the materials used for construction, top mattress brands have techs and designs for their mattresses to dissipate heat from the surface to keep the mattress surface cool. 

Some of the things to check for in a mattress for a cool surface include gel-infused foam layers, breathable covers, and some other custom tech aimed at helping with body heat. 

Sleep Trials and Guarantees

Sleep trials and guarantees usually indicate the trust of manufacturers in their products. For example, most mattresses have sleep trials not less than 90 days and have guarantees greater than ten years. These two criteria are the baseline requirements for a mattress’ guarantee. 

The sleep trial is for checking if an individual enjoys sleeping on the mattress. Returning is usually within the sleep trial period, and most of these mattress manufacturers offer free shipping and returns if the mattress is not satisfactory.  


Mattresses need cleaning every once in a while, mainly if used for an extended period. While cleaning mattresses is totally possible and even encouraged, it is not an easy task. An easy way to achieve an ever-fresh bed is by cleaning the mattress cover, which is only possible if the cover is detachable. It is important to check if the mattress cover is detachable because it can save users a lot of potential stress.


What type of mattress is the best?

There is no definitive answer to this as the best mattress type depends on the individual's preference, especially sleeping position.

What mattress kind is the most durable?

Generally, latex mattresses tend to last longer than their counterparts, but mattresses with a highly dense core are assured to be durable with a long life span.


In conclusion of our unbiased mattress reviews, it is essential to note what separates the mattresses mentioned here. Their excellent attributes are a significant reason we have provided a guide for our readers to ease the task when trying to choose a mattress for themselves.

While every mattress on this list possesses significant qualities, the Novosbed edges out for us. This is because, in addition to offering virtually every quality the other mattresses have, it also comes in three firmness options, which we feel gives room for a more personalized choice. Its performance in criteria such as support, cushion, bounce, coolness, easy maintenance, and durability also contribute to us picking this mattress as the best. 

Which one of our best mattresses do you prefer? What are your most important criteria for choosing a mattress? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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